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BSC Diwakar Singh Dinkar Flat No - 202, Prangan Tower, Ramprastha Greens, Sector - 9, Near Judges Colony, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010, India ________________________________________ Career Objective To create a distinct mark in SAP, CRM related arenas by going that extra mile via, proven qualities of the Strength of Motivation, a "NEVER-SAY-QUIT" attitude, an inner urge to take up challenges through to Victory, Team Management, Interpersonal Skills, a "Feel Young Mentally" factor and the trust in "IF SOMEONE ELSE CAN DO IT, I TOO CAN" concept. Analytical, Multi-task oriented, Drive to surpass goals, Meeting deadlines, Time management. Professional Highlights ü Worked on SAP R/3 and CRM implementation projects. ü Currently Working on SAP CRM Implementation for Scott Sports SA. ü Carried out 2 full lifecycle implementations (Nike and Herbalife). ü Implemented Base Customization, IC Winclient, Profile Management, IC Webclient. ü Worked on ABAP Reporting, SAP Script and Smartforms. ü Worked on Data Migration Technique (BDC and LSMW). ü Worked BSP (Business Server Pages) and EEWB (Easy Enhancement Workbench). ü Gone through documentation of Web Dynpro. Summary of Experience v 4.9 Years of Experience in SAP CRM as Techno Functional Consultant. v 1.0 Year of Experience in SAP ABAP/4 as Technical Consultant. Employment Summary Organization : Technosoft Corporation (US Based MNC) Profile : SAP CRM Techno Functional Consultant Department : SAP Techno Functional Consultant Company Profile : Technosoft Corporation, a US based MNC into ERP solutions, consulting and outsourcing of technologies. The company's principal activity is to provide business and Information Technology services. The outsourcing segment of the company provides quality Engineers and Consultants to Fortune 500 Companies. ([login to view URL]) Projects Highlights Client : Scott Sports Inc. Project : SAP CRM Implementation Role : SAP CRM Techno Functional Consultant. Client Profile : SCOTT is a midsize consumer products company that sells a multifaceted product line in a highly competitive global market. Originally established in Sun Valley, Idaho, but now based in Fribourg, Switzerland, SCOTT offers premium products and accessories for biking, winter sports, motor sports, and running. With 520 employees and annual revenues of SFr 300 million (approximately €183 million), SCOTT sells its innovative products all around the world. SCOTT produced a full line of running shoes and the world's lightest full suspension bike, among other new products. In recent years, SCOTT's pioneering biking products contributed to victories at the Tour de France and the Olympic Games. INTERACTION CENTER (IC) WEB CLIENT Responsibilities Customized Business Roles, Assigned Business Roles to an Organizational Unit, Customized Account Identification Profiles, Customized Account Identification Profile Relationships, Customized Business Transaction Profile, Assigned Partner Functions to Business Transactions, Customized Transaction Type Selection via Dialog Box, Activated Dialog Boxes, Customized Navigation Bar Profile, Assigned Business Roles to Organizational Units, Assigned Account Identification Profile to Business Role, Assigned Business Transaction to Business Transaction Profile, Assign Business Transaction Profile to Business Role, Customized Interactive Scripting Profile or Editor BUSINESS SERVER PAGES (BSP) Responsibilities Build BSP Application and Retrieve Material Information Created F4 Help and List Box in BSP Application Created BSP Application Using Controller Build Interactive BSP Application Displaying Table Contents on the BSP Application Build Navigation between BSP Pages Create Server-Side and Client-Side Cookies Build BSP Application Using HTMLB Components on Table View and MVC Architecture Displaying Business Partner Data Using a BAPI Build BSP Application Using Date Navigator Control Create BSP Application Using AJAX Build BSP Application to Create, Modify and Delete the Database Entries Build BSP Application to Validate the Date Fields in Front End Using JavaScript Create BSP Application to Download the Table Contents into Excel Sheet Consuming Web Service with WSDL file through BSP Integrate BSP with ADOBE FLEX Create BSP Application Using Tabstrips WEB DYNPRO ABAP Responsibilities Build Application using Web Dynpro for ABAP Display Text Box and Radio Buttons using "Web Dynpro for ABAP" Implement Enhancements in a View Export Internal Table Contents to Excel File Delete a Row from the Web Dynpro Table ALV Table with Business Graphics Reusability of Components in Web Dynpro for ABAP Call a Web Dynpro Application from another Web Dynpro Application Create Transaction Code for Web Dynpro Applications Insert a Logo using ABAP Web Dynpro Upload Excel Sheet using Web Dynpro for ABAP Program Dynamic ALV in ABAP Web Dynpro Use Tab Strips in Web Dynpro for ABAP Dropdown by Index using ALV in Web Dynpro for ABAP Create Static Table with 5 Empty Rows in Interactive form using Web Dynpro ABAP Integrating WD Application with Microsoft Sharepoint Enable/Disable & Show/Hide UI Elements during Runtime in Web Dynpro for ABAP Use Supply Function Method in Web Dynpro Client : Nike Inc. Project : SAP CRM Implementation Role : SAP CRM Techno Functional Consultant. Client Profile : Nike, [login to view URL], was incorporated in 1968 engages in the design, development, and marketing of footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessory products worldwide. The company produces athletic footwear products for specific athletic use and for casual or leisure purposes. It designs products for running, basketball, children's cross training, outdoor activities, tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, football, bicycling, volleyball, wrestling, cheerleading, aquatic activities, hiking, and other athletic and recreational uses. Nike also sells sports apparel, as well as athletic bags and accessory items. The company sells its products through a mix of independent distributors, licensees, and subsidiaries in approximately 120 countries worldwide. ([login to