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    Fountain Project 6 päivää left

    Me and my partner are planning to create a water fountain project. We need to setup a low level c environment which allows low level GPIO and I2C ... direct device programming. We have lots of hardware level programming experience on other platforms using c and Assembler. I do not have Linux experience. We are planning to target a raspberry pi zero 2 W but are currently using a 4 with 4 gig memory as the zero 2 W is out of stock at the moment. Fast code is essential as we will also be doing some dsp processing so that it can also react to music. Low level drivers may have to be written. Looking up this information via google is a jungle. What looked like the best choice gave errors when I followed the given directions. I would prefer to get some assistance getting started rather tha...

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    Waste Water 6 päivää left

    I have a diagram that I want put into a better looking design. Each area gets labeled. Computer drawn look

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    Webpage application with iOS widget support *Attached photoshopped template of main screen included Purpose of application: Help users track their daily water consumption with ability to change their daily target Main features: Cup of water with water animation that fills up according to add/ remove buttons Add and remove buttons that add 250ml to the water Settings button allows user to change daily target Notification user receives notification summarising daily consumption User receives notification if they did not met target along with information about the effects of dehydration

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    ...com/dp/B09XKPYVFF I dont want ideas to include: - Aliens just fighting for habitable planets - Aliens are robots/AI - Aliens want to rule everything simply because - Aliens want our water - Aliens want to steal/harness the sun - Time travel/parallel universe I’m looking for a few paragraphs in which the general idea for the series is written down with a few key points(how the story begins and a little background information). Multiple winners possible, I will award every idea that is useful to me....

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    Inverloch Property 6 päivää left

    Hi we require certified civil engineering drawings for storm water drainage and retention. These are a council permit requirement that must be from a qualified engineer

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    logo design 6 päivää left

    i need a logo design to be used as my company brand across my webiste and company documents . Eg invoices quotations, emails. the name of the company is hydroPoint.....we do water solutions like borehole drilling website logo should be 175 by 35 px the font should be like the attached the logo should have an icon infrot any ideas are welcome

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    I want freelancers who are able to do marketing and sale the product to the customers. There are some important points to be mentioned below about the product :- 1. Realizing true physical health through pure and healthy drinking water. 2. Realizing true physical wealth through a wealth developing business opportunity. 3. Realizing true mental / metaphysical health through personal growth and finding contentment in all aspects of life. •Our purpose is to spread these truths through healthy drinking water, an exciting business and personal growth. •This unique business opportunity encompasses: Body, Mind, and Finances - the keys to a holistic, healthy, and joyful life! •Thousands of people worldwide had experienced the wellness that this revolutionary product b...

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    ...share among software vendors of laboratory information management systems ("LIMS") to the water utility end market. I have compiled a list of the largest 600 water utilities. What I am looking to do next is find their websites, then use advanced Google searching to try to find award letters or other references to the LIMS vendors used by these utilities. Example searches would be the following lims site: lims AND award site: lims AND water site: I have started a spread sheet (attached) where I would like to record the results. I am looking to fill out up to 4 columns per row. These columns are 1) water utility's website (or the local government's website if the water utility does not have a separate site), 2) name of the LI...

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    ...share among software vendors of laboratory information management systems ("LIMS") to the water utility end market. I have compiled a list of the largest 600 water utilities. What I am looking to do next is find their websites, then use advanced Google searching to try to find award letters or other references to the LIMS vendors used by these utilities. Example searches would be the following lims site: lims AND award site: lims AND water site: I have started a spread sheet (attached) where I would like to record the results. I am looking to fill out up to 4 columns per row. These columns are 1) water utility's website (or the local government's website if the water utility does not have a separate site), 2) name of the LI...

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    Hooked Ones 6 päivää left

    I want to start a Tshirt company directed towards fisherman and water people. I have some ideas but i dont know how to use a design program just yet. Please i am open to any and all input thanks my end result is to have a online store thanks

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    Health Monitoring/Tracking Android App 5 päivää left

    Hello, I am planning to work on a Health monitoring android app, nothing new in the app which is out of the box. I want an app covering basic stuff, like drinking water reminders, BMI calculator, menstrual cycle tracker, and such basic health-related functionalities. Not on a super high budget, but it is negotiable, If things go well, we can add more functionalities in the next iterations, and can discuss how further payment can be made. Let me know your thoughts.

