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We believe that style, function, marketability, and substance are all equally important. Furthermore, we understand that a website is the most visible part of your business. In the past web development agencies focus was on functionality or "cool stuff" without thought to the actual user experience. User-Experience Design principals and Information Architecture Development methodology which have been prevalent for decades in the software industry have only been recently co-opted into web services. We know how hard it is to find an agency that truly understand these principles to better fulfill your vision. At Zinnia Solutions we strive to strike a balance, which is why we started this agency. We take the time to get know your business to enable us to create beautiful websites and applications that simply work and fit into your business objectives. In addition to our design and web development services, we also offer internet marketing services. Our support team can handle all your email hosting, technical support, and website updates. We have the expertise to achieve your online business goals. Zinnia Solutions' Executive Team has had the pleasure of working with many local Philadelphia businesses as well as national brands, non-profits, and government agencies. We've been lucky enough to have been a part of creating websites for a myriad of different industries.

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