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    6 headshots need to be converted into cartoon headshots

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    Trophy icon Need a Character Logo Designer 2 päivää left

    I am looking to get a cartoon vector character with this style I am attaching The person standing In front of the car is the original image which needs to be created in the style I am attaching Urgent project

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    Health Diagram 6 päivää left

    Hi, I am looking for a content creator...visual diagram that shows women the different positions of how to properly breastfeed babies. My requirements are the following: 1. (3) different diagrams that provide titles, cartoon images, and descriptions of how to breastfeed properly from each position. 2. Diagrams must be professional and hold aesthetics.

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    Trophy icon Crypto cartoon 6 päivää left

    Hello! I need someone to turn me into a cartoon. I would like to be the austronaut giving a thumbs up. Also with a few crypto flags on the moon. Dogecoin, etherium, Bitcoin, safemoon, and Shiba Inu. I also do like the red market arrow there. I appreciate whoever makes this happen for me! But don’t make it look too colorful. I like the colors on those

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    Somos un nuevo equipo en una compañía, queremos tener un diseño disruptivo de nuestro equipo con sus integrantes. La compañía donde trabajamos se llama Beliv

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    设计公司企业logo 6 päivää left

    ...pass the trademark registration. Requirements: (two options) 1. Pattern 2. Design with the word "red silver" Style: texture, simplicity; Don't be complicated and cartoon Color: mainly red; Theme: the pattern can have nothing to do with our industry; In addition, we also need four items VI design: notebook, flag, work clothes, business

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    48 tarjoukset looking at those shadows. Once awarded, I will need the winning illustrator to add some copy and branding, which I will let you know once awarded. This should not be a “cartoon” or caricature, but instead in the style of the image attached. Thanks in advance- hope you can help!...

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    i want cartoon animation video for web series

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    Hello! I would like a simple drawing that's like the "Dumb and Dumber" png, (but better lol) and the other two photos is what my terrible drawing is inspired by. What I want to do is create a professional youtube avatar for my friend and I in one drawing, if someone actually makes a drawing, I can't pay to much, probably 10 dollars at the current moment but I can find other opt...

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    Trophy icon Cartoon Caricature of a Bull 3 päivää left

    I'm looking for original artwork that's a caricature of a bull. The bull should be looking directly forward, the eyes and mouth should be somewhat larger and more exaggerated than on an actual bull. The facial expression the bull is making should be one of surprise and a slight bit of discomfort. The focus of the caricature should be on the bull's face, horns, and shoulders. The e...

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    3D cartoon of myself 5 päivää left

    I saw this big YouTuber faze banks post this project of this kid that does 3D cartoons of people and was wondering if anyone can make me that. I know how to edit...that does 3D cartoons of people and was wondering if anyone can make me that. I know how to edit videos with Filmora but it would be lit if any of you boys can do me a 3d cartoon of myself

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    3D character 5 päivää left

    I want to create two 3D character based on real photo like attached files (exaggerated eyes and kind of cartoon character). face rigged 3D character will be an asset.

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    In this project I provide an image (cartoon I made for my kid) where the cartoon is looking up to the sky. The job here is to modify the image to increase head inclination by bending the neck naturally (without disturbing the rest of the drawing), so it looks more directly to the sky (since I added too little angle for my taste). I provide the image

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    I need an animator 5 päivää left

    Toon boom/ cartoon animator for a YouTube series in the attached file style.

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    I’m currently writing a book which is divided into text and comics or illustrations, and i need someone experienced in designing characters and comics to illustrate the ideas i need in my book. The book will be around 150 pages, half of which will be illustrations. The comics will be A 4-6 panel short story that goes side by side with the text on the next page, so each comic will have a diff...

