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Improve Logo I need this Eagle wings better, It doesnt look like Eagle wings I NEED IT TO SOAR

59 $25 USD Jul 19, 2018 1 päivä, 20 tuntia Ilmoita samanlainen kilpailu

This contest is for business cards for AMMTECH. The person it is for is John Ammons. Please leave fields for email and phone, those will be filled in. The website is ...

377 $40 USD Jul 19, 2018 1 päivä, 20 tuntia Ilmoita samanlainen kilpailu

We are a mobile wellness concept. We will be utilizing a large van/bus to do mobile iv therapy; oxygen bar; b12 shots and things of that nature for special events such as concerts; race...

45 $100 USD Jul 19, 2018 4 viikkoa Ilmoita samanlainen kilpailu

I'm looking for someone who can create an animation where a flat earth projection is warped into a rotating globe. Total duration: ca 7-10 seconds Dramaturgy: 1) Static view of flat ...

4 €250 EUR Jul 19, 2018 3 päivää, 19 tuntia Ilmoita samanlainen kilpailu

Hello Designer fellows, We are developing a Study Help & Tutor Finder mobile application and want a logo designed for it, we already had a logo but since client wants to change ...

32 $200 CAD Jul 19, 2018 5 päivää, 18 tuntia Ilmoita samanlainen kilpailu

Looking for flyer design, front and back for Spirit of London - an alcohol delivery company operating on QuiqUp, UberEats & Deliveroo. They will be distributed in the local delivery ar...

5 £80 GBP Jul 19, 2018 3 päivää, 16 tuntia Ilmoita samanlainen kilpailu

Create a photorealistic render of - image_1 on a pure white background The layout must be exactly the same as in - image_1 with the box standing up on one side and the box laid flat...

18 £40 GBP Jul 19, 2018 5 päivää, 14 tuntia Ilmoita samanlainen kilpailu

We are in need of an ELEGANT high qulaity looking box design for a new product. Please be sure to read all the points needed to this project. 1. matte black color finish (Black 7 CP...

10 $300 USD Jul 19, 2018 1 viikko, 6 päivää Ilmoita samanlainen kilpailu