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Files Crawler

Files Crawler is tool developed using Pentaho Kettle and serves as an entry point for the data processed. It could automatically download files from several different sources - ftp/sftp servers, direct http requests, emails and etc. Status and progress of the files being downloaded is tracked into a supporting database. Picture shows the jobs that handles the emails extraction.

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I am a Data Warehouse (DWH) expert with solid knowledge and proven experience. I have 12+ years within the Business Intelligence (BI) field and I've worked on a different type of DWH projects: from small ones to medium sized and large scale solutions. My core competences are DWH and ETL design and implementation, but I have no fear to create complex charts and dashboards. Over the years I've gained experience of various DWH/ETL/BI tools and technologies like: Teradata, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Pentaho BI, Microsoft BI (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), and many others. I'm looking for challenging DWH, ETL or BI projects.

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