System for remote control/measuring temperature

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System for remote control/measuring temperature

Tools: Delphi, Firebird embedded, DevExpress The system provides continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity, can analyze the distribution of temperature and humidity in area of the object provides control of the personnel in emergency situations. System differs from its analogues application focus, simplicity and ease of setup and use. Key Features: Continuous collection of primary information from sensors. Generation of reports of "accidents" (going beyond the boundaries of the value), the registration of accidents in the form of events, the control handshake messages. Visualization of real-time data from sensors in a diverse form mimic the trend, the trend table. Storing the history of changes in the value of each sensor, the ability to view data for any period of time for trending and tabular trend. Arbitrary scaling trends, the ability to view on a trend, both historical and operational data.

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