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    ...what you need to do: 1.) Choose a design fitting to the niche the store is for 2.) Design a nice looking BRANDED Store 3.) Set up all menus e.g. track my order, affiliate programm etc. 4.) Have experience with branded stores! 5.) Basically everything from start to finish besides product descriptions and products and logos. Write Digital Boom in your

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    The Circuit is done. Now I need someone who can programm a NRF52832 with my requierments. 1. An input signal on a pin has to set the device in pairing mode. If it is allready paired, it has to disconnect. 2. The device has to connect as special HID Device. I can give you the exact Profile. 3. The device has 3 analoginputs. If one of this inputs reaches

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can add the following things to my small JavaFX system: - Connect to MySql database (the code for that I have finished ur needs to be improved) - put in 1 sorting algorithm - put 1 inheritance in the code - put in a function that you can lend something. If you are interested I send the program to you, then you can watch

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    build a programm 4 päivää left

    build a program that will automatically call a list of number with a pre-register message and when the customer clicks 1 he will be redirected to a phone line and if he clicks 2 the conversation will end . timeline : 1 week

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    Record 112 (the one on the left in document) needs to be translated. After this one there is about ~10 more records

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    Programm a smart excel inventory file 22 tuntia left

    Hello Freelancers, Our company furnishes and rents out apartments. Therefore we need to create standardized xls "buying lists" listing all the items we need to order per apartment. We are looking for talented freelancers to program us a smart buying list. your job is to program an xls which can do the following: - item category (bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, corridor, balc...

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    Hello Freelancers, We rent out parking spaces in various locations. In order to optimize the process of renting the parking spaces out on a monthly or yearly bases, we are looking for talented freelancers to program a online based solution to overview parking spaces we offer, choose a parking space, fill out the rental contract, digitally sign it and send it back to us. We want this to happen o...

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    ...needed) using PHP/MySQL. The user is presented with a text area, an input line labelled 'Name' and three buttons labelled, De-Dupe, Save and Load. The user can type or paste lines of text into the textarea. When the De-Dupe button is pressed, any duplicate lines are removed from the textarea. The data is then re-presented to the user. The order of

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    The project consist in modelling a single object, consisting in a gym locker: - CAD file and technical files will be provided for the model. Here the parametric options to include in the 3d model, (each handle will be required to 3d modelled): - Key - Lockable - Handle Han 01 - Knob Han 02 - Handle Han 03 - Handle Han 04 - Handle Han 05 - Handle Han 06 - Handle Han 07 - Knob Han 08 Here the...

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    hi guys, i need a developer who can programm a app for ios and android which is for food delivery between restaurant, fast food stores etc and clients. i can provide a example. thanks samy

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    Hi Aleks, Thanks for helping with this. It will tie in nicely with the LOD A building work too, so makes things simpler for you. Again we are still missing data for roads in the north , which I’m also chasing, but they have provided some existing kerb CAD lines to use as a starter. I think the first thing is to model the roads/line markings already

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    ...manuscript that I will provide in MS word. It is in simple text, and unformatted. I and will need it set up for printing as follows. Formatted on 8.5x11 pages, the text is 112 pages. As a 6x9 book, I estimate that it will format as 250 pages (125 sheets when double sided) PLEASE SUPPLY BID AND TURN-TIME FOR THE FOLLOWING. - 6x9 pages, with text

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    ...data manually. When the program finds and confirms the date, I receive a notification or it is accompanied by some kind of sound. The instructions and opportunities for a programm: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] to [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 2. (must be configurated by user in program) Country / Region - India Diplomatic mission: - Consulate

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    We already have a basic project on 2D for a new apartment that we bought. But we don't have an interior project for that. The apartment is 112 m2, and is empty. We are going to change some walls inside. Variant 3(attached) is the one we are thinking maybe is the best. We want to see how does it work here and how much it cost an interior design project

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    I updated the interface from my software and am currently still missing 2 small graphics. The .psd for [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] exists and you can work off of it. You should have some experience with games (as a player or dev) to be able to create a logically sound layout

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    ...not hesitate to contact me. There are 5 Thai laws that need to be translated. All of them from the 1940s For the Japanese laws it is a little bit different since there are 112 texts but assumably only a few of them are actually about rent control. Therefore the freelancer would have to sort out the relevant laws and only translate them. Since these

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    PrinceIgor74 Loppunut left

    I am looking for specialistes for creating modules for my mobile programm.