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    Social media marketing 5 päivää left

    I am starting a whole home water filtration installation business to improve drinking water quality and lifespan of plumbing fixtures and appliances. I would strongly prefer targeted marketing in Cobb/Cherokee/Bartow/Fulton counties of north Georgia. I've included a photo of a flier that gives basic

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    I will share the rest of the information with selected freelancer. But for this project a freelancer must be proficient in CAD ans have knowledge of molding allowances.

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    26 tarjoukset

    Is a recruiting / staffing business Modern. I want a silhouette of a business man with goggles diving into the ‘o’ in pool while standing on ‘p’. All the letters in black except the ‘o’ a blue for a water color.

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    Heat Transfer Proect 5 päivää left

    Consider the flow of room temperature water in such a pipe of length L = 40.0 cm and diameter D = 1.00 cm. Assume the water enters the pipe at a uniform speed equal to V = 0.05024 m/sec. From property tables, one finds the kinematic viscosity of the fluid as ν = μ/ρ = 1.005 x 10-6 m2/sec. Calculate the Reynolds number to confirm that the flow is laminar and give reason(s). It is assumed that the fluid exits the pipe at the pressure of the atmosphere. In addition to the velocity and pressure boundary conditions, the numerical experiment will be conducted by varying the heat transfer conditions on the boundary of the pipe. The two cases in heat transfer analysis are (a) constant temperature, and (b) constant heat flux. You are asked to select a value for each of the ...

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    Design my packaging 4 päivää left

    ...need an area for feeding instructions as well. The chart would include the headings 'Size of Dog' as well as "Daily Serving Size'. The values are as follows; Size of Dog: 1-25lbs, 26-50lbs, 51-75lbs, and 76+ With the corresponding Daily Serving size values of 1 Tablespoon, 2 tablespoons, 3 Tablespoons, and 4 Tablespoons. Feeding instructions will be as follows: Sprinkle on top of food or mix with water to form a puree. We would like a clear space on the bag for the consumer to view the product and would like a space on the back for us to write a short product description. We would also like to add on the packaging that this is a single ingredient product, and is grown, harvested, made and packaged in the USA. This product also has no fillers or preservatives...

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    Trophy icon Redesign of our Logo 14 tuntia left

    We need a redesign of our current logo. It should contain our brand name Whirlator with the small ® sign behind it and the word Technologies. Whirlator® Technologies A picture of a hexagon and some related to water like the water drop in our current logo. The text "Einfach besseres Wasser" is not needed. We need the logo as vector graphic and high resolution png.

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    510 työtä

    need to clear the under water image and now we should be able to see under water objects clearly

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    7 tarjoukset

    Multi-stage project starting with Phase I. The website provides information about water utility companies by state. The website requires you to click on each state individually. I am looking to pull data from all 50 states into a single Excel file. This task could be done manually, though it is probably most efficiently done with a web scraping script. The state acronym should also be added in column each time the data is pulled to keep track of the state that the data is associated with.

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    33 tarjoukset

    Multi-stage project starting with Phase I. Phase I is to download data from this website into Excel: :102:::::: The website provides information about water utility companies by state. The website requires you to click on each state individually. I am looking to pull data from all 50 states into a single Excel file. This task could be done manually, though it is probably most efficiently done with a web scraping script. The state acronym should also be added in column each time the data is pulled to keep track of the state that the data is associated with. I have attached the start of this file having pulled the data for Alabama. After this Phase is complete, there were be more to do using the data. The next phase may be less easy to

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    logo image 4 päivää left

    i want it basicly the same as this picture but i also want some ducks flying in the logo aswell more water spraying out the back

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    55 tarjoukset

    I have videos where there are VFXs of fire, water, magic, lasers, bounces etc. I want you to: 1.- Add sound effects and music 2.- Enhance the voice with filters (video example attached) 3.- Tweak the SFX, Music and Voice volume so the 3 sound great (the voice will be provided by me) This is an on-going work, around 1-2 videos will be given each week: - Video duration: 8-10 minutes. - Music & SFXs Library access will be provided. - If you use other music and SFXs, make sure that they are copyright-free - Multitrack WAV and Project file as final delivery - Use your creativity to make it funny and entertaining

