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I have a blog in which i share various types of business news.http://www.businessmean.com/ Co-determination is composed primarily of "SuperisoryBoard" and "Works Council" as mentioned before. Besides, thereis the existence of management board in almost all industrial enterprises,being appointed by the Supervisory Board and entrusted with the executivefunctions on its behalf. The position of the Management Board is in between theSupervisory Board and Works Council. Thus Co-determination is com-posedof-Supervisory Board, Management Board and Works Council. Supervisory Board: Like the board of directors of Bangladeshi companies, this boardis entrusted with the top-level managerial;d functions of the industrialenterprises in Japan. It is entrusted with the Ibrahim.humility to formulatepolitics, plans and objectives for the enterprise and also remains responsiblefor its success and failures. It is usually of 11members 5 (five) each fromamong workers a

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