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Electronics is the branch of science and technology that makes use of the motion of electrons for accomplishing some tasks like information handling or device control. If your business is about electronics engineering and electronic circuits, then you will not have much time to focus on engineering aspect of your business. You can easily outsource electronics engineering to capable and willing freelancers as a matter of routine. Post a job today to find your electronics talented freelancer!
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Help with a Sevcon Gen 4 Motor Controller Good Afternoon, I have a problem with the programmer of a Sevcon GEN 4 Electric Motor Controller. The controller abord a data load and now is locket (1 long flash - 2 short flat and shot down). I need of expert in this particular product. BEST REGARDS ATTILIO PICCOLO 5 elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, Elektroniset lomakkeet, sähkötekniikka, Ohjelmointi Sep 22, 2017 Tänään6 pv 21 h €131
Inverter With Mppt Charge controller - open to bidding Hello, i would like an inverter circuit,diagram, with a mppt charge controller inbuilt and running on an Atmega328 michrochip. Components should stricttly be through hole. 16 tekniikka, elektroniikka, Matlab ja Mathematica, Mikrocontroller, sähkötekniikka Sep 22, 2017 Tänään6 pv 11 h €105
Project for liznyambura Hi liznyambura, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 2 elektroniikka, Tekninen kirjoittaminen, Raportin kirjoittaminen, Liiketoimintasuunnitelmat, Vakuutus, Sep 21, 2017 Tänään9 pv 7 h €9
Infrared Laser Detection System for High Velocity Projectiles I need to develop an infrared laser 'shield' to detect high velocity projectiles traveling through. The laser 'shield' will be mounted in front of a cardboard target, and will have to give an responsive feedback to the user-system of where the hit occurred. To ensure precision, the laser shield have to respond up to 150 000 times pr. second - as the fastest moving projectiles u... 14 tekniikka, elektroniikka, tietojärjestelmäarkkitehtuuri, sähkötekniikka Sep 21, 2017 Sep 21, 20175 pv 23 h €3880
GPS Tracker i need someone who can develop software for a gps tracker. an arduino nano 3.0, adafruit ultimate gps breakout 3.0 and a mini sim800l are the components being used. 11 tekniikka, elektroniikka, tietoliikennetekniikka Sep 21, 2017 Sep 21, 20175 pv 23 h €72
GSM SNIFFING RTL-SDR USB Oscilloscope Hi, i need someone who understands a bit more about Sniffing GSM using RTL-SDR USB would like to know what kind of gsm/rf frequencies are around me. Spectrum analyzer software could be used. I have bought the hardware 100 kHz 1.7 GHz Full Band UV HF RTL SDR USB Tuner Receiver R 820 T 8232. Read Less 4 Komentosarjan asennus, Linux, Langaton, elektroniikka, Tietoturva Sep 21, 2017 Sep 21, 20175 pv 19 h €124
Designing a low frequency filter Designing a low-frequency filter with the following characteristics. Supply is +5V and GND. The filter should have a gain of -10 (inverting). (Gain in this context might sometimes be referred to as AC-gain) The filter should have a bandwidth of 1kHz. The filter should be able to drive a 100 Ohm resistor. You should make a design with an opamp (try and select one) and back your findings wit... 14 elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka Sep 21, 2017 Sep 21, 20175 pv 15 h €50
Arduino - Multiple Stepper Motor Control Sequence - Coding Hi there, I would like to control 5 stepper motors with an arduino to work in a specific sequence. I have no experience, and have never coded, but have a fun little project to do and have been told that it is an easy job for someone who knows what they are doing. The motors and drivers I have can be found in the below link. I do not know if the code or information they give in the link is comp... 53 elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, sähkötekniikka, Arduino, Ohjelmointi Sep 21, 2017 Sep 21, 20175 pv 14 h €25
Build a Circuit Board A small form factor PCB with simple components 52 elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, sähkötekniikka, Piirilevyn asettelu, Piirisuunnittelu Sep 21, 2017 Sep 21, 20175 pv 13 h €108
Build A Website for automotive repair shop Pretty simple. Need a website built for an automotive repair shop. Would like it to have an embedded blog. I know enough about php and html to edit the site which is what I want to do as I expect to make changes. 39 PHP, elektroniikka, Blogi, Autoteollisuus, HTML Sep 20, 2017 Sep 20, 20175 pv 6 h €164
Electronics Research Project I need some help related to an electronics research project with the topic - Accident Identification and Alerting Project 18 elektroniikka, Tutkimus, valmistus, Autoteollisuus, Markkinatutkimus Sep 20, 2017 Sep 20, 20174 pv 23 h €296