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    I would like to make an animated cartoon video as my Save the date Video

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    Trophy icon Super Hero Us 3 päivää left

    I am looking to create full body cartoon super hero characters of my self and my business partner. I want the cartoons to be recognisably us ( see attached photos) I am looking for full color cartoons that will stand out on any background I am looking for one or two of us together and 3 or 4 each of us alone in power poses I really do not want

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    cartoon animation and video editing 4 päivää left

    need interns video editing and animating we are a startup and looking for serious peoples work is to make animated videos of 1-2 mins for you tube intro 25 video=700rs

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    10 tarjoukset

    I need a book cover for a book about working in the travel industry. You can use the working tile for now “A Pirates Life for Me” with the subtitle “Working at the most magical place in Europe”. I want a cartoonish style. I have attached the image of some covers I like but I am very open to suggestions. I have also attached the ride posters from the rides I worked on so i...

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    Trophy icon Investor Image 4 päivää left

    Here is an example of an idea. Feel free to come up with something else. I see this as a cartoon of sorts. 1. Investor seated at a restaurant and the head waiter serving a dish which is a 10K document. 2. Pullback to the owners making sure every one of their fancy customers are enjoying their meals of 10K documents. Everything is neat and orderly

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    cartoon animation 3 päivää left

    we are a startup and need an intern for cartoon animation for youtube videos we dont have much to pay [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    Intro to youtube videos about 10 sec. 3 päivää left

    [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (What I want) The first 10sec is something I want using my face turning it into a cartoon character. My channel is this so take a look. Thanks [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] My Channel

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    12 vector images 3 päivää left

    Need 12 vector images, 11 to be based off of less detailed pre-existing, less detailed images, the last to be based on a hand drawn schematic, 7 of which are based on a cartoon fox

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    i need cartoon illustration designer 3 päivää left

    i need cartoon illustration designer i have a project need to done nice cartoonly perfectly any work can help me please

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    Cartoon drawing graphic design 3 päivää left

    To create a cartoon drawing of a indian girl wearing jewellery (bridal) of a coming soon post

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    45 tarjoukset
    Trophy icon Funny cartoon with caption 3 päivää left

    I need a cartoon for a women's career magazine. It needs to be funny with the caption. It must not have a gender bias. The readers will be working Indian women, aged 20-45 years, working in science and tech. The cartoon must be relevant to the readers.

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    I have a story, I need it to be portrayed into some cartoon or non text form or in form of some [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] story has some inspirational message

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    7 tarjoukset

    I need a story to be expressed via cartoon, so need someone who can portrait the story

    €75 (Avg Bid)
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    16 tarjoukset

    Animation for childrens cartoon content.

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    Create simple adobe animate characters 1 päivä left

    I need a professional designer (2D) ( adobe animate) to create simple cartoon characters in adobe animate, create sceines , animate the video.

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    15 tarjoukset
    Cartoon illustration 1 päivä left

    Cartoon characters for weight loss and exercise, with cartoon images of our products,total about 120 similar products.

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    75 tarjoukset
    Dimensiones 1 päivä left

    Exploración de las posibilidades graficas e ilustrativas del estilo cartoon con una temática orientada en los espacios como modificadores de conducta

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    9 tarjoukset
    My Poems number 1 1 päivä left

    I have written a number of poems and i am interested in putting them together with cartoon style characters, ultimately each poem will be produced in a book form with a different cartoon on each page but with the same character but in different situations each time, initially I am just looking for one poem that has 8 lines, so an image for each line

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    45 tarjoukset
    Concept Artist 23 tuntia left

    We need a concept artist who can work on the design of scenery and characters for a 2D game. We are looking for a Japanese adult animation style, we are not looking for a cartoon (childish) or realistic style.

