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    creating simple java programing code

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    fix error on joomla k2 extension

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    fix error on joomla k2 extension

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    Java Script Base Web Programing

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    its a model for scheduling employees we have the data and the fourmaltion but the programing is not our expertise the code sets: e/1..19/:; p/1..4/:; shift/1..3/:; tpl(e,p):; anyname(tpl,shift):x,dp,dn; anyname1(p,shift):n; endsets data: tpl=@ole(); n=@ole(); enddata @for(p(j): @for(shift(t): @sum(anyname(i,j,t):x(i,j,t)) >= n(j,t))); @for(anyname(i,j,t):@sum(shift(t): x(i,j,t)) <=1); !@for(p(j): @for(shift(t): @sum(anyname(i,j,t):x(i,j,t)) + d1n -d1p= n(j,t))); !@for(anyname(i,j,t):@sum(shift(t): x(i,j,t))+ dn(i,j,t) -dp(i,j,t) =1); @for(anyname: @bin(x)); min=@sum(anyname(i,j,t): x(i,j,t)); !min=d1n + @sum(anyname(i,j,t):dp(i,j,t)); data: @ole()=x; enddata

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    I need an Essay writer. 6 päivää left

    I need an essay th...second on COVID's impact, and, if you need this third paragraph for the word count or if you just think it would better serve the essay to have this third paragraph, do it on solutions to the problem/warning signs/what you could do to help/mental health services etc. You will also need to use and cite these three sources: , extension://cefhlgghdlbobdpihfdadojifnpghbji/ P.S. I have the intro done already to get you started. I also did part of the next paragraph but you can get rid of that if you want. Or continue from the few sentences I did; whatever works better for you.

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    Paywall for iframe 6 päivää left

    # Website blueprint * Frontend: 1. User is presented with a login page (customizable background). 2. Based on user status (already paid/free) either presented with a payment page or allowed in. 3. once logged in presented with content (iframe). * Backend: * Users/groups: * User Registration: * Enable disable user self registration. ...option to update the secret for the JWT * Notes: * Extensive logging is a must. * I should be able to add a language to the website. (Full website translation) * All website paths have to be relative. Or easy to just update them in one shot. * I should be able to set website port binding. * I have to be able to redeploy the website myself. * Project should use common programing ...

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    Who we are At Breathment we are developing a web-based software that digitizes respiratory physiotherapy for physiotherapists and their patients. Breathment's AI-based software provides these patients a digital physiotherapist experience on their physiotherapy exercises at home. In addition, ...databases and specifically Cloud Firestore Familiarity with version control (Git), GitHub (or similar) Strong analytical thinking Proficiency in English Independent and structured way of working Passion about startups, willingness to learn and taking responsibility Bonus: Experience with Google Cloud technology stack Information & Next Steps Duration: Part time for three months with possibility of extension (20h/week) Eligible to work as a freelancer with residence in Germany Locat...

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    SWOT Analysis 9 päivää left

    Hi Andrew, as discussed via other channel find the offer for the SWOT project. It is an extension of two tasks and an extension of the work you did previously with part1 and part2. First delivery 10 January and 2nd delivery 17 January 2022. Tasks are described via separate channel.

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    I would like an abbreviation logo for my research project "Changing Episteme in Early Modern Sanskrit Astronomy" abbreviated as "CEEMSA". The logo needs to be a combination of the abbreviation and its full extension in appropriate lettering. The logo would be used on official communication (digital and physical) and hence needs to simple, sharp, and design conscious.

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    Chrome Extension 6 päivää left

    We are looking a developer to develop chrome extension for trading bot.. Have good knowledge to copy the existing code from patch.

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    hello Everyone i want to create a website if programing how much and if is it word press how much I have the plugin already wpml for multi-language wclovers for multi vendor and the theme and the designs we will need just coding and built up the web and if its clean code not WordPress how much the cost will be thank you everyone I was built it before but I don't take backup and all the date that disappeared must be performed speed more than 95%

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    We are going to build a new smart contract wallet like metamask. All designs are ready so lets discuss on chat.

