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Freelancer Experience: I am experienced and successfully completed lots of projects to the following work areas: 1) Data Mining from Web. 2) Article Writing and Re-writing. 3) Data Conversion. 4) Sales & Marketing. 5) <span id="x8c6p1x0vvw_1" class="x8c6p1x0vvw">Virtual Assistant</span>. 6) Word & XL Data processing. 7) <span id="x8c6p1x0vvw_6" class="x8c6p1x0vvw">Tele Marketing</span>. 8) <span id="x8c6p1x0vvw_5" class="x8c6p1x0vvw">Email Sending</span>. 9) Blog Posting 10) Copy & Paste 11) SEO 12) PDF 13) <span id="x8c6p1x0vvw_3" class="x8c6p1x0vvw">Web Data</span> Scraping 14) Facebook Data Esraping, and 15) <span id="x8c6p1x0vvw_4" class="x8c6p1x0vvw">Internet Search</span> Research and different types of websites grabbing. Note: I'm available on well known IMs: Yahoo, Gmail, MSN & <span id="x8c6p1x0vvw_8" class="x8c6p1x0vvw">Skype</span> during working hours.

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