Build an accelerometer tester I work at a crash test facility and we use a lot of piezoresistive accelerometers. That being said, we need to be able to quickly check the functionality of the accelerometers before we put them in a car for a test. So I need someone to build a handheld device that can measure and tell me the resistance on both sides of the wheatstone bridge inside of the accelerometer. 23 elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka, Instrumentit, Piirisuunnittelu Sep 20, 2017 Sep 20, 20174 pv 21 h €914
need an expert on c language -- 3 need an expert on c to write a code 26 C-ohjelmointi, tekniikka, elektroniikka, tietojärjestelmäarkkitehtuuri, sähkötekniikka Sep 20, 2017 Sep 20, 20174 pv 17 h €17
Bosh Fire Alarm Systems FPA 5000 Hi, I have a hotel project with Bosh FPA 5000. I have experience with fire-alarm systems but I never used Bosh. I need someone to teach me those systems. 5 elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka Sep 20, 2017 Sep 20, 20174 pv 16 h €31
Electronic Designer on TI AM5728 We find an electronic expert designer to customize an hardware based on VIDEO Sitara Processor TI AM5728. All documentations are provided by Texas Instruments (Gerbers + BOM + all required ). We want to 'add' to the basic Ti HW some input/output : HDMI, HD-SDI, Audio, SATA port, ... I send more detail on demand. 12 elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka, Piirilevyn asettelu, Piirisuunnittelu Sep 20, 2017 Sep 20, 20174 pv 16 h €1938
Build EMV Chip Data Reader We are looking for someone to build Hardware on very thin foil sheet which can can Read and Store EMV Chip Card Data. Please only bid if you are capable of doing it and have all the things needed or can arrange to do so. Rest of the Project Details will be provided upon contact.. Plz check Attachment for little details 4 elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, tietojärjestelmäarkkitehtuuri, sähkötekniikka, Piirilevyn asettelu Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20174 pv 1 h €472
Arduino Project - Office electric items automation using Arduino board I want a software, with which I can turn on/off my office lights, airconditioners, and other machines. for this purpose I need automation using arduino board with electrical wiring etc and other stuff needed for that. 34 elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka, Arduino Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20174 pv €163
Build a GSM Sniffer Create from zero a GSM data receiver able to capture wireless info sent via network i need a GSM Reciever/Sniffer built or someone who has one please contact me for more details. the individual i assume will need to have experience in electronics and some coding. 11 elektroniikka, Ohjelmistojen testaus, Raspberry Pi Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20173 pv 18 h €1066
help on fix relay in parallel actually tell me how to fix the 4 door lock with 4 led using 1 adapter currently now i using the series circuit for relay but how to change to parallel circuit pm to find out more because currently i found that may not be the software problem as i able to power up 1 adapter with 1 lock and led but when combine 4 lock with 4 led then the lock not enough current to draw, but how to do in parallel? 9 elektroniikka Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20173 pv 18 h €10
Avalanche Photo Diode OpAmp and Power Supply circuit designed for Arduino I require a small circuit design for 905nm AD500-9 TO52S1F2 APD/Avalanche Photo Diode with 905nm Bandpass Filter Lens. Please see attached files for High Level Overview and APD notes. This circuit is only to detect/receive and thus amplify 905nm pulses of light from the APD and output via the OpAmp suitable for Arduino to recognise on its input pins. The circuit shall provide the power requ... 20 elektroniikka, Piirilevyn asettelu, Arduino Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20173 pv 17 h €313
Fuel Consumption Calculation Need to calculate fuel consumption of vehicle for usage of several electronic gadgets (such as Video Display, Mobile Phones etc). Typically for a Diesel Bus. 22 elektroniikka, Koneenrakennus, sähkötekniikka, Autoteollisuus, Mekatroniikka Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20173 pv 12 h €88
wsn security on opnet - open to bidding simulation of some wsn attacks on opnet. Image processing, computer vision, wireless communications and networking, etc are the most interesting fields of work for me. 9 tekniikka, elektroniikka, Koneoppiminen, Matematiikka, Image Processing Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20173 pv 11 h €127
Microcontroller with rfid reader and relays output A microcontroller that can read 125kHz / RFID card and trigger respective relay up to 32 outputs. Two operational modes as below: 1) Operation mode 1: Read and assign relay output ( 1 to 32) and store in reference memory. Be able to store up to 10,000 card ids. 2) Operation mode 2: Read card and output respective relay accordingly. 43 elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, Sulautetut ohjelmistot Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20173 pv 10 h €148