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    35 tarjoukset
    Trophy icon Picture/Graphic created 16 tuntia left

    I would like a picture created that has a woman n...holding a mirror in the other hand so she can see what she is doing. Maybe have a couple of kids at her feet. I'm not too fussed on the style as in it can be realistic, a cartoon or anything as long as you can clearly see what is happening. Happy to answer any questions to clarify what I'm after :)

    €6 (Avg Bid)
    9 työtä

    ...Foo Foo is not the actual unedited photo. - The character could be a drawing or caricature (example logos: Burts Bee's, KFC, Mountaineer Brand. These logos all have little cartoon drawings of characters). - Or it could be more photorealistic, but should still be more like a painting or drawing than a photo (example logos: Bob's Red Mill, Aunt Jemima

    €107 (Avg Bid)
    130 työtä

    Our client wants to take a voice recording which is about 30 minutes and turn it into a video with slides and a cartoon character speaking the lines, and also edit the voice for effect. Can you do all of these creative steps??? This could be a fun job, it is non commercial and we have a limited budget. Since these get a lot of replies, just start

    €112 (Avg Bid)
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    35 tarjoukset

    I am planning to start a YouTube channel to offer positive news in this negative filled w...problem dramas. Should be courage to face society. Able to produce atleast two to three videos per week. I am ok if the person is ready to face camera or just use Avatar or Cartoon. nice to have Journalists experience or curious to grow as top Journalists.

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    Trophy icon Graphic Design 12 päivää left

    I would like a digital image that I can use to put on products. The image can be cartoon-ish or logo-ish in design, I am more concerned with the contents being represented in a way that looks good. I would be happy to have a conversation with any potential designer about specific designs if they would appreciate more specific guidance. The important

    €41 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Branding Design 2 päivää left

    Brand name: Trouser Tornado. About brand: Clothing and merch. Dynamic eye catching designs suitable for print, embroidery,...and merch. Dynamic eye catching designs suitable for print, embroidery, and web. MUST include pants AND a tornado. This is to be a light hearted design that catches the eye. Cartoon mascot or logo. The mood is shits and giggles.

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    3D Models, Animations, and VFX 41 päivää left

    Looking for talented 3D model artists and VFX specialists to work with for the long ...modelling -Experienced in 3D rigging & animation -Experienced in VFX -Use Unreal Engine -Use Blender -Good with character models -Good with environment designs -Good with both cartoon and anime styles -Quick delivery and fast communication -Hiring 10 or more workers

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    we are cookies business and our brand name is " RAMPI & TAMBI " we need two cartoon characters as follow specifications: - two cute squirrels male and female. - wearing clothes -funny personality, lovely, positive and energic -not for kids only.. should be acceptable for adults also

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    ilustrador personajes cartoon 164 päivää left

    ...personajes cartoon. preciso que sea dibujo a lápiz luego digitalizado con buena tendencia en el colorizado, realizando de esta forma que parezca una imagen 3d. Preferentemente freelancer en idioma español, ya que de esa forma nos podemos comunicar mejor para los requerimientos de cada personaje. Se valora que cuente con portafolio cartoon con buen colorizado

    €25 - €206
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    €25 - €206
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    Trophy icon Looking for cartoon animator 3 päivää left

    Draw 3 main characters - see details in attached file MUST READ AND DRAW TO INFO IN FILE TO BE CONSIDERED. Some entries have been rejected as they obviously did not read characters in file. PBS format style children's show teaching art appreciation and culture to age group 8-12. Cast is an anthropomorphic trio traveling through the great centers of history and culture. Well mannered, mild hu...

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    ilustrador grafico 174 päivää left

    Necesito ilustrador de dibujos animados estilo cartoon, que sepa dibujar y digitalizarlos con buen colorido. Estaria interesado en hispanohablantes y que cuenten con portafolio de ilustraciones de estilo 3d cartoon.

    €25 - €206
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    €25 - €206
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    ilustrador de cartoon 150 päivää left

    Hola buenas tardes, busco un ilustrador profesional en el rubro cartoon. Es para desarrollar personajes y entornos visuales para videojuego. Estaria interesado solo en hispanohablantes y con portafolio de ilustraciones, que sean dibujadas y luego vectorizadas con buena estética de colorizado.

    €25 - €206
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    €25 - €206
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