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Design a new Logo Please Design a logo with attached PSD Our Company Name is Cashie OUR SLOGAN: The Smarter Loan Choice! Our colour scheme is #f51f8a ----- #15549a Website: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] We need 2 of the 3 attached PSDs included in the logo 1 graafinen suunnittelu, logon suunnittelu Jun 18, 2018 Tänään23 h 51 min €325
Rap Poker game cover art Looking for an illustration from the perspective of a card player. sitting across from him at the table are the likenesses of Drake, Jay Z, J Cole, and Kanye. Not their whole entire face but just kind of the lower half of their [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] should be able to tell who they are. The rest is in the shadows. They have already played their cards and are waiting on the play... 6 graafinen suunnittelu Jun 18, 2018 Tänään20 h 12 min €56
3D-mallinnus, 3D-renderointi, Kuvitus, Illustrator, Photoshop Jun 18, 2018 Tänään17 h 17 min
Design a Logo I need a logo created for my online shop. The name is "Chasing Seas" and i was thinking of having it either in a fancy feminine cursive with either the whole name typed out or using the initials. I want the background to have a sunset or a beach theme. I look forward to seeing your entries! 180 graafinen suunnittelu, logon suunnittelu Jun 18, 2018 Tänään14 h 29 min €17
sales letter writing need several letters for mass mailings. also need letters to have an eye catching, creative design/layout. 3 joukkomainonta, Sisällöntuotanto, graafinen suunnittelu, verkkomainonta, markkinointi Jun 18, 2018 Tänään13 h 56 min €163
Build me a logo I have started a new company- we are launching in the Fintech space. The company is called Monetize and we need a logo for our business cards and other collateral. We would eventually need someone to develop the website design and palette. We want to be seen as disrupting the financial services and travel market, young innovative but someone you can trust. 645 graafinen suunnittelu, Illustrator, logon suunnittelu, Photoshop, verkkosivujen suunnittelu Jun 18, 2018 Tänään8 h 22 min €114
Logo for new medical services business We need a logo and ideally a very basic style guide so that we can go onto develop an online presence, design the website etc. with some [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] this stage just that will be required (although we may also engage for website development once content is ready). We have no preconceived ideas about what we'd like and are open to suggestions. Most of the business ... 0 graafinen suunnittelu, verkkomainonta, logon suunnittelu, markkinointi, verkkosivujen suunnittelu Jun 18, 2018 Tänään2 pv 23 h €159
Website Header Image Vintage Art I need to please have a drawing or computer graphic for my website header image. - The picture will need to be split into thirds. The three sections will have a monkey doing different things. The first one (left) he is riding a skateboard. The second one (middle) he is rummaging through items on the ground in front of him, throwing some in the air as he goes. He is facing the other way with audien... 0 graafinen suunnittelu, Kuvitus, Illustrator, logon suunnittelu, Photoshop Jun 18, 2018 Tänään6 pv 23 h €64
Digitising Cash, in Cash driven society Need a viable, sustainable, low cost solution to convert an ecosystem of people (10 million+ population) from using cash to transforming to digital wallets. Looking for the model/concept to convert hard cash into digital wallet. In principle cash (money) can not be destroyed and therefore not viable. Objective: Replace a traditional bank concept of accepting cash with a new concept thats low c... 0 tekniikka, Geotekninen insinööri, Valmistuksen suunnittelu, Koneenrakennus, tuotesuunnittelu Jun 18, 2018 Tänään9 pv 22 h €86
60 seconds advertising and promotional video for my website, first half of video focuses on why to use my website and second half describes how to use/ guided tour of my website. 1- my website is a knowledge sharing platform available for all languages, you need to explain why to use my website in first 30 seconds of the video and in the second half ofthe video you need to focus on how to use my website like how to create accounts, how to update profile, how to post questions, how to give answers of others questions and other amazing things like ranking within website base... 0 After Effects, Animaatio, Videoeditointi, Videotuotanto, VideoScribe Jun 18, 2018 Tänään29 pv 22 h €8
