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rajshahi, bangladesh
$23 USD / tunti
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Zulfiquar A.


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$23 USD / tunti
rajshahi, bangladesh
$23 USD / tunti
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I'm a University professor and researcher with a Ph.D. degree in Cyber ethics and criminal investigation. I have degree on comparative English Language and Culture. I have been working as a copywriter and freelance writer for the last 12 years. I have written thousands of articles, essays and short stories. I wrote 10 text books. I have also worked on rewriting on legal, medical issues, entertainment, retirement, and financial and commercial topics. I have written several books in English and Bengali. I love writing in different styles (Harvard, MLA, APA, AMA, Chicago, Turabian etc.) and on diff erent topics, adapting my style to suit the topic and audience. I deliver quality work on time and on budget, ensuring that your projects remain on schedule and I will always keep you informed and be responsive to your requirements and preferences. I have an "Academic Research Center" with a group of 150 writers, highly qualified and experienced in English language and IT and computer. As a university professor, I all posses the vital instinct of inquisitiveness for, when the unknown confronts me, I wonder and my inquisitiveness makes me probe and attain full and fuller understanding of the unknown. This aims to ensure the delivery of high quality research, to safeguard all stakeholders, to meet the requirements of relevant funding bodies and to manage risk in relation to research misconduct. The following multi-disciplinary research projects have been properly done: 1. Loss of Biodiversity in Padma River Basin by Construction of Farrakka Barrage: An Appraisal to Climate Change 2. Information Technology in India compared with China and Nigeria 3. Does the strengthening of the role of the European Parliament address the alleged 'democratic deficit' in the EU? 4. Drug Legalization in Netherlands: Cultural Patterns 5. Identify and illustrate one process you have used to deal with a specific problem or difficult situation(s) in your life. In other words, explain your process for resolving a specific problem 6. Movie comparison: Cape fear 1 and 2 7. Gas Price Increasing and Alternative Energy Sources 8. What forms of gender inequality emerge in the context of the industrial revolution and why and Gender inequality/Temple Wage 9. A Reaction Paper on Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor 10. Employee Termination in the Hospitality Industry 11. Description Issues in Media and Culture 12. The Powers of the President 13. The Evolution of the Skyscraper: Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building (1899) Vs. The Seagram Building (1957) 14. Is punishment or rewarding more powerful in motivation employees? Discuss this question, referring to at least three specific management theories and considering the historical context in which these ideas were developed or adopted. 15. History - World War 2 Cause and Effect 16. Collaboration Engineering Opportunity Interview Protocol: The Online Bookstore 17. Emotions and Communication of arranged marriages in China 18. Religion in custody case 19. Evaluating Eligibility Rules 20. The police use of force in the United States and how it is used and abused 21. What issues of national identity and/or citizenship are you interested in? What methods will you adopt to study these issues, and why? 22. Parking price problem in Arizona State University 23. International relations: the "ripeness" of a negotiation 24. Critically examine equity theory for its effective application 25. The roles of NGO's have significant impacts on elite and public opinion, generating human rights movements to the point where they become prominent and influential in domestic culture and politics 26. What are we doing to solve the problem of obesity? 27. Water Today 28. Compare Candide and Utopia 29. Economics and Nursing 30. Inclusion of Special Education Students 31. Risk Communication Plan on Coal bed methane 32. The Evolution of American Urban Society 33. Outline and critically evaluate geo-demographic segmentation strategies and consider why other segmentation techniques might be applied in consumer markets 34. Rise of Agriculture & Climate 35. Business Ethics 36. Impact and Role of Superior Courts: Bangladesh Supreme Court

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Associate Professor

Department Of Law, Rajshahi University
tammik. 2001 - Voimassa
EMPLOYMENT RECORDS July 2012 - to date : Teaching as an Associate Professor, Department of Law & Justice, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh Key Duties and Responsibilities: To carry out properly of teaching duties assigned by the Head of the Department, including lecturing, tutoring, examining, clinical work and supervision of postgraduate students. To conduct assigned undergraduate and graduate courses and seminars. To participate in continuing education courses is also included when these are orga



University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh 2002 - 2007
(5 vuotta)


University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh 1998 - 1999
(1 )

LLB (Hons)

University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh 1995 - 1998
(3 vuotta)



EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS PhD : Institute of Bangladesh Studies (IBS), Rajshahi University, Bangladesh, 2007 entitled 'Growth of Uses of Computer Network and Internet in Bangladesh: Cyber Law Related Challenges and Responses'. LLM : First Class with First Position, (63.4% Marks/ Agrani Bank Gold Medalist for Securing Faculty First Position), Faculty of Law, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh, 1999. Major Courses: Criminology, Human Rights, Law of Succession and Law of International Organizations. LLB (Honours) : First Class with First Position, (63.55% marks/ Agrani Bank Gold Medalist for Securing Faculty First Position), Faculty of Law, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh, 1998. Major Courses: Jurisprudence, Development of Law and Legal Institutions in Indian Sub-Continent from 1757-1947, Muslim Law, Tort and Contract Act, Roman Law and Hindu Law, Labour and Industrial Law, International Law, Constitutional Law of Bangladesh, U.K. and U.S.A., Equity, Trust, Specific Relief Act and Transfer of Property Act, Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act, Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code, Law of Evidence and Registration, Local Government and Administrative Law, Mercantile Law, Land Laws of Bangladesh and Public Demand Recovery Act and Comparative Law.


Analysis of Pro-revolutionary Prospect in the Status of Internet and Communication Technologies in Syria" in Book IT Adaptation and Adoption for Organizational Transformation in the Arab World

IGI Global, USA
BOOK CHAPTER 1. Ahmed, Zulfiquar. (2013). "Proliferation of Internet and Multi-Level Marketing in Bangladesh: A Deciphering Conflict Raises Legal Trends and Cyber Era" in Book Marketing in the Cyber Era: Strategies and Emerging Trends, Ed., Ali Ghorbani, IGI Global, USA. 2. Ahmed, Zulfiquar. (2013). "Analysis of Pro-revolutionary Prospect in the Status of Internet and Communication Technologies in Syria" in Book IT Adaptation and Adoption for Organizational Transformation in the Ar

Bangladesh Labour Law

National Law Book Company
4. Ahmed, Zulfiquar. (2009). A Text Book of Government and Politics & Election Laws of Bangladesh, Dhaka: Kamrul Law Book House. 5. Ahmed, Zulfiquar. (2012). Bangladesh Labour Law, Dhaka: National Law Book Company. (In Press) 6. Ahmed, Zulfiquar. (2012). Interpretation of Statute & General Clauses Act, 1897, Dhaka: National Law Book Company. (In Press) 7. Ahmed, Zulfiquar. (2012). Artha Rin Adalat Ain 2003 (Money Loan Court Act, 2003), Dhaka: Muhit Publications. (In Press) 8. Ahmed, Zulfiqua

A Text Book on Cyber Law in Bangladesh

National Law Book Company
3. Ahmed, Zulfiquar. (2009). A Text Book on Cyber Law in Bangladesh, Dhaka: National Law Book Company

A Text Book of the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006

Shams Publications
2. Ahmed, Zulfiquar. (2007). A Text Book of the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006, Dhaka: Shams Publications.

A Hand Book of Computer & Law

Parisha Publications.
1. Ahmed, Zulfiquar. (2006). A Hand Book of Computer & Law, Rajshahi: Parisha Publications.

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