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SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION "I tweet, I post, I blog. Therefore I am" Dr Mark Tederman We can say that social media is a modern version of the old primitive human need –to be and stay connected. But, from hunter-gatherers, we turned into data-gatherers. No wonder our bodies and brains are suffering so much. Men isolating them in men's caves and women in women's caves with an array of gadgets at their disposal. Well, that's how from industrial to social media revolution we prevent our brains from evolving further. We are still cavemen. But instead of rubbing sticks and flint to make fire we are rubbing our hands as our social media followers ignite the fire within us. The first one kept us warm. The second one keeps us distracted and serves no purpose at all. Thus Darwin's theory of evolution is deeply shaken. There is no natural selection anymore. We became creatures of artificial selection. Social media selection!

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SCAMMERS, MIDDLEMEN PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!!!!!! MY WRITING SKILLS ARE NEAR TO NATIVE OR EVEN BETTER SINCE I LIVED IN THE USA FOR 5 YEARS. I'VE BEEN REGULARLY PROOFREADING, EDITING AND EVEN WRITING FOR NATIVE SPEAKERS. Hope you got the point:) FOR MORE INSIGHT INTO MY WRITING SKILLS PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT MY PORTFOLIO. THANKS! “She is a great writer, and delivers on time, on budget. Easy to communicate. Highly recommended! I'd like to continue working with her, thanks!” “I needed some descriptive writing done for my website and Natasa far exceeded my expectations!! I will definitely hire her for many future projects that I have in store. Thanks so much, Natasa!!” Core Competencies: Creative Writing, Research, Journalism, Translation, Psychology, E-books, Short stories, Children's books/stories. Education: PhD in English language and literature MBA in Psychology (CBT) Silva method graduate NLP graduate Cheers!

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