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    - understanding of how $0 brokerage firms work - sources of income, etc - study of current companies offering these services - major focus on usa and uk firms - no generic research- proper understanding of the industry reqd

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    I am looking for a writer to complete an article approx 1,000 words for a website about Sit Stand Desks and other ergonomic products. I am looking for someone who writes in native english, with exceptional grammar, sentence structure etc, and who can research the topic from the provided keywords, title suggestion, competitors articles and brief provided. The website is for Australian consumers, ...

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    Hello. I work with Digital Marketing too. I need partners to create websites for my clients (Contact will only be through me). How will I give you the website: * Already inside the hosting (BlueHost) * Already with wordpress installed * Already with a Premium Theme Purchased, Installed and Activated in wordpress * Already with Google Form Link to Receive Customer Registration What I need you...

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    We want to make tailor chalk for marking on clothes.

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    Need 6 small black and white line drawings created in Illustrator that show how to install a toll reader on windshield of a vehicle. Illustrations should look similar to the attached file. Light shading is okay except on the hands. No need for logo on toll reader.

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    I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built.

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    Lyx assists in including external files by the following steps: - Insert > File > Child Document - Include Type: Input This automatically creates the following Latex code, for example: input{string"Parts/1 Front Matter/Title/[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]string"} However, using the above automatically generated code in ERT in Lyx, the code does not work because it is mi...

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    We’re looking for someone who can take direction from written or spoken ideas and convert them seamlessly into images, layouts and other designs. The successful candidate should have an intimate understanding of how marketing campaigns work, especially in the hospitality sector, to support our clients. We work in a fast-paced environment, so the ideal Graphic Designer will be able to hit the...

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    I’m changing payments platforms and I need someone to migrate my customers

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    Website is: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Tasks: Seo audit my site and return with key information on 1 Queries I rank in the top 10 for 2 with number task explain in simple detail how to improve the rankings for these pages 3 to help over all ranking explain what I need to do to improve the customer experience and achieve number 1 ranking.

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    How to Make a Chalk Loppunut left

    We want to make tailor chalk for marking on clothes.

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    Wind can affect your health(because of dirts, dusts blowed up, pollen, etc) [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Allergies which may cause heart attacks, Symptoms can include: chest pain – the chest can feel like it is being pressed or squeezed and pain can radiate from the chest to the jaw, neck, arms and back shortness of breath feeling weak and/or light-headed overwhelm...

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    Hey I am an artist from Germany. For an art project I need videos in which two people hold 1 min eye contact with each other. The art project is about what and how people feel during that minute. I need videos in which two people are filmed who look directly face to face at each other and hold eye contact for 1 min. Decide from which angle you want the video to be shooted. (Image 1). When one fa...

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    Hello Dear, I have created a website, and now I want to give backlinks to others, and I also put a link to my website, but it is not getting approved, and it is not appearing in Ahrefs But if, I am commenting on someone else's website, then I am getting a quick backlink, but this logic is not working on my website. Why ? And how can I solve this problem?

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    I want someone to fill in the first three steps and the fourth step I enter so I can skip over and get me the subscription icon

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    I need an article for my site. How far can a person see with a Thermal Imaging Camera? I need a standard article with 1500 minimum word count answering the question.

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    have a Mobile Automation Testing need for a React Native App that needs to be automated on the following stack for iOS and Android -Xcode -Java -Detox -VS Code -Xcode Simulator -Direct Device Automation on Android I am also looking to move our existing appium tests to XCUI Framework. Please provide proposal and step for this initiative

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    I am in need of a 2000 word blog article about who to write fantasy novels. I'd like this to be a specialist article, not generic so I'd want a specific field to be chosen within this generic topic. For example an article on how to write characters with mental illness, how to write about character alignments, how to build magic systems, how to create your own deities etc.

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    bid only if u are profesional php developer. coz i know to code in php but i cant fix this i have a gps device and i try to get data to my server via socked i can get the data but problem is coz data is encoded and i cant decode. i have protocol file maybe u can understeand from there so i recive data like this: xx0)&MYPMX▒ZMYZMYZMX▒dMX▒d Y3▒u▒▒iH

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    Need to write a very descriptive yet very interesting post on how to buy a used motorcycle. Do the research - there are several content. Make the notes and arrive at a really organised blog post. No plagiarising please. No negotiating on price - 1000 words post for 600 INR. With bid, please send a small paragraph so I can know the quality of language.

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    We created our retail web site a decade ago. We continue to add products, however need someone to sort the products. As you can see in the photo the years are out of order. The sort function is moderately cumbersome and we don't have easy access to the backend database. /note no payment processing is done on the site. //I have never used this site before and this is a test of how I lik...