Complete a brochure We have a partially developed brochure we need completed. The broshure is 8.5x11 and two sides. This will be folded in thirds landscape. 0 Adobe InDesign, Esitteen suunnittelu, Yhtiön identiteetti, graafinen suunnittelu, Photoshop Jun 18, 2018 Tänään6 pv 22 h €9
graphics for a on line training / informational session we are educating the Accounts Payable teams of our clients on the nuances of ocean freight invoices and give our best tips on improving the internal audit process. We will post this on LinkedIn, so it needs to be attention grabbing and the right size for linkedin. (obviously a graphics of some kind - the more unique the better). Our industry is ocean freight transportation 0 graafinen suunnittelu Jun 18, 2018 Tänään6 pv 21 h €111
Design a print ad Design a full page print ad which meets the following specifications (also attached): Full page bleed: 8.4" * 10.6" Full page non-bleed: 7.6" * 9.8" All material must be submitted as (high resolution) PDF/TIFF/EPS files only. All images in the ad should be embedded in 300 dpi, CMYK. The text should read (with Cloud PBX and Amazon Connect in bold): Moving to the Cloud? D... 1 Mainossuunnittelu Jun 18, 2018 Tänään6 pv 21 h €64
Esitteen suunnittelu, Käyntikortit, Esitteiden suunnittelu, graafinen suunnittelu, logon suunnittelu Jun 18, 2018 Tänään29 pv 21 h
My Logo Needs Animating I need someone to animated the logo of my production company. I want the kid to try and run away, but the "2" in the logo snatching the kid by his backpack. I also need another version where the text is changed to "A 2Eager Production" Feel free to add sound effects and/or music Don't hesitate to message me with any questions 0 2D Animation, Adobe Flash, After Effects, Animaatio Jun 18, 2018 Tänään6 pv 20 h €26
Counterfeit Clothing I need a logo designed for a clothing company. Would like logo to be neutral coloured so it can be Incorporated into multiple different colours. Image must be vector so it can be manipulated. 0 graafinen suunnittelu, Illustrator, logon suunnittelu, Photoshop Jun 18, 2018 Tänään6 pv 19 h €57
Build A Website I would like a simple one page website where I can sell an aerial photo service. The product I am selling is an aerial photo of your home. The page will include a brief description of my product and service and then a drop down menu box where the user can enter their post code and purchase the service immediately. The user has the option of ordering three products in the drop down menu 1. file ... 0 graafinen suunnittelu, HTML, verkkosivujen suunnittelu Jun 18, 2018 Tänään4 pv 19 h €43
Develop labels for tea pouches I need two version of labels in two languages (English and German) for tea pouches. - Please use the attached texts (Word document). - Please incorporate the attached logos for Assam tea and Darjeeling tea - Please look at the photo of the tea pouches (black). The label should blend in with the pouches. - The pouches will be unfilled when the labels are stuck on. - The maximum size of the lab... 0 Kannet ja pakkaus, graafinen suunnittelu, logon suunnittelu, Photoshop Jun 18, 2018 Tänään13 pv 18 h €25
graafinen suunnittelu, Photoshop, Paperitavaran suunnittelu Jun 18, 2018 Tänään6 pv 18 h
Impress me! Style this Bootstrap Application/Dashboard with CSS/Javascript Up to 4 winners will be awarded for this contest! I have a basic layout of an Application, using a Bootstrap grid system, some styling (for illustration purposes only you can remove it). I am looking for some cool CSS Skins that I can apply. CSS transitions are important. The final CSS Skins need to look good on Mobile as well (bootstrap takes care of most of it). FOLLOW THE [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] file for more project details. 0 CSS, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery / Prototype, tietojärjestelmäarkkitehtuuri Jun 18, 2018 Tänään6 pv 18 h €43
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