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Groupthink: Explanation, Examples and Remedies. Groupthink comes about when a group of people, for example in an administration, make a decision that brings about harmony and concordance without critically evaluating other alternative points of view. This brings about mental deterioration and individual creativity loss. According to Janis Irving (1972) groupthink mostly occurs in groups that have got the same background, when decision making rules are not clear and when the group insulates itself from outside opinions. Examples of groupthink include the Titanic disaster, Pearl of harbor issue, escalation of the Vietnam War, the Y2K scare in 1999 etc. Though it's hard to pinpoint groupthink as the main cause of all these examples, it ca be proven to be a factor. Take the Bay of Pigs invasions in 1961 where the John F Kennedy administration collectively agreed to invade Cuba despite other people having different opinions.

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I am passionate about words. I have the desire to write articles, both academic and technical ones. I really love to do a complete research on a subject beore tacling it. Am familiar with the APA and MLA styles of writing.

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