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    Trophy icon Bar & Grill Logo Design Loppunut left

    ...owner wants to bring it back to its original name so that will be "Back to Captain's". The owner is a woman and she has entertained the idea of an image of a female pirate captain. This is not just a bar and grill she also does catering and events. The location is in Isanti, Minnesota (which she would like incorporated into the design). The bar is located on a lake - so there is access to water - however we are not interested in pirate ships or anything todo with the ocean BUT bringing something nautical to the theme would be interesting. The owner has another location for another bar. It is called Back to the SRO. The logo was designed by someone off of freelancer several years ago. This logo has worked really well for that bar. The owner really likes the &...

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    493 työtä

    ...setup for my twitch stream. My screen name is "Phantoccini" which translates to String puppet show. My Idea is to have 4 different puppets that "broke free" and came to life that run around taunting me/preforming all of my animations for follows/subs/bits/etc... so I want a "puppeteer gone mad" character which would be "me" and then 3 human like models with an element for the head (i.e. flame, water ball, and rock for a head about 1/3 the size of me, and then a dog like one that would represent earth like. (grass/moss/plants/flowers/mud/dirt/etc) and then a wooden representation of all the puppets with string going up. The starting soon scene would be all of then not alive yet in the wooden form as if I am puppeteering them around and then ...

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    Water bottle designe 3 päivää left

    I would like to make a 3D model of a bottle of water.

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    33 tarjoukset

    We need a competent person to do Rainwater Surface Runoff modelling for Storm Water Design. Topographical Survey Data & soil Testing Data will be provided. Previous Relevant experience mandatory.

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    2 tarjoukset

    Turn Around plumbing is a business in maintenance and repairs of all plumbing and gas problems. I want a tap at the centre that maybe leaking or dripping water with an arrow around it ? ( in reference to Turn Around ) Then have Turn Around in writing above it following the curve, and Plumbing on the bottom . im not sure how this works but i would like it to potentially be vibrant in colour, lighter blues and darker lines . whatever you think works :)

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    68 tarjoukset

    hello, please I would like to send an admission letter to hospital about my eye problem asking for treatment. I want you to make me a template so I can send it to hospitals asking for a treatment in their hospital. I need it to be professional and well organized. thanks.

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    Trophy icon Custom Page Loading Animation (SVG/CSS) 9 päivää left

    ...checkout page and you'll see what we have. We'd like something much more interesting.... along with text that we can customize (maybe an array of quotes that we can put in). There is a nice example on -- the second spinner example, with the caption "Loading spinner with contextual info. Image by DΞNYS SΞRGUSHKIN". If we could have a fun treatment of our logo, with captions that we can rotate in (e.g. inspiring quotes about our products), that would be awesome. We don't know exactly how long the page is going to take to load, since we're waiting for Shopify (and other plug-ins) to finish their processes, so we can't do a % complete type of indicator. Some times the page loads in 2-3 seconds, other times up to 6 seconds. So somet...

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    website redesign 2 päivää left

    We are in the interior window treatment business....drapes, blinds, shades and shutters. Our current site is https://www.welldressedwindowsfl.net....we would like it to look more like

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    Media report for psychology 2 päivää left

    Your job is to find two written reports of scientific findings in the popular press (e.g., , USA Today, Erie Times News, etc..) and write a short (2-3 page) paper discussing the media’s treatment of the findings. Do not use articles from reputable scientific media sources (e.g., Scientific American, AAAS). You will also need to find the original published account of the research from the journal in which it was published. You should specifically address whether the conclusions and implications stated or implied by the article are warranted, whether alternative explanations are discussed, and whether the first-hand account of the research (as published in the journal) matches with the second-hand account of the research (as published in the popular press). You should thus...