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    ...in Japanese and English to translate both a Japanese film and an interview with the director about the film. . The title of the film is 郷愁 (1988). The film is approximately 112 minutes and 53 seconds long (sans end credits) and the interview is 16 minutes long. The videos for the film and interview will be provided, along with the Japanese script for

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    Hi Aleks, It’s Ade again. I have another project if you’re available please? It’s to model 3 buildings to LOD A. They are all new buildings, so fairly basic. We need most building detail (solar panels etc), with similar colour textures, no branding. The model will be used for realtime, so low poly please, and please use the same multi-sub for all

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    Hi Mehedi, for the next project here are 112 pictures to treat.

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    Hello im working on project Irrigation sytem which is controlled with PLC (the brand is not relavant) in project i measure: -temperature (if higher then 25°C then irigation system doesnt work) -moisture (3x moisture sensors), ( if moisture is belowthen 30% system works) -water level in tank (if water is in the tank system works if not it doesnt) On the outputs i have: theee electromagnetic v...

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    I got 2 temperature sensors DHT22 &DHT11 i wont someone to code me programm. The project got 2 temperatures 1 inside a fridge and 1 [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] the temperature go down on the fridge it will send email via wemods d1 a [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] i wont to cheack both temperature when i send email from mobile. The last part is when the arduino power d...

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    Hallo, ich suche jemanden der mir eine Software schreiben kann nach meinen Wünschen um eine kleine 3 Achsige CNC Fräsmaschine zu steuern über Windows. Würde mich freuen wenn es jemand wäre der deutschsprachig ist. Gruss Stefan

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    The sizes of the image needs to be saved in three sizes; 28 x 28 px, 56 x 56px, 112 x 112px, max size of the file is 25kb and they must be PNG files.

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    Ich habe ein Programm mit Livecode erstellt und möchte es überprüfen, verbessern und weiterentwickeln lassen. Parallel dazu möchte ich in Livecode geschult werden.

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    ...sketchup file. Please follow this link to download: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] We are looking for an expert in this programm to finish the rendering and create the following images: 1. Views accross the entire park from each of the 4 corners of the building 2. Closeups of the following features:

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    Wie im Titel beschrieben: Wir erhalten Daten aus einer lokalen API Abfrage und diese müssten in eine exteren Datenbank gespeichert werden. dies muss jede 2-3 Sekunden passieren, da sich die Daten jede Sekunde erneuern. Programmiersprache ist egal (wahrscheinlich C#)

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    The project consist in modelling a full library of 191 objects, consisting in different families: - Lockers; - Front Reception Modules; - Benches and small furniture; CAD file and technical files will be provided for each model. The output files required is Autodesk Revit Files (.RVT), it needs to be parametric based on difference of colour, height, sizes and finishes Any purchase for any...

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    ...documents (in total 128 pages) of pdf into an excel file. The source data is either available in - pdf - unformated excel (transformed automatically from pdf into exel by an OCR programm; here still some date need to be corrected and text to be reformated into numbers) The attached example is a print screen of such a page; the yellow marked area need to be

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    Hi Aleks, It’s Ade from Urban Circus here, long time no speak! I have small job for you please, which is to model 4 buildings to LOD A/B, along with the immediate terrain around them. They are quite small, and 2 of the buildings are just sheds - but there will be some work on custom textures to get as close as possible with the wood/roof tiles etc

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    Mein Projekt ist ein Programm das folgendes kann: Ich habe zwei Bestandskunden Excel-Tabellen. Die eine ist beispielsweiee vom Stand April, die andere vom Stand Mai. Nun benötige ich eine Möglichkeit, die mir Veränderungen in den Listen anzeigt. Wenn zum Beispiel Verträge gekündigt werden, soll mir das dann angezeigt werden. Die Excel Tabelle beinhaltet

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    Need someone who can scan my facebook-group or can provide me a programm/script to do following: I want to know how many people react to the postings of the users with comments or likes by each user cumulated, so i get a better statistic who are the real influencers are in my group in the last 30 / 60 days Need the extract as a table like: Dave A

