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$25 USD / tunti
Maan KENYA lippu
nairobi, kenya
$25 USD / tunti
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Liittynyt helmikuuta 16, 2022
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Enock K.


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$25 USD / tunti
Maan KENYA lippu
nairobi, kenya
$25 USD / tunti
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Web3, Blockchain, DeFi, Fintech & Crypto Developer

I am a developer at N*Devs (NStar), a recently launched developer Experience & Placement arm at East Afrika's largest Web3 & Blockchain developer studio. Based in Nairobi, we are a team of over 20 nextgen Developers & Tech strategists building prominent applications, dApps, automation tools, plugins, bridges/gateways, wallets & bots for the world's most cutting-edge Blockchain Protocols, Institutional & Professional Markets Traders (algorithm & automated trade execution), Web3 Entrepreneurs, FinTech platforms and Cryptocurrency & DeFi projects. Three (3) of our developers have featured at the top of the LeaderBoard for Solidity on WakaTime. We are professional, 100% dedicated and extremely reliable and can cover both front-end and back-end development work. All our work can be demoed from our collective GitHub repositories (DM us) and we are happy to work on a bounty basis. Since DeFi Summer 2020, we have completed 34 dApps covering 8+ Blockchains and collectively code in over 15 languages plus frameworks: // Solidity // Rust // Teal // Typescript // JavaScript // Ligolang // Node Js // Web3JS // GoLang // React Js // Python // Flutter // C++ // Vue Js // Java // MongoDB // Puppeteer Relevant Blockchains we have developed for: // Ethereum // BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain) // Tezos // Solana // Secret Chain // Bitcoin lightning // NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens covering multi-chains) // Polygon (Matic) // Algorand // Avalanche // WAX Collective expertise and experience in the following areas: // Smart contract development // Token Generation & Creation // Protocol & Chain Forking (Forks) // Quantitative Trading (Crypto, Equities & Forex) for CEXs & DEXs // Mobile Wallets (iOS, Android, PWA) // Automation of markets trading (arbitrage, algorithmic, market making, pricing and order books) // Mobile payments apps (gateways, APIs) // Fintech // Scripting // Robotic process automation // Automation applications Last updated: 22 Apr 2022, 00:03 (UTC)
Freelancer Javascript Developers Kenya

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•	The bot wilf be sniping specific tokens hence not scanning the entire memepool to find new tokens.
•	The bot wilf also frontrun specific addresses.
•	Aff these shall be displayed in a user-friendly interface.
•	Regular sniping feature
•	Multiple buy wallets. The client should be able to buy muLtipLe times in one transaction.[MuLti-buy feature.]
•	Ability to work with smart contract to
execute trade transactions on multi-buys

•	Ability to monitor muftip\e waLLet addresses at the same time
•	Ability to do different transactions on the same b\ock
•	Ability to send a\ert notification to telegram
•	Ability to be compatible with a muftibuy
smart contract.
•	Ability to listen and detect when liquidity is
being added to the token.
•	Ability to trigger a buy based on the client's specific parameters.
•	Ability to front run both remove liquidity and bfackfists to self the tokens if the order of tokens tries to blacklist the client's wallet or
remove liquidity.
•	This is an application built to facilitate easy management of multi-owned DeFi accounts .


•	Easy to use wallet connect functionality
•	lntegra-table to different DeFi protocols ,for example dYdX and other leveraged trading platforms


•	This application works by allowing several owners of an account to authorize a transaction from their co-owned wallets
•	The Tool has a unique UI that sits on top of GOOGLE SHEETS the world’s most powerful calculator hence the traders are able to Backtest strategies & order management.
•	It's the most superior order execution tool that traders can use.
•	It's very powerful that it can control two
Accounts at the same time.
•	The tool has advanced limit order functions
•	It is a conditional order system.
•	It incorporates Gamification.
It possesses its own conditional order system that resides outside of the exchange.
It beverages present trading ranges provi	ng
superior and fast execution.
•	The too\ has automated order entry chasing
•	Enable users to capture images & videos at the moment.
•	Users store images as non-Fungible tokens and they can automatically mine them on the blockchain.
•	This reforms openSea from imagery to tiktok or instagram style feed.
•	Users can buy or sell these NFTs.
•	Built a messenger where people could converse and join a group.
•	Build an NFT market place and re-develop it so that it may fit in with the native and make it fluent for itself.
•	Built the app with no hashtags instead cashtags,of which token signals represent the cashtag
Usability Features:
•	Search Engine
•	Bidding Engine
•	Price Engine
To build a mobile application that will function as a crypto wallet where one can store assets on most Ethereum Virtual Machine-supported blockchains (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi ECO Chain etc.). Users should be able to create wallets, receive and send any asset which is deployed on the blockchains mentioned above. The build will be a cross- platform application for both Android and iOS platforms.
•	Ability for the end user to create and login to their wallet accounts.
•	Ability for the user to back up and restore from backup their wallet accounts.
•	Ability for the user to protect their account with 2FA and biometric security (fingerprint, face I	s ID etc)
•	Ability for the user to import or create a new wallet for any asset running on the EVM.
•	Ability for the user to interact with other Web3 applications via an in-app browser
•	Ability for the user to confirm authenticity before proceeding with sensitive actions
•	OR-code scanner within the app to automaticall
The bot front runs the transactions. 
The bot should scan the Binance network
The bot should get a transaction with an amount of BNB greater than a given functionalities. 

The ability to scan the Mempool for opportunities. So when the bot scans through the Binance network and gets a transaction with an amount of BNB(Build and Build) greater than a given threshold, it Front runs the buy transaction and then sells immediately after the victims transaction to make profit.
Ability to optimize ( Slippage and Gas). The bot will be able to figure out the gas by itself.
Ability to sell right after the victims buy transactions.


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Blockchain & Fintech software engineer | Software Development

Self employed
tammik. 2021 - Voimassa
Developing bots and automation

Senior Business Analyst

World Agroforestry(ICRAF)
tammik. 2020 - jouluk. 2020 (11 kuukautta, 1 )
Business analyst

Full stack developer & System Architect

Encomm Solutions
huhtik. 2018 - marrask. 2019 (1 , 7 kuukautta)
Design, Develop & implement system designs.


Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer science

Kenyatta University, Kenya 2016 - 2020
(4 vuotta)

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Computer science

University of Nairobi, Kenya 2014 - 2016
(2 vuotta)

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