1993 Vector animation program

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1993 Vector animation program with many innovations, that are still untouched by others. Although never updated to current visual standards. It's my first Object oriented C++ project and Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library, presented till today, to make proof of know-how. I can provide the executable to be checked and willing to sell the rights of the code for low money if required to win project. It's Fast(everything works in real time) and reliable... We can see previous and/or next frames in color. while editing and play several animations all at the same time.

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Know-how to build reliable object oriented software. More than 25 years building high quality software and solving bugs/wrong logic in pre-existing systems. That experience permits me to have exceptional quality standards in the following: AREAS OF EXPERTISE • Software Architecture Analysis / Design / Programming • OOP • C / C++ • Multi-threading • Network communications • N-Tier • Client / Server • Professional Broadcasting • Database • ATM Payment Systems My code is small, fast and reliable without compromising understanding. Mostly done in C++ but used many programming languages(C, Java, Delphi, ...) and frameworks(Boost, STL, ffmpeg, MainConcept, ...), basically what is necessary to do a good job, and make the client happy.

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