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Never underestimate the power of the written word. The wrong words can send your customers straight into the arms of your competitors. Whether its a sales letter, a simple article for marketing purposes, or web content, what you want is for the information that your clients are reading to entice them all the way to the buy button. We are a small team of copywriters based in London England; collectively we have over 35 years copywriting experience, 8 under graduate and 4 post graduate degrees. We provide copy for a wide range of industries on a number of different subjects. We are creative, versatile and dynamic; the quality we provide is nothing but the best and to prove this we have a catalogue of exemplary customer testimonials for your viewing. Choose Candid Ink and instantly increase your profit margins. Service Description WEB COPY The content of your website should display simple, captivating and concise wording. The most important aspects of any website are usability and psychology. USABILITY: Your clients will search your website for what they need. If they cannot find it they will move onto the next. When we provide the content for your website we work on the slogan that “less is more,\" simple and direct will engage your target market. PSYCHOLOGY: Engage, motivate, buy! Our words will engage your clients and motivate them to buy. With Candid Ink it is that simple we appeal to the emotional needs of your clients. PRESS RELEASES There are thousands, perhaps millions of press releases circulating on the internet marketing the same product as you. IF YOU WANT TO STAND OUT amongst an avalanche of press releases choose Candid Ink. ARTICLE MARKETING A well written article about the products or services that you provide will direct potential clients straight to your website. We produce well researched and informative SEO friendly content rich articles to amplify your website traffic. SALES LETTERS Do you want customers to buy your products? If the answer is yes then let Candid Ink craft you an enchanting sales letter that will leave your readers with no choice but to buy. CV/RESUME COVER LETTER WRITING You can not underestimate the importance of a well written resume. Your resume stands as your one and only opportunity to impress your potential employer. It does not matter what job you are applying for be it a cashier at your local supermarket or an executive post YOUR RESUME IS YOUR ONLY SELLING POINT. Therefore get it right the first time by allowing us produce a persuasive resume and cover letter to get you that first interview. COMPLAINT LETTERS Do you feel that an organization has let you down? Do you feel that you did not receive the treatment you deserve as a customer? Tell us exactly what happened and Candid Ink will write you an eloquent, dynamic and commanding complaint letter to get you the compensation that you deserve. REVIEWS Do you want to strengthen you customer beliefs in your products and services? If you believe in what you are selling then allow Candid Ink to convey this to your potential buyers buy providing compelling, convincing reviews that will leave your customers with no doubt that your products are what they need. EMAIL NEWSLETTERS Email newsletters are quickly becoming the most effective marketing tools. Why are they important? Email newsletters keep your customers up to date with your latest products and services. They are convenient: Delivered straight to your customers inbox for their immediate attention. If you want your newsletter to deliver that impact and influence then content is key. Here at Candid Ink we will provide enough value to sustain reader interest and convince them that you-the publisher are providing them with the service that they require. ACADEMIC WRITING So, you have come to the end of term and realized that you do not have the time to write your final dissertation or essay. Thats where Candid Ink comes to your rescue. We will provide you with an authentic, well researched and fully referenced assignment to get you the grade that you deserve.

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