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Aslog Technologies Private Limited propels to make a galaxy of its own. Emerging as a landmark in the web world, it is committed to perform the best. With top-class technical services and IT solutions, Aslog is the other name for Efficiency, Excellence and Credibility. Providing the clients across the globe with successful web development custom solutions programming and a full guarantee for predictable results and early envisioning is our primary motto. We value your time and money and vow upon to exercise with the best potentiality because customers contentment is our ultimate goal. We believe in enterprising effort and innovative skill clubbed with cent percent dedication. Keeping a keen eye on the latest trends of the business environment we regularly research on the customer orientation and develop a well-graphed understanding about their needs and demands. We thrive on challenges and sustain with successful results. There we are! Our customized team approach to providing comprehensive, in-depth, and professional technology assessment and due diligence services is unique in the consulting and business services industry. Our knowledgeable and highly qualified people are the key to meeting the demanding standards for customized service that our clients require and to doing so in a cost-effective manner. Infrastructure Aslog Tech believes in the golden rule of 'Quality Generates Quality'. In order to make our development process and developers productive and efficient, Aslog Tech has invested in state-of-the-art development infrastructure. Infrastructure features include: Our own development center that can house up to 100 developers. WIN NT servers and all workstations with latest Pentium machines having 512+ MB RAM and Gigabit Ethernet connection. Fractional T-1 line for fast data communications. Backup ISDN lines. UPS system that backs up for more than 10 hrs. and a diesel genset for contingency requirements. Common amenities like training room, conference rooms, library, cafeteria, recreation room, etc

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