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    Loading rate 2mm/minute Composite made-up of GFRP and GFRP filled with coir husk, rice husk, wheat husk. Clamping length 30 mm from both ends. Each Plate length 101.6 mm , width 25.4 mm , thickness 4 mm We have to to do the modeling and simulation in explicit in ansys. Deliverables- maximum peak load before failure for different joint configurations. Maximum extension before break have to find and validate from a given research paper

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    UI Design for Chrome Extension 5 päivää left

    We have a Chrome extension with about 25 features. We need a Design making for all the Features, elements and pages. Icons for each feature that have TRUE meaning of the Feature. Button Designs Page design for a "Collections" list. Thumbnail presentation design. (Round corners etc. ) Sign up page and Login Modals and Popups design General FONT usage to be consistant. Possible list of pages: Main Extension Popup Login and Sign Up page Collections Page (Lists collections of users items) Browse Public Collections page Delete, Edit, Add buttons (All buttons to be same design) Settings page (We have 10 settings) One setting is AUTOMATED SAVE with timing. I need this redesigned so it is easy to understand. I MUST see your previous UI designsthat are confirmed co...

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    7 axis arm Robot - arduino controlled 5 päivää left

    I have a basic 7 axis arm robot which I want to copy my movements when i move and click a mouse in real time. I am using an arduino to move the bot at the moment. I will be making a 3D printed griper (which will also house the left 'mouse clicker') If this is something that you can achieve please detail the requirements for the PC interacting with the bot and the programing needed on the arduino.

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    Hi, developers I am looking for web scraping expert that can make python or JavaScript. That scraper can get the data from Chrome extension If you have any experience with that, contact me

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    I am looking for a custom plugin within the Masterstudy Wordpress theme. For this project it kinda is necessary that you have expert experience in Wordpress and good experience in MasterStudy LMS Structures. I will explain what I am looking for: Well basically what I want is a special "Company" account system for my LMS. Which means that I sell to private users but also to companies. These company accounts should ONLY be able to buy "bulk" packages. That means that they buy like 100 Courses for their Employees. The Company account should also be able to create "Employee accounts". These employee accounts are able now to use the "bulk" package that the main company account has bought. So in an example: Company registers an account. Company buys a &q...

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    Chrome Extension For Static Files 5 päivää left

    We are using Windows 10 and for visiting some of the websites we had to use proxies. Unfortunately, static files of websites consume large data on our plans. So we like to divert the static files (jpg, png,gif,CSS,js,font and etc) from a second proxy and dynamic files with sta...for visiting some of the websites we had to use proxies. Unfortunately, static files of websites consume large data on our plans. So we like to divert the static files (jpg, png,gif,CSS,js,font and etc) from a second proxy and dynamic files with standard proxies. To achieve that we are looking a chrome extension solution to divert the traffic on selected proxy while loading a page. You should have knowledge of network and proxies. Also our browser used with chromedriver the proposed extension shou...

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    On TicketZoom view we need a additional button on the level of articles. (link to TicketZoom: ;TicketID=123456#Article87654) on click onto the button "report Spam", the extension does: - grep from the articles plain text the header "X-Mailcontrol-Reportspam" - if the header contains a valid URL prompt for confirmation if the user really wants to report this article as spam - if the header does not contain a valid URL popup to user, that the report URL "X-Mailcontrol-Reportspam" is missing and also display it's value to the user - if the user has accepted to report as spam - move ticket to a predefined queue (in sysconfig you can select a queue) - trigger a open of a new browser window with the report URL - close

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    Chrome extension 5 päivää left

    I need expert chrome extension that can build my extension and you will tell me your skiis

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    Hello, this free google chrome extension requires you to click on on GO to autoscroll. Can you edit/or create a new one to make the every page opened with chrome scroll down automatically on every pageload? Link: () The extension should start auto scrolling as soon as chrome is opened. I should not have to click on anything to have it working. Because when windows starts, chrome also starts automatically as a result your extension should scroll any page that is opened on chrome. Please note that the mouse will not move so the extension should really scroll down without relying on mouse moves. Thanks!

