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Goal: A Designer who can design for any user group by satisfying their physical and emotional aspirations to the maximum. Design Projects * Bed for Elderly [JUNE '10] * Learning aid for HI-children [NOV '09] * Lamp panel [FEB'10] * Wood turned Products [JULY'09] * Multipurpose Pen stand [MAR'09] * Elephanta [JUNE'09] * Croc - Toy Design [NOV'08] * MultiSteamer Re-Design [AUG'11] * Kottakkal Re-Design [JAN'12]

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Born on 27-08-1980 in Trivandrum and brought up in Coimbatore till 2003 After B.E grad, shifted to Mumbai on Dec 2003 | Ardent traveller | Learnt about M. Des course Shifted to Bengaluru on 2005 | Took up art classes and photography as passions and prepared for M. Des | Visited Humpi, Guwahati, New Delhi On 3rd attempt, on 2008, got admission in M. Des [Product Design] from IDC, IIT Bombay, Mumbai | Visited Shantiniketan and Kolkata