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They are a team of insurance agents in New York. Help their clients find a better insurance policy that suits their needs. There are thoughts ahead and more than any problem solving for our customers. They have an existing logo and want to keep the tree concept from existing logos. Specifically, a tree that shows the roots of the tree and its branches !! Having both roots and branches is very important! BOTH IS MUST HAVE! The client is interested in using a tree that is very similar to the tree that is being used!

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Hi, I am Muhamed Zeneli designer from Kosovo and would like to work as a freelancer. I worked and gained special skills as a graphic designer in various firms in Kosovo, such as printing houses, creative agencies and freelancers. I also studied in many graphic design courses Please be open to see my wallet to see some of the works I did during these experiences. I will offer you support 24/7 I would really appreciate if you consider my offer and give me a chance to see your draft.

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