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    Opencart Store 5 päivää left

    -Fix OpenCart Installation With Custom Theme Extension. -Customize Opencart theme and code as needed. -Fix OpenCart Extension -Multivendor installation and fix in the custom so-market theme -Create Api's For Multivendor Feature. -Customize all opencart installation -Delivery Extensions -Payment Extensions ///Check the basic store installation

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    Build Firefox add on 5 päivää left

    Build Firefox add on A similar google chrome extension crx file we have The Firefox add on apply almost the same kind of code and it work like the add on redirect the content but url will not redirect. That’s all urgent

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    ...on mozilla firefox version 52.90 because I use windows xp and winxp does not support higher than firefox v52.90 I know there are free on the market but they are not compatible with this older version of firefox. Features needed: 1) Rotate predefined user agents randomly every X number of seconds or on every new window launch. i.e change it every 15 seconds (I will define the number of seconds) 2) I will copy and paste the list of user agent, one per line (Between 50 and 100 user agents I found online) 3) I will make it work on incognito/private mode. Requirement: The extension must start working automatically when firefox launches. I should NOT have to activate it or click on a button every time I launch firefox. Otherwise it will be useless t...

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    I have to customize the Chrome Extension Metamask UI. Please do not bid if you haven't enough experience with customizing UI.

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    Firefox extension 5 päivää left

    Hello, I need a firefox extension that can delete cookies every X number of seconds. I know there is the one named auto cookie delete that exists for free but it does NOT delete cookies on active/open tabs automatically. It can only manually delete cookies on open tabs but I need this to be done automatically. The extension should start automatically when firefox is launched without having to click on anything. Basic function = erase ALL cookies very X number of seconds. I want this to be done quickly which means 1 or 2 days.

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    the project what's left is only 1 question and i wanted help from u dear expert and it is about java programming skill and thanks

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    Hello, I need a firefox extension that can delete cookies every X number of seconds. I know there is the one named auto cookie delete that exists for free but it does NOT delete cookies on active/open tabs automatically. It can only manually delete cookies on open tabs but I need this to be done automatically. The extension should start automatically when firefox is launched without having to click on anything. Basic function = erase ALL cookies very X number of seconds. I want this to be done quickly which means 1 or 2 days. Thanks

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    Ey! Please im looking for someone with experience to make a code to get 'httponly values' cookies in my chrome extension. I have already done one chrome extension getting cookies values but not working with 'httponly'. Thanks!

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    Need a Windows Installer for application on desktop which links with an extension on Google.

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    BUDGET $70 ++++ DON'T BID UNLESS YOU HAVE MAGENTO 2.4 REVIEWS!!!! ++++ I do not hire for hourly. No upfront payment. 1. In admin and frontend newsletter listing, remove staging name and url from live ::  I'll explain in detail when we discuss 2.  When Newsletter is sent to subscribers, add it to Manage New...workaround for now is url goes to user's newsletter dashboard. 12.  Make "Send to a friend" work for transactional email and newsletter []::  remember transactional email and newsletter share the same footer. 13.  Correct all cron jobs settings. I have to run indexer:reindex for products to show 14.  Zip the customized Transactional Emails + Newsletters in a module or extension so I can use it on other ma...

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    Shopware Dev -- 2 7 päivää left

    Hello Franz, we need support for our Shopware plugin that is live in the Shopware store. Specifically - fixes to existing plugin - finishing of version for Shopware 6 - ongoing support Let me know if you are available for this. This is the extension: Thanks!

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    R programing help 4 päivää left

    Hello everyone I need help for ANOVA + R programing help. Will discuss more with best candidates. Thanks

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    1. Customise my website. 2. Create an app for my website with separate admin panel. 3. Export options for app file as apk, aab and iap file extension.

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    AVR voice recording, male talent 4 päivää left

    ...access our online booking or enquiry at dub dub dub dot radiology dot co dot n zed (). Have a photo of your referral ready to upload. X rays are a walk-in service. Press 1: If you wish to book a CT or MRI. Please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as they can. Press 2: For enquiries and patient reports Press 3: Doctor’s line If you know the extension, please enter at any time. The call may be recorded for training purposes....

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    Magento 2 extension installation 4 päivää left

    Hi need someone to assist with installation of a order orchestration third party product. Good freelancer candidate with reasonable price might get more future projects on Magento and Wordpress.

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    Web Project for Email marketing 4 päivää left

    Looking for a turn-key web project for email marketing to be used and customized by each vendor, providing a choice of templates for email marketing and newsletters, events... (similar to mail chimp) Programing language PHP, Laravel, Front end HTML, CSS, angular.... Candidate must have previous experience in similar projects need an estimated time of delivery and cost.

