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The Project is Web based Portal to integrate all the Mandi Samties in the state This is a common platform to all Mandi Samiti can input their daily sale, entry slip ,Contractor Details, Licence Details, Details of commodities,Rate et c with the help of provided GUI in the software. Each Mandi Samiti has its Own Login ID, Password to access own area on t he web portal. The portal is there tier application. All kind of business logics are implemented her e related to t he mandi Samiti. The portal is designed as per the act ual working of the mandi Parishad such as exchange of the commodities, license agreement, rate bulletin etc. software is fully equipped with different kind of progress reports according to the departmental hierarchy, that is automatically generated on the basis of the input data by simply click the button on the various type of selection criterion at various level as State level , Zone Level , District Level, Division level etc.

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To contribute outstanding technical skills and strong commitment to achieving goals in an IT consulting capacity.

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