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When you have lot of other works to do, you will be unable to concentrate on each and every minor aspect of the work, and this stage outsourcing is the best medium to get your work done at an affordable rate. The outsourcing is beneficial as you will get quality work cost effectively. Outsource the digital designing work into the hands of the digital designer freelancer from freelancer.com and be assured of a high quality output from them. To slash your hiring cost you can even hire them on an hourly basis too.

The freelancers' digital designer will be able to handle any type of work relating to digital designing, website designs, digital poster, digital brochures, digital ads etc. The digital designer freelancer will give high quality work at an affordable price. They have academic qualification in wireless communication and can handle well the digital signal processing also. Their skills include OCTAVE, SCIPY, C, C++, Python, and MATLAB, they work on Linux platform. Freelancers skilled in the digital designing sphere can get handsome package jobs online through freelancer.com.

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Design a bass/guitar effects pedal I am a sml,,l part time pedal manufacturer in California. I’m looking for an engineer/circuit designer who has experience with audio circuits. I am looking to design a bass guitar effect pedal that can generate a signal an octave above and below what the input signal is. There are several units on the market that do this already, just look up ‘octave Pedal’ if you’re not fa... 2 elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Piirisuunnittelu, Äänisuunnittelu Dec 11, 2017 Tänään6 pv 16 h €377
Geeky, Nerdy, Pop cultureyyyy T-Shirts My Name Is L I Need an artist who is willing to work off scribble concept designs in my notebook, to help bring to life a series of Video game and Pop culture T shirt print designs that i have been working on for some time. A love or understanding of Nerdy/Geeky stuff would be a plus, as a lot of the designs will needs to be edited, changed and discussed. I believe this would be easier if b... 8 graafinen suunnittelu, Animaatio, Karikatyyrit ja sarjakuvat, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Dec 11, 2017 Tänään6 pv 13 h €72
Design project Need digital animator for full animation music video 23 graafinen suunnittelu, logon suunnittelu, Animaatio, Yhtiön identiteetti, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Dec 8, 2017 Dec 8, 20173 pv 19 h €2067
Website Design Banners and design for a website. I promise work for long time 32 graafinen suunnittelu, Mainospalkkien suunnittelu, Muotisuunnittelu, Mainossuunnittelu, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Dec 8, 2017 Dec 8, 20173 pv 6 h €26
Digital Artist to Draw and Design Background Hi, I need someone to draw design an HD high quality background for mobile phone wallpaper. The Background should draw inspiration from the picture attached named "inspiration" and should include the characters from picture "characters" rather than the skeletons depicted in the inspiration picture, however, use the same style as the skeletons (shadows ).... Ignore the child and... 40 graafinen suunnittelu, Photoshop, Illustrator, Kuvitus, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Dec 7, 2017 Dec 7, 20172 pv 20 h €101
Graphic Designer I need a background picture graphic designed for a FB page advertisement with a business name and the business owners names on it. 36 graafinen suunnittelu, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Dec 7, 2017 Dec 7, 20172 pv 7 h €49
Digital Logic Circuit using Logisim Hello, I am looking to build a circuit in Logisim that requires digital logic expertise. Project description will be provided upon contact. Computer science backgrounds, circuit design, and digital logic expertise required (preferably using Logisim). 22 tekniikka, elektroniikka, Verilog / VHDL, sähkötekniikka, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Dec 6, 2017 Dec 6, 20171 pv 12 h €73
Digital Order Form I need a digital order form branded with my logo that I can send to customers when they place a online order Agreeing to our terms cons etc Various fields that customer must fill in to place the order. And fields we can fill in with order detail. Ideally a template we can email to our customers Can you show me any examples? Thank you 6 ActionScript, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Web Development Dec 6, 2017 Dec 6, 20171 pv 2 h €147
12 clock in digital logic design i will post a description and instructions and some samples of this project. 13 Digitaalinen suunnittelu Dec 3, 2017 Dec 3, 2017Loppunut €338
