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We propose a new method for checking the frequency response of strain amplifier used in research and testing in the aerospace industry, in particular in the development of aircraft engines. Traditional methods of verification does not always correspond to characteristics of new strain amplifier and do not always provide the full check. The proposed method is characterized by versatility, extended frequency range, the ability to check the sensitivity of strain amplifier with an error of 0.1%, simplicity. The proposed method was tested on a strain amplifiers used in Motor Sich JSC. The proposed method can be the basis of a automatic test system of strain amplifier. Key words: dynamic strain amplifier, static-dynamic strain amplifier, strength research, frequency response, calibration, octave spectrum.

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We will be happy to share our experience in designing - devices based on ESP8266 - DC-DC convertors: buck, boost, buck-boost, SEPIC, etc. - USB HUB 3.0 type c (USB3.0) - USB charger - Ethernet switch - PoE - MPPT devices - Battery Management System (BMS) for Li-ion and others - Battery charger I represent UA(Ukraine)-based electronic engineers team. Our designers and engineers have experience in  commertial and industrial electronics, precision electronics, electronics for harsh & extreme environments.  electronics for hazardous areas zone 1, precision electronics for harsh & extreme environments. Quality and Dependability being the cornerstones of our works. We watched our products throughout the entire life cycle of 10 years and more. Our design and engineering services include the generation of complete schematics and layouts for printed circuit boards, with all electronic hardware and software. We can do assemble and test prototypes, and document designs for production.

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