Development of low-power resistance (LP-Omega) meter

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The resistance of every device is conventionally measured by applying high electrical power with current and voltage rating of ~ 1 µA and ~ 10 V. However, materials including Graphene, Nanostructures, Inorganic nonmaterial and Bio-molecules can be permanently damaged under high electrical power ratings and hence this technique is not recommended for measuring such low-power devices. Therefore, a novel technique for measuring resistance of low-power devices is essential in order to design sensors and IoT(Internet of Things) enable instruments for real-life applications. Fabrication of novel low-power source and measurement circuits 1.Digital control and computer interface for efficient data acquisition 2.Parallel R&D for the development of very high(>1MΩ) and low (<1 Ω) resistance measurements 3.IoT enable interface recognize it very high precision online data visualizer

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