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    Hi Dear designers ? I need your help in creating a corporate CV template and filling 3 CVs with provided data for candidates to make it perfect looking. Please use corporate colors and logo as provided later. The expected outcome: is 1 template and 3 filled profiles.

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    We would like someone to consider this repo And show us, with all the steps, how to publish and subscribe (from code running on browser, not server). The outputs are the following: - A video showing the whole scenario - A meeting with us to show us how it works exactly and guide us to do it ourselves Please submit your real budget for this. If you are familiar with nodeJs and Java script, this should take less than 3 hours of work

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    This project requires knowledge of 3d modelling as well photoshop. The task is to add the and 3d objects in according to the instructions found in pic-132 copy.jpeg. There is a completed example already provided. High importance is given to realistic additions that take into consideration the lighting in pic-132. In addition the proper focus/crispness should be given so that the addition is blended nicely into the picture without the added object being too blurred or too crisp compared to the surroundings. Please send an offer only if you are confident enough and fast enough.

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    .NET tensorflow problem - LSTM example 3 päivää left

    ...Tensorflow and learn to use it from a C# application. I am trying to convert a simple LSTM Python example () that works very well on my machine in Python using the GPU. In my C# implementation, I have hard coded the input data to simplify the process. The data is identical in both the Python example and my code. However, when I try to build it in .NET (Visual Studio 2022), it crashes when the fit() method is encountered. First, the input_shape argument is not available in the LSTM constructor within .NET. So, the obvious thing to do would be to add an InputLayer instead. I have done this in the Python example code and it works fine. However, when I try to use the InputLayer in .NET, I get a completely

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    I need an app for both Android and iOS, for tracking/running (take as an example: Runtastic/Adidas, Runkeeper etc.)

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    We need Java expert to create a working example code to show how to use RRule in library "". Create RRule object using following attributes: freq, dtstart, tzid, until, count, interval, wkst, byweekday, bymonth, bysetpos, bymonthday, byyearday, byweekno,

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    I need someone to create 3 mockups for product-boxes, similar to the screenshots attached

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    SEO EXAMPLE Loppunut left

    WORK FOR SEO Escapt website

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    I am trying to test the full code example uniswap gives on their site. I have loaded the code, deployed, and am trying to test functions and getting failed transactions. I am not sure if its just a testnet thing or wrong test address or no liquidity in that test pool. Looking for someone to screenshare for an hour or two and help determine the problem.

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    I have implemented an example of CHAI3D and it's displaying 4 items that plays a sound when you click and hold on them using the mouse cursor. I want to update this project so that it's displaying 12 items that have the same functionality of the 4 items (playing sounds when you press on them), additionally I want to add a square that changes color based on the dataset used. The project is written in C++ and below is the link for CHAI3D documentation:

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    Hello guys, I need a simple webpage like this one, not very difficulty: The template he used is on the webpage. Also I would like to use the colors from this logo

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    I need an exact similar website what i ll give to you as an example. (I need similar to one existing website) after we concern in freelancer chat, we will start and complete by iterations. %100 similar as features with lowest price is needed. (CMS is acceptable if we can modify as features and if cost will be reasonable low) Dear candidates: "Please don't post irrelevant spam messages and quotes etc." only send exact quote after discussing. I don't have time to read copy paste posts.

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    I want to build a tool, letting me downloading (extracting) 3d models from browser 360° previews. example : thanks for your time!

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    Hi, I need to recreate same project as it is in tutorial from youtube. I can give youtube link how it is done in tutorial. I need someone to recreate it from this tutorial because I am not able to figure out some steps in tutorial. Project is in Unreal engine 5.

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    Seed Funding, Series A funding, How Dilution works - Need explanation with example. Things to consider.

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    I will provide videos, you need to combine them vertically and add Text exactly like the example i have provided in this project i will provide the videos via google drive folder and you will complete the work. its a continuous task so i will be providing new videos each week 500 videos combinations for $60. message me once you watch the example video on this project. this is a 1 year contract. As soon as you finish the first set of videos, the second set is ready, if you can finish it in 3 days, you will get the next set of videos in 3 days.

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    We need an fully working Ionic 6 example app implementing Angular Calendar: It's important the example app must be able to provide add, update, delete functions for recurring events. There is a post showing how to implement it: , you just need to follow the description and figure out the details and make it work.

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    Use your own Font and Style- But use the required colours! This is Driveway Surfacing Company. Winner picked in the next 3 hours!!!

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    We need a working example in Ionic 6 and Angular 14 to show how to share HTML form and the logic between a modal component and a page. The form holds the common presentation HTML and logic .ts file. The modal component and the page need to use this shared form to implement the same feature. They works as below: ModalComponent ---> SharedForm <--- Page The delivery should contain a working Ionic 6 example app with 2 pages and the shared form component: the first page display the form directly, the second page show the same shared form in a modal dialog. It is important that the shared form should be able to take parameter from both modal dialog and the page.

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    Email signature HTML Expert - make an email signature like this example with our logo that can be copied and pasted into gmail, outlook etc , we have a provided GIF/ Mov (here: ) We have already done animation just need you to add it in with moving gif etc

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    Hello. I need someone to recreate the image shown in the attachment so it can be printed in very large format as wallpaper to go on a wall. I will have to get exact size but I would like the area in the attachment to roughly 8ft tall by 18 foot long.

