Garments Merchandising Management System Garments Merchandi

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Garments Merchandising Management System Garments Merchandi

This is a project for the Bengal Knittex Ltd. (A sister concern of Bengal Airlift Ltd.) To manage merchandising department, Order Receive, Processing, Costing, Fabric Test and Consumption information and generate report for different users(Admin, Merchandiser, others), and show the current conditions of a particular order such as buyer, supplier, . It can forecast a new order's fully merchandising part.

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I have more than 8+ years’ experience in Information/IT Security and in total around 13+ years’ practical job experiences in IT sector. Over the last few years, I was one of the key member of Information Security Team and successfully implemented SOC (Security Operation Center), Anti-Advance Persistent Threat & Network Behavior Analysis, Data Leakage/Loss Prevention, SIEM (Security Information & Event Management), User Behavior Analysis, PAM (Privilege Account Manager), Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing tool, etc. Also be the evaluating member of Enterprise Proxy, 2FA, Secured VPN solution, etc. I have also developed vulnerability assessment tool for mobile app, phishing simulation tool for user awareness, email log analysis tool. I am actively involved in incident management, digital forensic investigation, VAPT along with leading my team.

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