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    Discrimination Essay 2 päivää left

    Project Instructions: The paper is to be 3 pages; double spaced, normal margins and font (not larger than 12 point), with page numbers (2 pts) and a bibliography (3 pts). A title page does not count as a page. Citations must contain the last name of the author(s) and the year of...Baseball's Integration,” The Journal of Economic History (2010), 70: 964-988. ​See also: 2. Jennifer Roback: “The Political Economy of Segregation: The Case of Segregated Streetcars” The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 46, No. 4 (Dec., 1986), pp. 893-917 3. Werner Troesken: “Race, Disease, and the Provision of Water in American Cities, 1889-1921,” Journal of Economic History, vol. 61, no. 3, (September 2001): 750-77

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    ...additional effort or labor costs. See and for more information. Helps grow bigger crops faster and increases crop yields Buffers and changes the soil pH Helps conditions the soil for improved plant performance Increases, improves, and optimizes soil conditions to aid in the resistance to plant stress Improves and increases water/nutrient availability, use, efficiency, processing, and retention Improves and increases soil/water nutrient retention, holding capacity, and permeability...

    €712 - €1424
    €712 - €1424
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    Water supply plateform in which many supplier will be added and those who need to water will be added

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    ...fbbc63943d48e7bafa531393e60422 Once that is done I will need you to do the following. 1. Create a level big enough for a forest with a lake large and deep enough to swim in. Also, a snow-covered tundra, a tropical beach with water, and a desert. 2. Place NPC's in the world for players to find and interact with to learn spells, and skills, buy items, and follow a quest line. 3. Replace standard artwork with some of our custom artwork for crafting stations, armor, and weapons. 4. Program a mounting system with mounted combat. Can use if it

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    Seeking photoshop/graphic design experience to help me add my custom labels to aluminum water bottles. Looking for a high quality 3D result. I am looking to replicate the aluminum bottle that has the "quitters podcast" label (attacthed in the photos) except with my own labels. I used a software found at this link () to attempt doing this with my labels however the results came out very low quality (as seen in the photos attached) so I am seeking help from someone that can make this for me high quality, like the quitter podcast bottle. I will provide HD photos of the 3 labels I want to put on the bottle along with the angle I want to capture. Thanks!

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    I am a local New Hampshire aspiring writer with a completed outline/treatment for a novel, but have no time to actually write the text due to my busy schedule. I am seeking a ghost writer to collaborate on the project to help bring it to completion. It is a dark romantic fantasy that is epic in scope. Story and characters are all fleshed out, I just require a writer to help me sort out some of the finer details.

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    Interactive Map 4 päivää left

    Hi, I need another map created. I want this map to be interactive so that when someone clicks on one of the pins, it takes them to a google drive folder that contains pictures of that water well. Let me know your thoughts.

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    Logo for Product 1 päivä left

    I want logo for my aboriginal art. With a willie wagtail bird and a salt water crocodile which represents me I would like Waanyi Gangalidda Garawa artist Noel Baker incorporated within logo. Willing to pay for the best design

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    I need content for my website Target Keyword: Sundarban Honey, Honey, raw honey, sundarban raw honey you have to write below content- 1. What are the health benefits of honey? (700 words) 2. What are the health effects, if any, of honey and lemon water? (500 words) 3. Is honey useful for weight loss? (400 words) 4. Which is the best and purest honey to buy in India? (500 words) 5. Do vegetarians consume honey? (600 words) 6. How do you distinguish good quality honey from bad? (500 words) 7. Should you apply honey on your face overnight? (500 words) 8. Is honey good for your face? (700 words) 9. How do I check if bees’ honey is genuine or not? (500 words) 10. What is the best time to eat honey? (700 words) 11. Can honey expire? (500 words) 12. Where can I buy good quality

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    Trophy icon Food Forest 24 päivää left

    ...rainfalls of winter nor withstand summer´s heat. Water levels are dropping, the soil is eroding and fertile land is turning into desert. Now large areas are sanded and the soil is salinized, producing poor and poorer harvests. At the same time, the destruction of forests and intensive agriculture have strongly contributed to climate change. The annual rainfalls fail to appear and droughts last for years. While communities’ base of existence crumbles, they fight over scarce resources. Famine is spreading. In order to fight climate change and to tackle the food crisis, intentions grow to reforest lands & to develop sustainable ways of food production. However, when it comes to arid areas there is a dilemma: What to concentrate on, given that water supplies a...

