Hungry Monkey

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The monkey is hungry and is looking for something to eat. Apples are on the offer and there are different types of apples, (Golden Apple, green apple, red apple and rotten apple) which when collected increases or decreases the number of points a player can accumulate. There are 10 fun levels of the game with the difficulty set to increase as you go up the levels. The number of apples that can be collected increases with each level and from level 5, there is also a timer that gets activated that puts a time constraint over the number of apples that can be collected. The monkey however is not alone in the jungle as expected. He is challenged by the snake which tries to bite him as he collects those apples. Monkey needs to stay away from the snake. He can dodge the snake by jumping or running away. The bird, meanwhile tries to satisfy it’s own hunger by nibbling over the fruits which are yet to fall. Catching an apple partly eaten by the bird decreases it’s point value.

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Innovative Game programmer with over 3+ years of experience in gaming field. Worked on a team that developed top 5+ products for three years in a row. Capable to develop Mobile based app using Unity 3d runs on cross platform. Besides that passionately interests in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System as well as Internet of Things. Skilled in Game Development, Software Development, Arduino. Also have research interests in Spatial Science. I have to utilize knowledge and skills to advance portfolio and potential for increased responsibility. Think Beyond the Unthinkable-where Dream comes True

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