Electrical Engineering Electronics Design Flexible Printed Circuit - Reduce COST and BOM of Basic Sytem This project is confidential and the successful applicant must be willing to sign an NDA and treat the confidentiality of this project as a legally binding contract. Now enough of the boring stuff. I cannot disclose too much information regarding this project, but the brief is as follows: Brief: I have a relatively basic FPC (flexible printed circuit) electrical system that is currently ... 20 tekniikka, elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka, Valmistuksen suunnittelu Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20173 pv 8 h €166
Arduino-Based Sensor Data-Logging We are making a PEMS (Portable Emissions Monitoring System) - See [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] These systems are commercially available, but difficult to obtain. Some examples are; [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisä... 27 elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, Autoteollisuus, Arduino, Piirisuunnittelu Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20173 pv 5 h -
Electronic circuit i want to design a circuit connected with a led lamp that can i patch it with my iphone to make the lamp lighting when the mobile phone get a call or message 17 elektroniikka Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20173 pv €98
solenoid circuit I need a circuit that will actuate solenoids in sequence. I need four solenoids to turn on and off (make before break) one after the other. The sequence is 1234-321-234-321... and it is for outdoor use. I would also like to be able to adjust the speed with a pot. the system runs using a basic 12VDC car battery. Attached is information about the solenoids and video of something similar to what I ... 30 elektroniikka Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20172 pv 22 h €113
Design electronic schematics for incubator egg turner I need someone to design the schematics for an egg turner for an incubator. More information provided by private message. This should quick to solve. I should have more projects in the future. 13 elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20172 pv 21 h €22
Arduino project Connect a limit switch to arduino, and monitor status (circuit open or circuit closed) when the status of the switch circuit closes, need to make a soap call to a web service and pass device ID, old status, new status values The arduino needs to have a wifi module connected and make soap calls via wifi, it also needs to be wired to the limit switch Need clear schematics that identified devi... 33 elektroniikka, Arduino, Verkkopalvelut Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20172 pv 20 h €142
I need an electronics engineer I have a patent pending on a Bluetooth device and the prototype that I am ready to put into manufacturing. I am looking for an electronics engineer to have it reduced in size and need a portfolio built. I would like for the freelancer to be from the United States preferably from Texas. 11 tekniikka, elektroniikka, Teollinen muotoilu, tuotesuunnittelu Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20172 pv 19 h €1990
HVAC Project Academic Writing Need an experienced academic writer from electrical engineering background Budget- 80$ 24 tekniikka, elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka, Tieteellinen kirjoittaminen Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20172 pv 18 h €50
Build an IoT product Build an IoT product based on LTE 35 elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, Raportin kirjoittaminen, Piirilevyn asettelu, tietoliikennetekniikka Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20172 pv 18 h €414
Write a Report in Telecommunications Engineering I'm looking for an expert to guide me for writing some reports 29 elektroniikka, Raportin kirjoittaminen, sähkötekniikka, tietoliikennetekniikka Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20172 pv 16 h €19
Project for Hany A. Hi hanyaal, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 3 elektroniikka, Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20175 pv 14 h €220
C-ohjelmointi, elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, sähkötekniikka, Piirilevyn asettelu Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20172 pv 14 h
HVAC( Heating, Ventilation, AC) Project Need an experienced HVAC expert. Budget - 80-100$ 19 elektroniikka, Tekninen kirjoittaminen, sähkötekniikka, Tutkimusten kirjoitus Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20172 pv 13 h €98
Build a guitar effects pedal to my specifications This involves taking existing components (pcb), removing them from their housing, and conjoining them into a consolidated housing to my specifications. Attached are the mock ups I made in photoshop of my ideal pedal. It is a synthesis of the following: Red Eye Twin Trinity Preamp (Quantity 2) TBD tuner Wampler Ego Compressor TC Hall of Fame Mini Reverb TC Flashback Mini Delay TBD tube emula... 9 elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, sähkötekniikka, Piirilevyn asettelu, Piirisuunnittelu Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 20172 pv 7 h €489