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    Mainostettu Taattu Sinetöity Huippukilpailu
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    This is an internship providing telehealth (video-chat) mental health services to victims of crime, including those who have been human trafficked; providing servic...Practitioner, an intern # from respective boards (BBS or BNR), willingness to carry a caseload of 12-20 clients, attendance at weekly group supervision, Spanish a plus, having passed law and ethics exam when applicable a plus. Required skills: familiarity with evidence-based models such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, able to document goal, intervention, response, plan progress notes as well as treatment plans, and able to schedule your own clients. Organized, and own newer devices with latest version operating systems - BOTH phone and computer - that are capable of running apps which are necessary to schedule clien...

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    We are looking for a market researcher to perform market research to gather quantitative and qualitative insights on Non Alcoholic Beverages (NAB) market in Taiwan. The scope of work is mentioned in detail as below: I. Requirements: · Product Categories: Sparkling Soft Drinks, RTD Sweetened Tea & RTD Unsweetened Tea, Sports Drinks, Packaged Water, Juice Drinks, Energy Drinks, RTD Coffee, Flavoured & Packaged water, 100% Juice and Nectars, Plant-based beverages, Yoghurt, NRTD Energy Drink NRTD Plant based beverages II. Engagement Objectives: · To Determine the quarterly volume consumption, growth and decline of consumption, brand performance, channel dynamics, price change, post COVID measures and so on . Budget per category = 1500 TWD . Total proj...

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    Python Project by Jupiter. 1 päivä left

    ...business? o What are the implications of the project? 2. Describing Dataset o Where has the data been gathered? o What are the input and output variables? 3. Descriptive Analysis o Number of columns and rows o Percent of missing values by columns o Means, medians, modes, correlations, variance, outliers o Data visualizations such as scatter plots or correlation plots 4. Data Preprocessing o Variable treatment § Dropping columns and rows when necessary § Imputing missing values § Transforming variables if necessary § Variable selection o Fitting models § Fitting multiple models with varying parameters § Summarize performance indicators of models § Selecting the best model using a test data set Evaluation Criteria What do I look for in the project...

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    Trophy icon Graphic Design for Van Wrapping 9 päivää left

    ...Company Name: Upstate Crawlspace Repair, LLC Phone: (864) 571-4545 Types of Jobs: dehumidifiers, encapsulations, french drains, foundation repair, floor joist repair, insulation, mold and mildew mitigation, seal coating, sump pumps, vapor barriers, and water intrusion mitigation When it comes to insulation, the pink R19 (file attached) is what is generally used. The idea so far is to use that pink color at the top of the van, clearly being insulation, transitioning to either white or black, and then blue at the bottom of the van as if it is water. I've attached some inspiration examples, pictures of the insulation, and the company logo. The pictures of the plain white van are of the actual van that is getting wrapped. If you could use that as the reference for ...

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    Ciellie Hero Image 1 päivä left

    ...and then placing down on the roof of the house the drone just scanned. - Repeat 4 & 5 to other houses in the animation the other steps should proceed while 4 & 5 are repeating. 6. After some time of the solar panel appearing on a house, have the drone come back to that house and have the drone look like it’s taking photos of the solar panels. 7. Animate drone spraying the solar panels with water...

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    I am looking for a color drawing or illustration of a watercooler. If possible I'd like the logo seen on the attached document to be on the water cooler if possible. Just looking for something small, 3.5" H x 2" wide.

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    Seeking a true professional for a backlink outreach from similar industries. Links must be relevant to our industry and from blogs that are already indexed by google. The websites must be a minimum of DA 25+ and a minimum of 2k traffic. No news websites, article farm websites, or nonsense like that. We have two projects, one for a Photography company the other is for a Water Damage restoration company. Looking to receive detailed quotes here. The websites already have an ongoing outreach, we are looking for someone that can replace our current company and provide at least 10- 15 high-quality backlinks each month that will pass our team's quality control ( spam score, traffic, etc, measured by Semrush) URLs of our clients will be given after your company letterhead and p...

    €13 - €14
    €13 - €14
    56 tarjoukset