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    Hi Nimbyist Technologies, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Its about an Email Programm like Thunderbird. best regards,

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    ...applications, which are to be pre-installed in smartphones. 1. SOS Button When user presses this button, then the following actions happen at the same time:- a. Voice Call to 112 Emergency Number b. Loud Alarm Sound for 1 minute c. Rear Camera Video Recording for 5 minutes. Popup Message for user double confirmation before starting SOS function. Option

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    C# programming Loppunut left

    Need a quick fix on a programm

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    I am designing...the Li-Ion would be helpful also. Please see attached power point and picture of bread board prototype. Transmitter coil: RS Stock No. 124-4524 Receiver coil: RS Stock No. 112-0093 Kind regards, Ben. [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions -Section 13:Communication With Other Users]

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    ...a reasonable user interface for the query. EXAMPLE SEARCHES Search for company “[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]” Results: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]@[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 120 engagements [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]@[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 112 engagements [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]@[kirjaudu n&aum...

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    Create a set of 3D low poly characters for a unity game targeting early teenagers demographics and casua...only three basic nude models are needed for each sex (child, youth, adult). Characters should be rigged and skinned. They should also have even lower poly representation for LOD. The attached picture gives an idea of the low poly character style

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    food delivery app Loppunut left

    hi guys, i need a developer who can programm a app for ios and android which is for food delivery between restaurant, fast food stores etc and clients. i can provide a example. thanks samy

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    Webscrapping Loppunut left

    I Need a Programm what I can use as exe on my Computer. Task is to scrap Prices, And Artikel Number of two Special manufacturer from About 12 sites. The data Have to be proven in a Excel sheet. Where i can see from which site the Price is and what for a article.

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    Hi everyone, I am looking for someone to provide a little programm for a windows 10 machine that has a Blackmagic Decklink card with SDI outputs. Bascially I want to programm where I can say "take this and output it through SDI port XYZ on the decklink card". Thinks I want to output are: video clips (mp4, mov, mfx) m3u8 rtmp stream received on nginx

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    ...die selbständig 3D Zeichnungen für Layoutplanungen durchführen kann. Da wir bislang keine weiteren Konstrukteure hierfür haben, muss das Know How reichen, alleine mit dem Programm arbeiten zu können. Fachspezifische Kenntnisse zu den Anlagen sind nicht notwendig und werden vermittelt. Einsatzort ist Nähe Berlin! We kindly ask for people, who are allowed

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    looking for some one who can excute this sample frontend (android) and backend(java or php), show a demo [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    Please watch the video, most should be discribed there! Two examples tho: Number: 1.0 = Actions per Second: A - RightClick Number: 4.0 = Actions per Second: A - RightClick - A - RightClick - A - RightClick - A - RightClick The Clicks and A's should work in the game and if I press other keys it should NOT affect the program at all, it has to keep running. It would be great if you have some ...

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    Hello, I have an programm in C (C99) to sort an Array. I need this program in Java. If you know the basics about C and Java, you can do this in some minutes. So pls stay fair with your offers. Cheers!

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    ...screen and if I press (hold) spacebar. Additional I want 3 fields for numbers: 1. additional leftclicks 2. delay after A 3. delay after Leftclick If the speed is at 1.0 the Programm should trigger in 1 second: A - Leftclick 1. The additional Leftclick should allow to make more leftclicks within the given time to next A 2. / 3. To adjust the delay The

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    Hello, I have an programm in C (C99) to sort an Array. I need this program in Java. If you know the basics about C and Java, you can do this in some minutes. Cheers!

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    Im a new streamer on [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] who recently got his "subscriber" button, subs...make that into an emote somehow. Like a low detail "god" with the letters GOD in the for/bottomground of the picture. The art itself needs to be in 28 x 28px, 56 x 56px and 112 x 112px. Simple job, just 1 picture. Obviously i can further explain it if you feel int...

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    Specifications: - Must have a fast shader that can be practically used. - Must have variable LOD/Distance culling. - Must sway in the wind. - Must support lighting, and shadows realistically. Bonus if you can make the grass bend in response to objects in the scene (even approximately). The work must be original and you must sign off rights to it. I

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