Press Ad for Corporate Branding

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Press Ad for Corporate Branding

I came up with the concept wrote the advertising copy. In my defense, the last two lines were forced by the client. I personally thought it was too cheesy.

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Who wouldn't want to hire a poor grad student making the slow and painful transition to an even poorer doctoral student! Prior to getting sucked into academia, I was in advertising and served three years as Creative Supervisor at a leading ad agency. Writing is my forte, and I have developed advertising copy and other marketing communication materials such as brochures, press releases, product descriptions and packaging copy for several prominent brands. However, I don't just specialize in gimmicks and fluff. I have published hundreds of articles online through several freelancing sites, and my data-entry skills are legendary. I think typos are the scourge of the earth, and my attention to detail borders on the perverse.

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