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RECIPE FOR A VOICE TO MAKE YOUR MESSAGE CONNECT: -1 lb. Warm -2 cups Friendly -1/2 lb. Believable -1 cup Authoritative -3 tbsp. High Energy -2 tbsp. Natural -1 cup Commanding -1/2 cup Genuine -1/2 cup Conversational -1/4 cup Deep and Resonant Shane Wilson can mix those ingredients in any combination you wish! He can also sprinkle in a mixture of humor and character voices as needed to insure your message is HEARD! Shane has a versatility unmatched in the industry. Whether you need "amped up" for that monster truck show promo, "middle of the road" for that audiobook or instructional video, or "toned down" for the luxury car commercial, look to Shane Wilson to provide the right read for the right message. Find out more by visiting http://www.ihearvoicesonline.com

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How can you keep your customers informed about your products and services while they're on hold? How can you keep the attention of your employees or customers when introducing them to the newest item in your product line......and how to use it? What will keep your product or service at the top of the consumer's mind when they hear your message? What keeps a "reader" compelled to keep going through your entire audiobook? ANSWER: The right voice! For over 20 years, I Hear Voices has provided the right voice for radio and TV stations, audiobook producers and authors, production houses, advertising agencies, businesses large and small, and anyone who needs someone who can communicate and connect with their audience!

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