John Conway's game of Life random pattern simulator

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Overwiew: This is a cellular automaton running a famous John Conway's game of life. Features: Fast cellular automata. Generation counter. Zoom in/out image. Randomising tool. Properties: C++ Win32 application, free of MFC. x86 architecture. Single-threaded. The data array is COLORREF *Data[2]. An algorithm fills a Data[N] array based on Data[!N]. The rendering is independent of WM_PAINT message. Instead, it calls GetDC() and draws the device-dependent BMP created from the array. The only resources are the icons and an app name. The randomiser is CryptGenRandom().

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I am an C++/C# programmer student, started coding on my own in C++ and win32 since 2013 and C# since 2016. I also know the fundamentals of Python. I am still learning more, primarily focusing on the computational science and machine learning. I feel strong in making creative problem solutions.

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