Online Student Monitoring Sytem for NDC, Inc.

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This is the first website I build using PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax and jQuery. As a major requirement of my course, this was presented to the faculty of STI College as an IT Special Project. The project is mainly for the constituents (i.e. student, parents, teachers) of NDC (Notre Dame Of Cotabato), which is a local high school, that provides them a portal wherein they can monitor the performance or progress of the students.Parents and students can view the grades (in realtime) and behavior remarks of the students' teachers. Meanwhile, teachers are provided with a module wherein they can update the grades (assignments, quizzes, recitation, etc.) of their students. Here is the link to the site. It was uploaded on my free hosted account. I am the lead programmer and the User Interface designer of the project. I registered on a free hosting account and uploaded the project on the server to make it live and available for everyone to see.

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