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SAMPLE ARTICLE Keywords: (5.7% density) Locum Tenens, (2.3% density) Physicians, (0.77% density) Employment, (0.96% density) Temporary Title: Locum Tenens – How it Can Work For You (SAMPLE Locum tenens is a Latin phrase meaning, ‘to hold the place of’, but in the world of medicine the word simply means “a temporary physician”. So, what is a locum tenens company, and what do they have to offer to physician seeking temporary or seasonal work? A locum tenens company specializes in arranging physician personnel for vacant clinical positions around the world. While many locum tenens physician employment assignments last for only a few short weeks or even days, these types of temporary coverage positions can last for months at a time. Additionally, some Locum Tenens positions are even temporary-to-permanent. If you’re considering locum tenens work, it is important to research an assignment thoroughly before accepting it. Remember a temporary position in an exotic location may not be the desired getaway or even the clinical experience you were hoping for. Be your own advocate and remember that the locum tenens company you’re working for is in the business of working for the employer and not the covering physicians, so keep your best professional interests in mind at all times. Before entering a locum tenens employment agreement with a practice, make sure you clearly outline the terms of your agreement. Ensure that your temporary employer covers your travel expenses, your liability insurance, and any additional or extravagant expenses that may be incurred during the term of your contract. Many physicians choose locum tenens work for the freedom and variety this type of work commonly represents. For some, a simple geographical cure is just what the doctor ordered. Many LT positions are located in exotic or adventurous locations, but before you grab your passport, remember you may only practice medicine where licensed. Locum Tenens service providers can commonly assist you with obtaining the proper licensing required by your state or destination of choice. Be prepared for whatever your LT experience may throw at you, and be prepared for a bit of an adventure, a bit of mystery, and a bit of suspense. Once you’ve decided to give this style of employment an honest go, you should develop and maintain a working relationship with your staff recruiter, stay in touch, and be ready to accept your assignment. The fact is, today’s physicians don’t typically desire the 24/7, married to the job lifestyle that physicians of yesteryear commonly entertained. Today’s physicians are likely coming to realize the value of lost time, and are demanding adequate time with their friends and families, a little extra vacation time, and even a simple personal day for the occasional break. In order to properly facilitate these types of request, a clinic, hospital, or office will often times turn to the services of a locum tenens staffing company to fill weekly or monthly vacancy within their offices. Locum tenens employment can be a great alternative to the long-term, stationary positions that often become stale and monotonous over time. Physicians wishing to explore their profession further, and those physicians who simply require a change of scenery from time to time, can find great advantage and satisfaction with locum tenens work. So, whatever your reason, if you’re a physician with a secret set of wings, let Locum Tenens work help you take flight. SAMPLE - CREATIVE WRITING McCrowberry Row (Excerpt) “I’d have to make something up in order to have something to tell ya, lad,” said Bram Daly. He turned a look over each shoulder, watching the people walking amongst the foreground of the night, half hidden in the shadows. Each street lamp, like giant candelabrums, developed the same calm light of a constant candle flame. “It’s just your turn’s what it is.” “Why should it be my turn? Just because you say so?” asked Charlie. He stood only half of the height of this grizzled man, but undeterred by the supposed authority; Charlie barreled his chest and pursed his lips until they were white with tension. “Ye’ jus’ can’t fight me on this lad; it’s just your turn.” Charlie spied the tiny iron door inside the cobbled wall, made entirely of reformed steel to emulate a totality and strength. “I’ve lost my parents. I’ve said that all ready,” said Charlie. He touched his chin to his chest. “I need to find them, so I can’t stand watch over that door.” Bram Daly removed his Ivy Cap and strangely scratched his head in concern. “I can’t rightly explain it better than I have to you. It’s your turn, time to be a grown-up.” “I’m an American,” said Charlie. “Yes, lad I know.” “My family’s only here to visit, for just two weeks. How could it be my turn to watch the door if I come from another side of the whole world?” “It makes no difference where your home is.” “And if someone comes along and wants through the door, what should I do to stop them; I’m only a kid, and who’ll listen to me?” “I imagine those things will have a way of working themselves out. While I took I my own turn through the last hour, no one ever came along or tried to get through the door,” said Bram Daly. Patiently waiting for the boy to accept willingly what he was prepared to force-feed him, he removed his cap again, flipped it down side up, looked inside, and then returned it to his head. Charlie saw the little iron door, mentally measured it within six-inches of accurate, and tried a similar thing with the giant dangly form of Bram Daly. BLOG SAMPLE - Mora vs. Vick (Sports Blog) If you were within earshot of an NFL pre-game show yesterday, you likely caught Michael Vick's Usher-like public confessional. If you're a FOX fan you saw Pam Oliver's sit down with Vick, if however, you watch the NFL Network Sunday Morning you caught a special interview with Michael and Former Atlanta Falcons Head Coach, Jim Mora Jr. Micheal's personal growth is respectable, and in comparison to pre-prison Vick, he's articulate, he's certainly image conscious, and he's seemingly matured. As a fan that personally witnessed Micheal's one-fingered salute to Atlanta Fans, I have to Say I'm happy for him and the path he appears to be walking.

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