Design of a mobile game app I will need at least 11 screens designed as part of this contest. First what the game is about: The game is about walking through the city and finding check points on the map (similar feel to pokemon go). Once you are in close proximity to a check point the player is asked to complete a task or solve a riddle. players will be able to work together as a team or against other players. the city wi... 11 Sovellusten suunnittelija, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, graafinen suunnittelu, Käyttöliittymä/informaatioarkkitehtuuri Dec 2, 2017 Dec 2, 201711 pv 14 h €289
I need an Artist I'm trying to come up with a couple of logos for two companies. I would like for you to use Photoshop to make the logo. 36 Taideteollisuus, Photoshop-suunnittelu, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Nov 30, 2017 Nov 30, 2017Loppunut €88
DIgital Marketing We have a website www.thehoneyshopindia.com. we sell honey and honey products. We have physical market presence and presence on Amazon. we need some one for digital marketing of this website. 8 Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Digital Marketing Nov 30, 2017 Nov 30, 2017Loppunut €104
I need a freelance graphic artist Looking for a new label for a gaming career 24 graafinen suunnittelu, Karikatyyrit ja sarjakuvat, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Nov 29, 2017 Nov 29, 2017Loppunut €76
Project for Kermith G. Hi Kermith G., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 8 Sulautetut ohjelmistot, GPS, , Arduino, Radio-ohjattavat, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Nov 29, 2017 Nov 29, 2017Loppunut €1117
I need a 3D model of two water bottles. I need a 3D model of two water bottles. All i need is the infill of the bottle coloured with one colour, and an existing logo (that i will provide) placed on yhe bottle. Will need two files all together 25 3D-renderointi, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Nov 28, 2017 Nov 28, 2017Loppunut €22
Design and Digitize Embroidery Formal Attires Hello, I'm looking for a graphic designer digitizer proficient in Wilcom ES software for my embroidery business. I need someone who has passion and loves doing embroidery designs and digitizing. I will be needing 100-200 unique designs for men/women formal wear specifically office and formal barongs, kimonas and others. So expect me to work with you here in freelancer if we love your samples ... 7 graafinen suunnittelu, logon suunnittelu, Illustrator, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Vektorointi Nov 21, 2017 Nov 21, 2017Loppunut €18
digital signal processing(Fourier transform) i need some one to check some solutions to some problems related to digital signal processing. moreover a matlab code to find the fourier transform of the problem 23 elektroniikka, Matlab ja Mathematica, sähkötekniikka, tietoliikennetekniikka, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 2017Loppunut €24
I need a cartoonist/illustrator - 14/11/2017 16:25 EST Draw 4 drawings 3 character designs front and side view background 11 Illustrator, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Nov 14, 2017 Nov 14, 2017Loppunut €46
Digital Marketing Expert in WEB DESIGN - Suggest changes on web page | READ DESCRIPTION Industry: Leisure and Travel TRAVEL AGENCY - Private Tour Operator Conutry: Croatia Definition: Incoming agency (oriented on United kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada) Description: Specialised in Private Tours, CUSTOM made Tours, Tailor made Tours, Luxury Travel. Special: INDIVIDUAL APPROACH, TRAVEL DESIGNERS, CUSTOM TOURS, FLEXIBILITY, CREATIVITY, BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. ... 1 markkinointi, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy Nov 14, 2017 Nov 14, 2017Loppunut €25
Digital Marketing Brisbane based Finance Company looking for student or someone looking for 4-10hrs per week to implement and run a digital marketing campaign-prefer someone local 11 Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Digital Marketing Nov 14, 2017 Nov 14, 2017Loppunut €14
VHDL : Digital System Designer Looking for an expert on creating digital systems and digital hardware/circuit design using VHDL 15 elektroniikka, Verilog / VHDL, sähkötekniikka, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Computer Science Nov 12, 2017 Nov 12, 2017Loppunut €308
I need a writer we need freelance writer for our website 30 Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Digital Marketing, Writing Nov 8, 2017 Nov 8, 2017Loppunut €87
Make sculptures Digitally on softwares like ZBrush, Blender, MAYA. My project is all about designing different suggested imaginations of godly figures, Religious Idols, Interior Decorative Pieces etc. I would need the person to be versatile with his/her ideas on imagining and quickly implementing it on the design. Work is pretty professional and for a cause so, better be serious about this. Work is transferable with all other required allowances except the offeri... 6 3D-renderointi, Maya, 3D-mallinnus, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Zbrush Nov 8, 2017 Nov 8, 2017Loppunut €10
