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Progressively enable the normal web and mobile web with ASPNET MVC HTML5 and JQuery Mobile. Building the Web That Works for Everyone no matter its a computer browser, ipad tablet or any mobile phone. SHIVAM IT SOLUTION presents the overview of the project and the tools and technology we are using to accomplish the goal. Our HealthCare requires a web solution that they can use for their daily activities and should be able to provide a 24/7 inpatient coverage. To deliver the highest and quality inpatient care we the SHIVAM propose building a progressively enhanced web solution that works for everyone and on any internet enabled device.

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I am a .NET architect with 10+ years of experience working for large companies. I have spent 6 of those years managing other people and even running my own software development business. I am very active in the healthcare , open source and mobile development world and have developed some popular products that increase developer productivity and making our client happy by providing highly responsive and modern age internet solutions. I have a tremendous amount of code that I own, and I can use freely on any project. My passion is in this area, reusing code effectively. Skills: ASP.NET MVC4, Entity Framework, Window Azure, SaaS, CodeFirst, CSS3, Razor, LESS, HTML5 AngularJS, Orchard CMS, KnockoutJS, C#, T4, Powershell, JQuery, Mobile, Single Page Apps. I work exclusively with Healthcare, ASP.NET MVC and Mobile development clients, and have developed solutions that focuses on providing moderns, responsive and CMS enabled Web and Mobile/Tablet solutions for small business and other Corporates. and looking forward for a Skype meeting so that I can show and explain you my developments and also we can discuss about your projects requirement in more detail. Warm Regards, Vijay P.

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