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I am looking for a logo design for a consumer package goods brand. The name of the company is K-brands Looking to create a new logo - that is crisp, clean and modern. The brand sells a...

421 $100 USD May 25, 2022 1 päivä, 20 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

We are getting married and want to have a wine label on a bottle that will be used as the invitation. We will want the designer to develop a logo for our couple name "vonJons" and incl...

118 $100 USD May 24, 2022 5 päivää, 12 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

Would like to create a logo using the State of Floirda, the fish attached, the the name Pensacola Fishing Fanatics.

262 $100 USD May 24, 2022 1 päivä, 11 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

I need a logo created for the name "Adams and Alley". This name will be for a financial firm with great prestige. The logo needs to be elegant and smooth but print well on shirts and ot...

356 $60 USD May 24, 2022 5 päivää, 10 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

Turn your local or international knowledge into passive income. is a tech startup on a mission to redefine the travel industry. This contest is to create the most virtua...

3 $500 AUD May 24, 2022 4 viikkoa Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

Hey guys my company name is RDS plumbing I would like a logo designed for my clothing and cars I will upload some ruff ideas and yous can branch off that thanks

273 $152 AUD May 24, 2022 5 päivää, 8 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

Create 3d house 2 floors Create a 3d plan model with architectural bases, which can be used to send plans for the construction of a first and second floor. Space: 20 meters x 12 meter...

8 $200 USD May 24, 2022 1 viikko, 3 päivää Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

I’m looking for a stunning and modern logo font design if it comes with a unique mascot/character/objects/symbol it would be a bonus but not require. The mascot/character/objects/symbol...

238 $120 USD May 24, 2022 1 viikko, 4 päivää Julkaise vastaava kilpailu