embroidery drawing to punch hey guys,i am looking for a curtain designer,who can do punching in WILCOM(must),excellent [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] have experience of EMBROIDERY curtains(must). again i ONLY need designer of curtain. especially from turkey is better. here is the file of drawing. and some finished products for you to have an idea. thanks 1 Digitaalinen suunnittelu Nov 6, 2017 Nov 6, 2017Loppunut €73
DESIGNER AND DIGITAL MARKETING Development of Logotype, Development of Business Card, Development of Flyer, Development of Folder, Contet creation for Facebook and Instagram. 10 graafinen suunnittelu, logon suunnittelu, Photoshop-suunnittelu, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Digital Marketing Nov 3, 2017 Nov 3, 2017Loppunut €24
Designing a customized light sensor (photodiode) I am a researcher affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our team would like to have the following customized photodiodes (PDs). 1. One PD with 80 degree FoV (40 degree single-sided half power angle), and 10MHz operational amplifier. 2. One PD with 80 degree FoV (40 degree single-sided half power angle), and three 1 MHz operational amplifiers. 3. One PD with 120 degree FoV (... 3 tekniikka, elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017Loppunut €6983
Book Cover I'm looking for a piece of digital art to accompany the release of my novel. The art work would be made into a limited print to accompany 50 signed first editions. Budget is £50. The image would be of a young woman (possibly in silhouette) sat upon a standing stone. The stone is at the edge of a cliff overlooking a stormy ocean. In the sky, there is a single patch of light coming throu... 22 Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Maalaaminen Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017Loppunut €78
hire a 3D Graphic designer Create and design a 3D visual content for Virtual Reality solution 33 3D-animaatio, Unity 3D, Kuvataiteet, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Graphics Programming Nov 1, 2017 Nov 1, 2017Loppunut €375
Project for Miroslav N. Hi Miroslav N., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 2 tekniikka, elektroniikka, sähkötekniikka, , Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Piirisuunnittelu Oct 30, 2017 Oct 30, 2017Loppunut €223
Create SCORM assessment training course in Storyline 360 for desktop and mobile based on existing templates. - The course length is approximately 30 slides (approximately 15 of the slides already exist in another storyline file, so minimal time req for layout for those). - The course design and layout is to be based on (though not strictly adhering to) existing course design style (see current design samples in attached images) of logo anim-welcome screens, overview, main body screen, main section scree... 5 Digitaalinen suunnittelu, englannin oikeinkirjoitus, englannin kielioppi, Kurssit Oct 30, 2017 Oct 30, 2017Loppunut €342
Design 3 websites for loyalty platform This project is entails the branding and design of 3 websites that need to have a united look and feel (though this could be up for discussion). Requires digital design experience and logo design experience. Project will likely require support of 6 months. 12 Photoshop-suunnittelu, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Digital Marketing Oct 28, 2017 Oct 28, 2017Loppunut €35
vector map - 28/10/2017 10:42 EDT i want to make a vector map .. that shows the city cites 28 Kuvitus, Kuvakesuunnittelu, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Piirtäjä Oct 28, 2017 Oct 28, 2017Loppunut €89
accidentrepairsolutions keep registration details with reminders, insurance details accident repair solutions app & service allows for requesting accident assistance, record accident damage, request quote to repair, store car details, request automotive services. Also would like to develop different marketing platforms to on sell advertising space to automotive services and insurance companies. Also would like to l... 3 verkkomainonta, Markkinointi Facebookissa, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Oct 25, 2017 Oct 25, 2017Loppunut €230
I need some graphic design I need some graphic design. 46 logon suunnittelu, Photoshop, Karikatyyrit ja sarjakuvat, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Adobe Illustrator Oct 25, 2017 Oct 25, 2017Loppunut €44
Looking for an Etsy genius I have a store on Etsy with about 15 products. I need someone to manage and promote the same. Happy to work on a commission basis. Store Name - TheCandleProjectAU 2 Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Etsy, Digital Marketing Oct 24, 2017 Oct 24, 2017Loppunut €86
