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This is one article that i had written for This is an article outlining the marketing strategy of Coca Cola and what should be its strategy for the upcoming London Olympics in which they are sponsors.

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I have been in the Data Analytics field for the last 5 years after years of learning, research and observation. In these past 5 years, I have helped startups to figure out which areas to focus on in their domain, which customers to provide service, competitor analysis, analysing data for successful sales strategy implementation etc. I use my skills as a Data Scientist to mine through extensive data using Python to get the answers to KPIs that are needed for a Return on Investment (ROI). Data Visualization is done through Dashboards prepared in Python or through Tableau. Extensive data provided by my clients is sieved by me using various data manipulation techniques, Machine Algorithms to present the trends in existing data. Projections are made keeping in mind the existing data given and by analysing the business vertical of the client and the answers they seek to diffferent parameters. At the very start, I would like to have a lengthy chat with the client to understand their requirement and how much budget they have for the whole financial year. Based on these and the answers they seek, I will work on the present data to provide an in-depth analysis on what will work and how.

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