Apples4Newtons is a new age Career Mentoring program

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Apples4Newtons is a new age Career Mentoring program, enabling you to identify and nurture the passion and create career choices accordingly. Apples 4 Newtons has designed this extensive application with inputs from leading psychologists, Academicians from global universities, hundreds of professionals from various industries and career counsellors. Apples 4 Newtons enables the kid a world of opportunities; Your kid can choose a course and understand which career options are available or they can choose a career and understand the options of courses mapped for the career and above all, they can get the list of colleges offering the course- City Wise/ State wise!

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We, Aims at creating solutions with Design as the prime focus and co-create innovative solutions with the clients. We works with the best of the minds in the IT industry from across World Wide. We believe in empathizing with the Client- understand the end user’s behavior and usage patterns and weave a solution around the product, making it more customer centric with great design detail. We have built in a strong technology team with expertise ranging from Business Intelligence, Data analytics, Code Masters, Design Expertise, Robotics & Electronics with professionals with prior stint and current working experience with various technology firms and research firms.

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