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Please read carefully I changed the project to Viking Warriors I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a small,medium and large Viking plush toy with intermediate level of deta...

49 $100 USD Sep 26, 2023 4 viikkoa Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

I am looking for a talented designer to create a logo and design for my brand. The purpose of the design is for branding purposes, and I prefer a vintage style. I have specific requirem...

520 $50 USD Sep 26, 2023 1 viikko, 6 päivää Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can create a poster in memory of a loved one. mix the different images. The project requires the following: Size: - The poster should be 12 fe...

57 $150 USD Sep 26, 2023 5 päivää, 17 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

I am looking for a designer to create packaging for my dry salsa mix product. Requirements: - Experience in packaging design for the food and beverage industry - Ability to incorporat...

50 $350 USD Sep 25, 2023 5 päivää, 9 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

I am looking for a creative freelancer to design a homepage for my company. The main purpose of the homepage is to provide information about the company. Design Aesthetic: - I am aim...

106 $200 USD Sep 25, 2023 4 päivää, 21 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

We are seeking a specialized Graphic Designer for a unique project. The task involves the creation of two Plinko board illustrations, which incorporate moving parts with circular moveme...

255 $300 USD Sep 25, 2023 1 päivä, 21 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

Emblem for Cabin House (Blue Rock Lodge) Hello! We need a house emblem made for our cabin. It is located in a wooded area so we are looking for something rustic and cozy feel. The cabi...

159 $50 USD Sep 24, 2023 2 päivää, 8 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

Mix and master my pop song - I want the vocals, instrumentals, and bass to be enhanced in the mix - Here's a reference track for the sound I'd like to achieve:

37 $101 USD Sep 24, 2023 3 viikkoa, 6 päivää Julkaise vastaava kilpailu