PCB design SMT32 microcontroller Before, please, read text description. [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] 21 elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, sähkötekniikka, Piirilevyn asettelu, Piirisuunnittelu Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 20172 pv 6 h €133
Bluetooth master slave hm10 anyone who can make bluetooth master slave with hm10 and communicate master with android app 8 elektroniikka, Arduino, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 20172 pv 1 h €27
thermal transfer head + arduino i want to control a thermal transfer head with an arduino. 34 elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, Arduino Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 20171 pv 17 h €157
Implement custom theme in Octoprint Project involves implementing supplied design files in octoprint. Also testing themes and all buttons work without any problems on pc/laptop, mobile phone and ipad. Design will be supplied, software is available online at [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] so job is only changing design and testing functions, na design work needed. 2 elektroniikka, Ohjelmistojen testaus, Raspberry Pi Sep 16, 2017 Sep 16, 201720 h 17 min €278
BLDC Servo Motor Driver I need someone with experience in motion technology and who has already worked on similar projects. We need to build a simple BLDC servo driver using step/dir signal for position and as a feedback to use an quadrature pulse encoder, driver must be absolute reliable to not lose steps during continues time of running. Driver will be mostly used by small CNC router and engraving machines. Project... 22 elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, Sulautetut ohjelmistot, Piirilevyn asettelu, Piirisuunnittelu Sep 16, 2017 Sep 16, 201719 h 28 min €680
Electronics hardware development tutor wanted I would like to hire a good tutor who has previous experience in developing electronics hardware. 17 elektroniikka Sep 16, 2017 Sep 16, 201711 h 57 min €8
Magnetic Therapy Expert Need a 5 to 10 minute discussion on magnetic therapy side effects. Need a skilled well-informed person to answer a few questions and will pay your full hour. 8 elektroniikka, Tutkimus, Lääketieteellinen, sähkötekniikka, terveys Sep 15, 2017 Sep 15, 20176 h 29 min €20
Polygon-Based Tracking Framework in Surveillance Wireless Sensor Networks new tracking framework by organizing nodes into a polygonal spatial neighborhood in order to detect and track unauthorized traversals in surveillance wireless sensor networks. During a tracking, the neighborhood is further constructed ahead of the target traversal, and this features a timely forwarding with guaranteed delivery property. Instead of estimating future movement and position separatel... 6 elektroniikka, Matlab ja Mathematica Sep 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017Loppunut €14
Design circuit and pcb. Looking for a circuit designer who can design micro controller circuits as per our requirement and then make PCB layout design of that circuit. 62 elektroniikka, CAD/CAM, Mikrocontroller, Piirilevyn asettelu, Piirisuunnittelu Sep 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017Loppunut €293
dokończenie programu na STM32F105RBT z USB i serialem -- 2 poszukuje Osoby TYLKO z Warszawy która dokończy mi program dla STM32F105 - program w CubeMX i SW4STM32 chodzi o program obsługujący USB i port szeregowy płytka drukowana już jest, chodzi o napisanie programu przekazanie płytki i programu tylko osobiście (a w trakcie prac mailowo) 4 elektroniikka, Ohjelmointi Sep 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017Loppunut €24
Colour Sensor - Music Output First piece of hardware: 1. Colour will be detected 2. Sound will play according to colour detected 3. When it is a darker tone of that colour, play a lower tone of the same note 4. When it is a lighter tone of that colour, play a higher tone of the same note 5. Only 1 sound will be played if more than 1 colour is detected (choose the dominant colour or otherwise, doesn’t have to be ... 15 elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka, Arduino, Raspberry Pi Sep 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017Loppunut €200
Real time 2-Dimensional FFT on FPGA using Verilog HDL Please I wanna find some who can help me to finish this project as soon as possible, someone who is really expert with FPGA, Verilog HDL and Vivado. 20 elektroniikka, Verilog / VHDL, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, FPGA, Ohjelmointi Sep 14, 2017 Sep 14, 2017Loppunut €76
elektroniikka, Mikrocontroller, sähkötekniikka, Arduino Sep 14, 2017 Sep 14, 2017Loppunut
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