view URL]). BASE CUSTOMIZATION BUSINESS PARTNERS Responsibilities Customize Number Ranges and Maintain Grouping Assign Number Ranges to Grouping and Customize Business Partner Roles Customize Field Grouping and Business Partners with VCT Customize Business Partner Relationships with BDT Maintain General Setting for Business Partners ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT Responsibilities Customize Divisions and Maintain Distribution Channel Customize Tuples with the Combination of Division and Distribution Channel Create and Assign Position Assign Business Partners to Position Created Maintain General and Organizational Attributes Customize ODD PRODUCT MASTER Responsibilities Maintain Attributes and Set types Assign Attributes to Set Types Customize Hierarchies and Categories Assign Set Types to Categories Maintain Products and Final Product PARTNER PROCESSING Responsibilities Customize Partner Determination Procedure Customize Partner Functions and Access Sequence Maintain Partner Determination Procedure INTERACTION CENTER WIN CLIENT Responsibilities Maintain Window Title and Customize Text for Window Title Maintain Framework ID and Assign Profile to Interaction Center Customize Organizing and Staffing Maintain Reminder Script Text and Customize Reminder Scripting Profile Assign Reminder Script Text to Reminder Scripting Profile Assign Reminder Scripting Profile to ICWC Profile Maintain Interactive Scripting and Script Text Maintain Interactive Script Structure and Customize Interactive Scripting Profile Customize Workspace and Assign Interactive Scripting Profile to Workspace Assign Workspace to ICWC Profile Customize Application and Navigation Area Maintain HTML Configuration Assign HTML Profile to ICWC Profile Assign Transaction Workspace Profile (Lead) Customize Profile for Transaction Workspace Customize Action Box Assign Action Box to ICWC Profile EASY ENHANCEMENT WORKBENCH (EEWB) Responsibilities Created Projects and Extensions Genereted and Postprocessed Extensions Error Handled and Solved Maintained System Data Transported Extension Objects Executed EEWB for CRMD_ORDER fields Client : Herbalife Inc. Project : SAP R/3 Implementation Role : SAP ABAP/4 Technical Consultant. Client Profile : Herbalife is a premier nutrition and weight-management company. We offer life-changing products and an unparalleled business opportunity. What started with founder Mark Hughes' dream over 28 years ago has become a world-class company with over 1.9 million Distributors. ([login to view URL]) SMARTFORMS Responsibilities Design Layout and Form Logic Create and Maintain Different types of Forms Define Structure of Form Create Page Layout and the Sequence of Pages with Different Structures Define Main Window and Subwindows Retrieving Application Data Use Form Painter to Position Windows Create Graphics and Addresses on a Page Use PC Editor to Write Texts and Table Painter to Format Tables Use Form Logic to Control the Flow of the Form Output Navigation Tree for maintaining the Form logic Use Style Builder for Maintaining Header Data, Paragraph & Character Format, Colors and Underline Migrating SAP Script to Smartforms Transport, Print and Import Graphics Test Smart Form Determine Table Contents Integrate the Smart Form into the Application BATCH DATA COMMUNICATION (BDC) Responsibilities Transport Records of Non-SAP System to SAP System Create Recording and New Program Define Table and Internal Table Maintain Loop for Internal Table Activate the Form, Call Transaction and Transfer the Records Create New Form and Define Table and Internal Table Insert Comment and Write Insert Command Activating the Form and Generate Sessions and Transfer Records DIALOG PROGRAMMING Responsibilities Worked on Screen Painter Create Tab Strip Control Image Calling in ABAP/4 Program Define URL, GRID, CONT and Internal Table Call Function SAPSCRIPT_GET_GRAPHIC_BDS, SAPSCRIPT_CONVERT_BITMAP & DP_CREATE_URL Call Methods and Transport Graphic Create ALV GRID and Program Including TOP Call Screen and Define Table Define Fields of Table, CONT, GRID and Internal Table Define WA and Flow Logic Call Different Methods and Apply Loop Apply SQL Queries and Run the Program Worked on Menu Painter and Maintain Flow Logic Call Table and Define Fields of Table Worked on Table Control REPORTS Responsibilities Create Vendor Performance Report that lists Vendor Name Materials Supplied Planned & Actual Delivery Times Created a Report to Display a list of Purchase Requisitions with Details like MRP Controller Created Report in Material Master that Outputs Material Valuated Stock Grouped by Material Type Data was extracted from MARA, MARC, MARD, MAKT, EKKO, EKPO, MKPF, MSEG and T001W Created Report Lists for the Gross Sales Created Commission Report for the Sales Department Sorted by Sales Representative LEGACY SYSTEM MIGRATION WORKBENCH (LSMW) Responsibilities Maintain Object Attributes and Maintain Source Structures Maintain Source Fields and Structure Relations Maintain Filed Mapping and Conversion Rules Maintain Fixed Values and Translations Maintain User-Defined Routines Specify Files and Assign Files Import Data and Display Imported Data Convert Data & Display Converted Data Create Batch Input Session and Run Batch Input Session SAP SCRIPT Responsibilities Involved in Customization of Form Create Paragraph & Character Format Define the Layout of the Form Create Text Messages and Call Symbols to Insert the Table Records Define Tables in Form Call functions OPEN_FORM, WRITE_FORM and CLOSE_FORM Use SQL Queries to Extract Records from Tables Educational Profile MBA (CRM & IT) National Institute Management (NIM), New Delhi [login to view URL] (Computer Science) Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana Personal Profile Date of Birth : 06/09/83 Sex : Male Marital Status : Single Passport No. : H3815391 Professional References Ms. Ankita Sharma (HR Manager - Technosoft Corp.) Ms. Khashish Khanna (HR Manager - Technosoft Corp.) Declaration I hereby confirm that all the above information is accurate and true to the best of my Knowledge. I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars. BSC DIWAKAR SINGH DINKAR