Parallelize the program using MPI

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Write a program search.c in which four processors search an array in parallel (each gets a fourth of the elements to search). All the processors are searching the integer array for the element whose value is 11. There is only one 11 in the entire array of 40,000 integers.\nUse as input file called data which contains the integer array (ASCII, one element per line). Before the searching begins have ONLY P0 read in the array elements from the data file and distribute one fourth to each of the other three processors and keep one fourth for its own search. \nWhen one processor has found the element 11, it should notify all the other processors using a non-blocking MPI command, then print the index that the 11 was found at and stop. On receiving the notification the other processors should print out the index they are at at that time and stop searching. Place the results in a file search.txt

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