DG Magazine cover

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DG Magazine cover

The aim of this brief was to create a cover for an imaginary issue of DG. The brief required that a decade was chosen for a theme and that the imagery used related to this decade. I chose to do the 1940's and used imagery of the war along with a photograph that I found and combined the two to show the Glamour and the Horror of the 40's. For this design I achieved a Highly Commended Award. I created the design using Photoshop and my graphics tablet. I went for a dark look to the design as I felt this would work best.

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My name is Ange Monitto and I studied at Grenadi School of Design for two years to recieve my Advance Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design. My style consists of many detailed designs and patterns. I am proficient in Adobe CS5 creative suite with a knowledge in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Soundbooth, After effects and Premiere. I have been interested in design since I was young. As part of my tertiary studies I was also required to complete Photography, Drawing, Multimedia, Design History, Marketing and Professional Practice.

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