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I had the ob of ranking this video for a very popular search term so the creator could get more views, so the first thing i did was changed the thumbnail and title to optimise it for clicks, after that i did market research to kind out what type of videos people was clicking on and then based the keywords used in the title and description around them

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Hello, I live and study in the UK, I've lived in the UK for most of my life with the odd trip here and there. Around 2012 I learnt HTML, CSS and graphic design and I continued to use them up until the present day while adding other skills like Javascript, Jquery, social media marketing, copywriting, social media marketing and management, WordPress, etc, on the way. I've grown a YouTube channel to over 1k+ subscribers and 50k+ views in 1 and a half months without spending a penny. I've designed banners for Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube and all of the popular social media. I know social media like the back of my hand as I've been using it since I was 11-years-old and I've made and grown accounts on them all, I've got around 2 years experience with Social Media marketing and management. Recently I've been programming a google extension that will help people learn stuff easier by adding a course structure to any subject and a web application that helps people learn languages.

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