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    Hi! I am looking for Bootstrap 5 Expert who can design single page like It must responsive in all device. if you can do it in $10, Please bid with word called READY $10 so I can talk and hire you. Thanks!

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    Create example project of Next js with Devextreme JavaScript Component. - Datagrid - Drop Down Box

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    You have to use Photoshop to draw/copy a fire after an example image. We only need the fire from the picture. No wood nothing else

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    Just need two very basic programs.

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    Hi, I need working QR code example app for shopify. You could see their tutorial I need this into working version. Please write instructions to setup this app. Thanks,

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    Create a single example rust program using the tokio () async framework that implements the two following functions to interface to a networked device. 1. Async TCP client that connects to a device on TCP port 9760 a) Create an async reader function that reads messages from the device (not polling) These messages are variable-length binary messages and must be read as bytes values (Not a text string). Format in hex (<u8> 0x16, <u8> Length, <u8> 1 .. Length payload ) Messages are variable length unto 257 bytes (2-byte header + 255 bytes data) Eg 16 04 00 0E 00 00 You need to read the first two bytes (ie 0x16, 0x04) to determine the variable payload length. The variable payload length is in the second byte, in this example case 4 bytes. Then you n...

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    NextJS example project. I am looking for someone with high expertise on frontend and years of work with NextJS

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    Necesito realiazar una aplicacion prototipo que menu y funciones basicas de crud. El sistema debe presentar una interface y diseño profesional y moderna.

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    On the example is written Hard Rock Cafe, well in the new logo design this must be the new text: Sugar Daddy Rock Cafe

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    Hello! I need to make requests via SOAP to a service. The service provides a WSDL file. I have a short documentation. I want to have a small VB.NET application which uses this WSDL file and which does the things described in the documentation. I offer 30 € for this. If you are interested, please send me a message, and I will show you the documentation. Thank you.

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    Necesito crea una plataforma web, android y ios con un tema de social network que pueda monetizar bajo suscripción y regalos entre usuarios y hacer una entrada para crear eventos con market place

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    SAP ABAP skills required with offsite ARIBA devlopmet experience

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    We have created the content of a Carpe Diem Property (CDP) property / market insight / whitepaper report See CDP PDF report attached: Joint Venture Industry Report - Carpe Diem Property, we want to publish on Linked In We want to have it edited so its more in the format of the CBRE 2022 UK Outlook FINAL PDF report layout - ie at a decent standard which applies the basic design rules ie basic dimensions and layout conventions the CBRE report uses (mainly spacing and leaving white space around the edges. is we add in more blank pages so you can fit less info per page, additional pages can be used to spread the content out. We are looking for a minimum spend as we are working to a v tight budet and for the report to be done within the next week. I suggest the party that does this d...

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    Photoshop editing task - clean right side window in these 3 images or replace with example window Task: 3 images - i need big right side window on right side either cleaned up (as its showing marks) , or replaced with window view from example image on left (whichever is easier). paid task. please provide your best fixed cost in aud and dleivery time and ill make milestone now thanks ::) image link when sending back please send back as original file name (dont change file name) in full highest resolution jpeg. thanks! please naturally photoshop

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    need a working remote-exec example with username and password must include remote-exec from hosta to run commands on hostsb Any information that would help me would be helpful. let me know your thoughts and any questions While this is hourly; there is a max of $15 that I can pay, as being a cancer patient is tuff and been out of work. Hourly will give you more $ as there is less money taken between us from freelancer There is hope you can give your “best” price; unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $15 possible? Glowing paragraph of feedback 5 stars My funds are low but will pay quick and leave 5 stars. Please give your best possible for your bid ? (something reasonable?) Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave...

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    easy animation of logo needed same like example

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    ...hooks, styled components, (greensock)gsap draggable, as per the example. However, I want the knob dial to keep looping through the numbers as you spin. At the moment you can only spin round 360 once. This needs to infinite loop and go from 0 to 9. Also the numbers 0 - 9 need to go around the knob dial too like this example Requirements: -use gsap draggable to create a rotating dial like this codepen into reactjs -ensure that all the same features from the codepen are included in the reactjs build -use react hooks! -use gsap draggable -use styled components for the css -provide the code either via codepen of project files. -use the example image from codepen -make sure it works on all major browsers -ensure

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    I’m looking for an example php script where it passes a query into Salesforce’s api and displays the result. Not looking for anything complicated, does not need a fancy interface, just a working example as proof of concept. Additional work may follow depending on my client.

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    Need to create an IM for Hotel Tu Casa Can you create a template similar to the Frank Knight that we can modify and drop images into and change the content

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    I have created a listing website Using Jet Engine and Elementor. Now I want to add some advanced filters to my search function. Current website: Example website: You have to create something so that we can easily edit/add new cities, areas, and other option Create almost similar search functionality according to the example website and I have attached a client video guideline. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    We would like a professional looking logo created from the uploaded example. There are some things we would like removed and added to the picture and looking for a more professional font and layout

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