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D3.js is a javascript library for working with documents based on data by using HTML, SVG, and CSS.
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d3 js adjust existing bar chart Attached are 2 images and a HTML file. HTML file "[osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi]" uses d3 javascript library to make a bar chart with a line connecting the bars. I need you to make the chart look like the "new" image. Changes: 1. the bars are spaced an equal distance apart based on the width of the chart. Dynamic values so if cha... 7 Javascript, D3.js Oct 22, 2017 Tänään6 pv 16 h €20
Workflow Tree Diagram with ReactJS Need to implement Workflow Diagram in my Web App Use on MIT Opened-Sourced Technology Only something similar to: [Preferred Look] React-Diagrams: [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] JointJS: [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] D3: [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] React-D3: [osoite poistettu, kirj... 18 Javascript, node.js, D3.js, React.js, Typescript Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 20171 pv 9 h €172
bathroom planner draw walls to scale drag and drop from library into the floor plan 2d fabricsjs webgl canvas editor 12 PHP, Javascript, D3.js Oct 13, 2017 Oct 13, 2017Loppunut €17
D3js realtime location indicator I need to put a D3js map with several labels must have js good eperience 6 PHP, Javascript, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype, D3.js Oct 13, 2017 Oct 13, 2017Loppunut €50
PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML5, D3.js Sep 26, 2017 Sep 26, 2017Loppunut
Three.js Scene We need a [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] expert to create (or get as close as possible) to creating a scene in [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] that closely matches a comp we've produced in Cinema 4D 21 Javascript, D3.js Sep 24, 2017 Sep 24, 2017Loppunut €1722
Data visualization using d3.js I already have the database set up, and existing data. I'm using html, css and php, mysql using Wampserver on my backend. I need to create 3 graphs based on stored data. 1) Number of visits each user has against average. 2) Number of clicks each user has vs average clicks by all users. 3) Time spent by user vs average. 11 PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML5, D3.js Sep 24, 2017 Sep 24, 2017Loppunut €84
create some sales copy -- 2 Create some sales copy for my website 9 PHP, ASP, CakePHP, Web hosting, D3.js Sep 14, 2017 Sep 14, 2017Loppunut €22
Nativa setup Setup nativa system for source-code solutions 5 .NET, D3.js Sep 14, 2017 Sep 14, 2017Loppunut €115
JS - Three.JS consultant Hourly help for [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] coding in JS. Teamviewer (or else) consultation for help with some issues in [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] like CORS, asynchronous loading of texture and OBJ. 16 Javascript, tietojärjestelmäarkkitehtuuri, D3.js Jul 10, 2017 Jul 10, 2017Loppunut €36
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