Mind Map Created I need a simple mind map created that is related to the cannabis market. I have an example drawn out just need it recreated in more creative detail in the form of a mind map Please reply with "Mind Map" so i know you read this. Thank you 7 Illustrator, Infografiikka, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Luova suunnittelu Oct 24, 2017 Oct 24, 2017Loppunut €33
Digital business with protoptype Digital Business Marketing Strategy 13 verkkosivujen suunnittelu, Esitykset, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Liike-elämän tekstien kirjoittaminen, Digital Marketing Oct 23, 2017 Oct 23, 2017Loppunut €118
I need an artist I am looking for someone that can draw interiors. Bathrooms, kitchens, etc. 4 Digitaalinen suunnittelu Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 2017Loppunut €136
wedding album Designer I need to edit Wedding album to my client to print a digital album around 40 pages of edit 27 graafinen suunnittelu, Photoshop-suunnittelu, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 2017Loppunut €166
Joomla Website I need some work and a few modifications on a Joomla website related with tourism business. 31 Joomla, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Web Development Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 2017Loppunut €174
Instagram Ads design Instagram Ads, we sell Apple Original cases. 36 graafinen suunnittelu, Mainossuunnittelu, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Suunnittelu, Adobe Illustrator Oct 12, 2017 Oct 12, 2017Loppunut €20
Crosses Accessories Product Retouching and Editing - Photoshop Create 2 Product Ads for Social media - 1000 x 1000 Pixel under the company name 26 Photoshop-suunnittelu, Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Adobe Illustrator Oct 11, 2017 TänäänLoppunut €54
Map Artist / Fantasy Art Creator for Promotional Art Novelist seeking a talented artist to create a promotional fantasy map based on fictional source material and notes. The novelist will provide source material and notes. The map will be distributed online to promote a forthcoming young adult fantasy novel series as part of a Patreon campaign. The artist will be credited in all postings and physical copies (Size A5) of the fantasy map. The n... 21 Taideteollisuus, Kuvitus, Karttatiede ja kartat, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Oct 8, 2017 Oct 8, 2017Loppunut €177
Kenote expert I'm a dentist and i use keynote to present my clinical cases, i need a keynote expert to creat the keynote in a very artistic professional way in terms of colors, effects and transitions. I will provide the designer with the pictures and text. 10 verkkosivujen suunnittelu, graafinen suunnittelu, logon suunnittelu, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017Loppunut €132
My Sewing Project - 03/10/2017 00:59 EDT I am starting two clothing lines, its called 20/20 visions and witches&warlocks im looking for someone to help me create (sew/ construct) my ideas. some idea examples include shorts pants skirts and tops also dresses. these are of 90s fashion and HIGH fashion runway clothing. 20/20 includes 90s fashion and witches&warlocks include high fashion witch and male witch articles. (Removed by [os... 0 Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Ompelu Oct 3, 2017 Oct 3, 2017Loppunut -
20/20 visions AND witches&warlocks I need someone who can bring my ideas to life, I have a bunch of ideas in my mind currently for these two brands I am trying to start. BASIC IDEA FOR THE BRANDs: we will be creating custom t-shirts blouses skirts pants and more I need someone who can draw/ color images (of my ideas) and then turn them into digital designed shirts and other articles of clothing looking for a Long-term applicant wh... 5 Digitaalinen suunnittelu, Ompelu, Drawing Oct 2, 2017 Oct 2, 2017Loppunut €265
DISEÑO LOGO E IMAGEN CORPORATIVA Hacia dónde vamos: Somos un despacho de abogados de calidad que utiliza el derecho como herramienta para hacer la vida más fácil a empresas, pymes y autónomos. Generaremos confianza gracias a nuestra transparencia en la comunicación, eficacia en la resolución de conflictos y firme compromiso con los clientes. Queremos que nuestro target nos vea como un... 7 Digitaalinen suunnittelu Oct 2, 2017 Oct 2, 2017Loppunut €1681
Digital Designer for eco village vision I am looking for someone who can use their skills in digital design to help me create a eco village concept allowing me to then have a visual expression of my dream to bring to potential investors. this will be a continual project until the vision is clear and complete. 9 Teollinen muotoilu, Taideteollisuus, Palm, Metro, Digitaalinen suunnittelu Oct 2, 2017 Oct 2, 2017Loppunut €10
Black Hole 2D animation, skilled digital designer required I need a short 2d animation of the event horizion of a black hole. The animation should show fiery matter flowing like water along the horizion. Please contact me for more details. 2 Digitaalinen suunnittelu Sep 30, 2017 Sep 30, 2017Loppunut €228
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