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How do you provide education on resilience when a person has nothing left in the tank? How do you teach resilience when a person has nothing left in the tank? Towards the end of a full day of training, the final topic of Resilience and Self-Care was the subject under discussion. The participants said that they were looking forward to this, they were clearly emotionally athletic in their roles. However, this may have come at the cost of maintaining their personal resilience. On this particular day, the materials I had prepared on the subject of applying theories of resilience into the workplace, our discussion on the impact of cognitive behaviours, mindfulness activities, essential daily practice and reflecting on organisational support, felt as though I was missing my audience's needs. The participants looked bedraggled, as if they needed more than just concepts and ideas. As I ploughed through the well-rehearsed materials, I noticed a participants' lip quiver. It felt like this qui

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