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$30 USD / hour
Maan VENEZUELA lippu
caracas, venezuela
$30 USD / hour
Aika on tällä hetkellä 11:13 ip. täällä
Liittynyt tammikuuta 16, 2011
2 Suosittelee

Marco R.


4,8 (15 arvostelua)
$30 USD / hour
Maan VENEZUELA lippu
caracas, venezuela
$30 USD / hour
100 %
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100 %
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3D Certified Professional Designer

3D Designer, proficient in CAD design since 1995 on AutoCAD®, Autodesk 3Ds MAX® Authorized Developer (ID: DEVR748), VR content developer under official affiliation of VRWorks™ and GameWorks VR™ Registered Developer Program by NVIDIA. We are known for the quality of our work, professional project management, and competitive pricing; where highlights projects for the Oil and Gas industry, Medical & Healthcare, as well as several projects Architecture, Engineering and Real Estate Industry. We are architecturally trained, so unlike many of our competitors we have an in-depth understanding of what our clients are looking to achieve. Our studio offers wide variety of visualization services to its clients - everything from architectural and product visualizations to Virtual Reality and XR contents. Visualizations produced by Marco Romero 3D Design Studio will significantly aid your marketing efforts, save time, costs and help with getting your project, product or idea sell. The power to visualize things that don't exist yet is invaluable. Service Description: - Virtual Reality content development. - 360º Tours & Panoramas. - 3D/VR/AR/MR Assets content creator. - Android / iOS video games. - Autolisp, MaxScript, ActionScript, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, VRML, C++, C# - 2D/3D CAD Drafting and Design. - 3D Modeling, Mapping, Rigging, Motion Capture and Animation. - 3D Print models / figurines / Prototyping. - Product Visualization. - Stereoscopic images and animation. - Photomontage / Video editing and compositing. - Visual FX (Dreamscape, RealFlow, FumeFX). - 3D Architectural Interior / Exterior Visualization. - 3D Architectural Animation, Flight-thru and Walkthrough. Freelance and Commissions Terms: 1.- The client must provide all specs of its project by written. 2.- I offer a quotation stating the development time and the final price. 3.- Once quotation approval, is required to release of 50% upfront payment for website and professional fees. 4.- Each project is unique, and developed according to all client specs. 5.- All copyrights are transferred to the client once makes its final payment. 6.- My work is guaranteed, if you need to make any correction or further amendment gladly will be developed. Payment Terms: - Preference for fixed-price projects - Half down payment and final payment after project completion. - Less than $4K - 50% upfront, 50% on completion. - Between $4K and $8K - 30% upfront, 40% on mid project, 30% on completion. - Over $8K - 25% upfront, 25% on 1st phase of project, 25% on 2nd phase, 25% on completion. - Once final payment is made all work becomes exclusive copyright of client for full usage. I strive to provide the highest level of service. I will work with your specifications, content and desires to create the best product and deliver the highest level of service. I will customize both bids and service to the specific job and work diligently toward your desired goals.

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$300,00 AUD
I would never go to any other freelancer, Marco's work is outstanding and really professional. Im so happy with what i got for a fair price
3D Modelling
Käyttäjän avatar
Maan  lippu Danny G.
9 vuotta sitten
$50,00 USD
I'm very happy with the artwork Marco produced. Great quality at great speed... and good communications too. Many thanks!
3ds Max
3D Modelling
Käyttäjän avatar
Maan  lippu Tom H.
11 vuotta sitten
$750,00 USD
Very great with details and is willing to tweak as much as it takes. Great experience!
3D Rendering
3D Modelling
3D Animation
Käyttäjän avatar
Maan  lippu Kevin M.
11 vuotta sitten
$250,00 USD
The character I commissioned Marco to complete, is absolutely beautiful. He is very professional and really fosters a spirit of collaboration. Will definitely work with him again.
3D Rendering
3D Modelling
Maan  lippu Michael H.
11 vuotta sitten
$500,00 USD
Excellent artist, which we can 100% recommend.
3D Modelling
Käyttäjän avatar
Maan  lippu Rainer D.
11 vuotta sitten


3ds Max Architecture Certified Instructor

Instituto de Computacion Grafica Arts
toukok. 2009 - Voimassa
Architectural projects visualization, interior design and civil works. Three-dimensional environment. Images and highly realistic animations. Flight-thru and Walk-through animations. Viewing and creating volumes, materials and architectural details. Import 3D models from AutoCAD. 3D modeling, materials, textures, cameras, lighting, rendering and animation. Autodesk Certificate, Autodesk 3Ds MAX Advanced Course. Issue Organization: Autodesk +58(212)2663016

3D Design team manager

CastilloMax Oil & Gas C.A.
huhtik. 2014 - heinäk. 2014 (3 kuukautta, 1 )
3D Design team leader of "OPTIMAX" 3D Project (Version 1.0), presented at 21st World Petroleum Congress (Moscow - June 2014) and Latin American Petroleum Expo (Maracaibo - July 2014). Virtual Reality content development for the oil industry in the area of ​​research and development for transport and storage of oil, gas and derivatives.

3D Designer

ArquiServ C.A.
toukok. 2009 - jouluk. 2010 (1 , 7 kuukautta)
Advanced computer graphics for architectural projects and product visualizations, designers, builders, developers, engineers and investors. +58(0212)7934484


3DS Max Certified Professional Instructor

Venezuela 2009 - 2015
(6 vuotta)


Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela 1993 - 2000
(7 vuotta)


3DS Max 2015 Certified Professional

3DS Max 2015 Certified Professional Nº 00416650 Issue Organization: Autodesk Date: 22/05/2015

3DS Max 2014 Certified Professional

3DS Max 2014 Certified Professional Nº 359311 Issue Organization: Autodesk Date: 09/05/2014

3DS Max 2013 Certified Professional

3DS Max 2013 Certified Professional Nº 324105 Issue Organization: Autodesk Date: 17/10/2013


El Portafolio Digital Arquitectnico

Cumulative Index of Computer Aided Architectural Design.
Paper 2432

Utilizacin y desarrollo de aplicaciones multimedia para la presentacin de proyectos en la Internet

Cumulative Index of Computer Aided Architectural Design.
Paper 505c


IV Ibero-American Congress of Digital Graphics (SIGraDi2000)
CONSTRUINDO N(O) ESPACIO DIGITAL: Anais do IV Seminario Ibero-Americano de Grafica Digital. Jose Ripper Kos, Andrea Pessoa Borde, Diana Rodriguez Barros. / Rio de Janeiro: UFRJ/PROURB 2000. ISBN:85-88027-02-X Pag. 274 - 276


1 Venezuelan Conference Application of Computers in Architecture (CONVEACA 1999)
1 Venezuelan Conference Application of Computers in Architecture (CONVEACA 1999). Area: "Nuevas Fronteras". Gustavo J Llavaneras S., Enssa Negron, Editores. Pag. 157 - 161 Caracas - 1999

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