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    webots program 4 päivää left

    i have i java programing task on webots i need to solve a proplem

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    Hi There, In Christmas, we are super busy here and looking for someone who is an expert in Magento 2 and can help us ...(Recent viewed section is already there and I will let you know how I want the layout) - Tab for Dimensions / Product detail and downloads (I will let you know that but it will be more like this ) - Category page sort by name (A-Z) - Shipping rate flat $10 for order below $200 and 5% of order above it. (Please note we are using third party click and collect extension - Also let me know how to change this in future) Also, if we like your work you will more likely to get more work in future, as our new website is still under development and we got a lot changes/upgrade still left. We are looking forward to work with you. Cheers.

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    ربط اوبن كارت باودو 4 päivää left

    السلام عليكم احتاج ربط لبرنامج اودو بأوبن كارت عن طريق الاداة في الرابط التالي : والمطلوب بعد الربط : - تسجيل جميع الفواتير للمبيعات في اودو تلقائياً - ارسال نسخة من الفاتورة المصدرة من اودو إلى العميل تلقائياً - الفاتورة تحتوي على بيانات العميل و الرقم الضريبي والباركود code QR التكلفة المحددة لتركيب الاداة فقط وليس شرائها

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    -The brand is: Boss -the objective is : launching line extension or brand extension for young working ladies in Saudi Arabia. -Please follow instruction in assignment question. -The attached Excel file (Canvas model) should be filled based on our marketing plan and please refer to the PDF file. - you should fill the options in the excel after doing research and it should be related to each other and logical. -For perceptual map don’t use price and quality use something professional. -prices should be in Saudi Riyal. -Sample is attached.(the sample is not complete)

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    Javascript, ZPL developer or team 4 päivää left

    Hi, I am looking for a skilled javascript, ZPL developer who can build a JSreport extension that manage ZPL rendering. Thank you

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    18 tarjoukset

    PLEASE READ BEFORE BID- ALL BID WILL BE DELETED IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS T...WILL BE DELETED IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS TEXT We want a single file/cookie or other, be placed on users device - when she have accept terms and cookies/etc - to have file/cookie etc, to be stored local storage on her device - AFTER the user got their account registered. 1) So if the user registration is done through a Chrome browser 2) Then the user open up another browser, say for example Firefox or Internet explorer and visit the same site again, The our (your ) script on our site runs to check if this file / cookie etc exist on the user device. IF not then user can register a new account. IF user have the file, then our pages open up/login into their account to be accessed again on the differen...

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    I would like to add an extension to my Oakdale home. The property borders on the wetland or, as I have been told, is located in the wetlands. I need an Architect with experience in dealing with the NYS DEP and the town of extension will be 2 levels and will include a master bathroom

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    Make 3D animation video -- 2 4 päivää left

    Read the whole thing properly, and read it again before replying. I am very busy, thats why I have detailed explanation. ONLY reply if you are interested and understand everything. Read it twice and reply. ---------- I have a max extension file and want to change the text and logo This is logo - text should be changed to SMASH this is max file - You have to change the logo and text as per the description. This is a small job, if you are interested tell me the price. I want to do this today, so if you are busy with other project dont take this

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    Need a website and its App 4 päivää left

    Hello, I need a website and its app. I don't have any description, but i know my competitors will be and Please see if you can get an idea from these two. I need simple, better, creative and high quality work in latest possible internet programing language.

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    I want to have a website which includes the following items: 1) User can create an account 2) User can log...returned to the user. 9) User can comment on questions. 10) If the user answers a question, s/he will get some points. 11) User can search based on the tags. 12) User can activate notification and get notified when a question with a specific tag is asked. 13) User can forget his/her password and change his/her password. 14) The Website must work properly on all well-known internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and different monitor sizes. The above mentioned features are the base features. More details are included and the way the exact implementation is performed must be discussed. IMPORTANT: I NEED THE SOURCE CODE WITH A COMPLETE GUIDELINE HOW TO RUN IT ON MY O...

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    detect mobile user agent for php script 4 päivää left

    Hello, I attach my script in php, it is based on the live and redirects the user to the direct link hls (m3u8). The link is generated based on the user's IP address and user agent to be usable, this script works from PC and Native HLS for chrome or firefox installed, but does not work from mobile. the job is to find a solution for mobile devices, it will have to work on all android and ios devices further clarification in private chat

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