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This is a music video I made for Czech singer Sarka Vaculikova. I had to make a lot of post production, because they gave me just a very few of the material to work with. I had to use almost all of it, so I hope this pretty much proves, that I can make a cool video even if I don´t have very much material.\nThere were a lot of chroma keying, lot of color corrections, blending etc., but I think and I hope that the outcome is pretty nice ;-)\nHere´s also a private link for the youtube.\n

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For video editing I use Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas. I don´t specialize on any particular style, but I have most experiences with promo videos, interviews, story telling videos (with or without B-roll) and with music videos. Most of my employers doesn´t want me to use the videos in my portfolio so examples on request. My next service is translation. I am able to translate ENG->CZE or vice versa as well as I can write articles in both languages. My price is most often between 0,02$ and 0,05$ (USD) per word. Examples on request (lists of words, websites (fragments or whole), articles, dictionaries, catalogues, scripts, subtitles and more) Looking forward to get in touch with you guys!

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