XML RPC API interface

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XML RPC API interface

The project consisted of developing a XML RPC API interface for a number of clients in OOP Python using the Python standard library as well as PyQt4 for developing the graphical user interface (GUI). Please also note, details have been blanked out to ensure company privacy.

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I am a 28 year old Australian currently undertaking a degree in astrophysics and working as a freelancer in my spare time and holidays. I have an extensive range of experience, particularly in the area of information technology. My experience falls under several categories from networking, servers (Server 2003, Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, FreeBSD), security, ethical hacking, web development (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL), programming (Python, C++) and scripting (Batch, Bash, VBS). I have an advanced diploma in network security and have been working as as freelancer for several years. I have a keen interest in programming, particularly in Python with more than 3 years experience behind my belt. I program in Python according to PEP 8 programming standards and I am fully familiar with the standard library, developing GUI's (PyQT, Tkinter) as well as many other exotic libraries and modules. In the area of web development I have experience building standalone websites through a range of languages as previously detailed as well as experience working with CMS software such as Joomla, Magento and Wordpress. I also have the ability to develop custom plug-ins for both Wordpress and Joomla. I currently own and run several of my own servers which are used for testing and hosting purposes. I am always interested in new experiences and further developing my skills in my spare time. If you have a project that you believe would fit my skill set, feel free to contact me anytime with a proposals or idea you may have.

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