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    Hi , My system contain: - Freeswitch server - Sip Client: Web using sipjs , mobile react-native using [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] to receive call. My problem is when call done i need to know the uuid of CDR recently add to Postgres DB of that call to attach some info to that call I try many way but can not success like , write http request to select into postgres DB, but can not fin...

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    I’m looking to hire someone in The U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, South Africa, Jamaica or Puerto Rico to… Write a 25 Page Report on how to write ridiculously good content, plus 4 accompanying worksheets (more on these below) for me to use on my blog. I need this done ASAP (please state how quickly you can get it done) I'm looking for content similar to what you would find in a...

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    Hello, I want to create the basic thread architecture for a QT based application. I have put the main basic code below, you have to provide this code with Threads as specified. Thank you, ===================================================================== class CRegion { private: public: CRegion(); void DoFunction1(); void DoFunction2(); }; class Test { private: std::vecto...

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    how is it??? Loppunut left

    I need a 3D model of something.

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    This is for youtube and I need a 4K video created on "How to Play Bowling" and it consists of the below 5 parts in that video: 1. Basic bowling terms: Bowling lane, Bowling pins, Approach, Gutter 2. Language and terms used in bowling: Strike, Split, Spare, Turkey, Open frame, Bumper, Alley 3. Scoring system 4. Preparation for a bowling game 5. How to play It can be a real person or cart...

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    I need you to write a research article.

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    i want to make my own digital product " how weight loss" in Ebook, audio and video format. how much it will cost?

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    Hello, I am a photographer who is working on a new website rebuild. My current website is with squarespace however I am looking to rebuild with more customization ,and based on my research wordpress seems to be a good option. Here's what I'm looking for: Custom WordPress template based on my own design and also two existing sites I have found. Needs: 6 custom page templates 1 cu...

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    Hello, I am looking for an expert to create a Wordpress plugin which will work with any WordPress website. When a user enters their Instagram username in the area provided, the plugin must then grab the users Instagram profile details such as the profile picture and followers. This is an example of how I want the plugin to look and function: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Contact me for ...

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    I need you to write a research article.

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    Intrested person please send me quatation want to start work urjent basis.

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    Hi I am looking for someone to help me create my Wordpress website. I am starting a rose gold jewelry line and would like to use Shopify. I am not sure how many pages I need at this point. Please let me know how you much charge and if you can be of assistance! Thanks

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    Please read everything below very carefully. Any bid not following all the instructions will be ignored. I have a long-term project which involves writing long-form content (think of 3-10,000+ words guides/resources/how tos etc.) to be published on our website (we are a small translation agency). The readership would be comprised of freelance professional translators, so we are not targeting our...

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    I want to hire an Adobe premier PRO cc expert who can teach me how to change an aspect ratio of a vertical video to 9:16 & horizontal video to 16:9. I want to upload client videos on IG TV & hence want to learn changing aspect ratio of a video. Nothing else. I might hire you in the future for making videos for my social media marketing clients.***********

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    Hey folks, Looking for someone who knows how to make 3D models that are made up of cubes in the game roller smash. Looking for like 20 models as a demo. The game I am making is in Unity3D. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

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    We need two short animated videos 20 - 30 seconds each to explain how the product works and show advantages and how people will use. The products are similar but different, so we need one short animated video for each product. We don't need voice in the background of the video, just some light music and phrases along the video that will help explain the product.

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    We have a medical product that is a gel which is rubbed on the foot and are looking to have a 3d animation made showing what happens at a microscopic level between the gel and the skin of the foot and inside the foot. About 15 seconds long.

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    Looking for an experienced talented video creater who can create a 10 second how to bake a cookie using our cookie mix video.

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    €27 - €227
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    I want to start my own Dropshipping Business and I need someone to guide me on what I need to know before. No Indians!!

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    write between 1000-1500 worded essay critically answering this question in historical terms.

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    Need a ghostwriter to create an ebook about how to speed write and take notes in shorthand. This is an instructional ebook about the benefits of learning shorthand and taking dictation. This project should be about 10,000 words.

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    Hi I need someone to create a video showing how an app works. Video should be 25 seconds. I need something professional, needs to be voice recorded with a native speaker. To apply send me an example of work you have done before. This video will be on youtube.

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    hello how are you Loppunut left

    i need php front end developer

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    Build me a website Loppunut left

    Website Features: The website is intended to serve as a platform that connects between service seekers “Consumes” contractors and service providers “Businesses”. Consumers: • Create a profile and choose among products. • Each product has a list of unique questions that should be created in a sequence format. “Excel attached” will display all produ...

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    Trophy icon How INSO Works Loppunut left

    We are a non-profit that provides safety services to other non-profit in war zones. We need an illustration (for slides and flyers) to show how we work at different levels. We have sketched out our ideas of what it could look like along with some notes in the attached. Please feel free to propose your own ideas/version though. The main points can be read in the illustration brief. You can look at ...

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