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  • Freelancerin jaylancer43 profiilikuva
    Excel VBA/Macro Freelancer
    472 arvostelua

    Full time expert in various programming languages including macros for MS Suite; Excel VBA/Macro, Web Scraping, PHP, and MySQL. Able to build solutions for complex problems.

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  • Freelancerin watersev profiilikuva
    Excel VB Automation Expert
    223 arvostelua

    Seasoned professional, with 6 years of experience in Excel visual basic automation and 8 years of experience in Excel. Also knowledgeable in data processing and web scraping.

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  • Freelancerin sergeyborodkin profiilikuva
    Excel & Technical Support Expert
    171 arvostelua

    A freelancer who has exceptional skills in helpdesk, network administration and technical support. Also has experience with troubleshooting and windows desktop support.

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  • Freelancerin cgullapalli profiilikuva
    Automation and Excel Specialist
    521 arvostelua

    Reliable professional with experience in MS suites, Latex for equations, creating VBA macros, web scraping, eCommerce platforms, AutoCAD, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

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  • Freelancerin prameswara profiilikuva
    Excel Macro & Formula Expert
    317 arvostelua

    VBA Macro and formula expert with 4 years worth of professional experience. Also highly adept in web scraping, automation, scheduling, data entry, and other Excel functions.

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  • Freelancerin MimiFL profiilikuva
    Freelancer kaupungista Bor, Serbia
    309 arvostelua

    Hi I'm mathematician and software developer with many years of experience.

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Why hire an excel expert? Ever since the release of Microsoft Excel in 1985, this spreadsheet software has been one of the most utilized business tools across all industries. Spreadsheets serve a wide variety of purposes in business from creating budgets, contact lists and forecasting just to name a few. With support from US software giant Microsoft, Excel has achieved a longevity unlike any other spreadsheet software on the market.

In addition to the basic functions found in any spreadsheet software, Excel utilizes a macro programming language called Visual Basic to integrate increased usability into spreadsheets such as the generation of reports in Microsoft Word and increased functionality via Microsoft’s ActiveX DLL.

Skilled Excel programmers can take a plain, unresponsive spreadsheet and create a powerful, responsive form that quickly and accurately relays important data that can be utilized by a business in real time. Excel help for hire on can assist in developing a spreadsheet that perfectly displays and updates your data based on minimal input from the end user. Excel expert help will use his or her vast knowledge of Visual Basic formulas and processes to ensure that your spreadsheet performs to your exact specifications. Securing the services of such an expert can increase your productivity and provide a significant competitive advantage.

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