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RubiCon WebDAV Client IKT Global, Vienna Description The WebDAV proposed standard (RFC 2518) describes an extension to the HTTP protocol that allows clients to perform remote authoring operations. More specifically, it adds new methods and extensions to the existing protocol. The application project required by the client is the .NET implementation (specifically in C#) of the WebDAV protocol. The implementation of this application will enable the client to utilise all the advantages provided by the Visual Studio environment when creating WebDAV enabled web applications. The goal of the Rubicon WebDAV .NET project is to eliminate the need for developers to handle HTTP/WebDAV details or constructing and parsing XML documents when creating a .NET web application. It provides a complete abstraction of the WebDAV protocol using the .NET framework. This library aims at making all advantages of the Visual Studio development environment available when creating WebDAV enabled Web applications. The Rubicon WebDAV .NET project comprises a library with abstract method definitions, an HTTP handler responsible for receiving HTTP requests and sending HTTP responses, as well as a sample server application implementing a class for operations on a file system derived from the base class defined in the library. Skills Used C#, XML Eunify Intranets ( [login to view URL] ) Client eUnify, US Description An integrated suite of world-class application is what the users get from Intranets4india. Our tools are designed to enable your organization to work smarter by fostering communication, collaboration and participation within the group. Collaboration tools provided by the intranet involve. • Integrated Groups • Integrated Calendars • Events • Members Directory • Surveys • Document Repository • Contacts Communication Tools include • eForms • Announcements • Discussions • Messages • Postings Skills Used C#, XML,Web Services, Paypal Grant Seeker Pro .Net ( Desktop Edition ) Client Unique Finance, US Description Grant seeker pro is a windows application that can be used to search for federal government grants. The application searches within 14 million records to find out the result. It had got a very good user interface, Search Filters, Catalogues, favorites keeping, Inquiry letter generation and Grant Application wizard. It used XML as its middle tier. Later XSL is used to translate this XLM to HTML format. Features Include: • Web services for online database synchronization • Auto Update feature • Microsoft Application blocks • N-Tier Architecture Skills Used C#, XML, Microsoft Access Books at Once ( [login to view URL] ) Client XIRS ventures, US Description Books At Once is a generic N-Tier based web site to sell books. Features Include: • Payment gateway (Pay pal) • Uses Microsoft Application Block • N-Tier architecture • Digital Rights management Skills Used ASP.Net using C#, MS SQL SERVER 2000 Investment Project Preparation and Appraisal Client United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Description IPPA (Investment Project Preparation and Appraisal) was a clone for Microsoft Power Point. This tool was developed as the presentation manager for a large presentation repository maintained by UNIDO. Some new features like PDF export, Slide links, HTML preview, Backup, Export, Dynamic Viewer setup generation. Skills Used C#, XML, XSL, Crystal Reports, MSO Grant Seeker Pro Web application [login to view URL] Client Unique Finance, US ( [login to view URL] ) Description Grant Seeker Pro is a state of the art web application that gives the average grant seeker the ability to search the entire 7,000 page Government Grants database in seconds! Grant Seeker Pro™ gives you every tool needed to receive search, report and mail Government Grants. The application searches within 14 million records to find out the result. It had got a very good user interface, Search Filters, Catalogues, favorites keeping, Inquiry letter generation and Grant Application wizard. It used XML as its middle tier. Later XSL is used to translate this XLM to HTML format. Skills Used ASP.Net XML, XSL, MS SQL server 2000, Crystal Reports Telnet Factory for .Net Client JScape Description Telnet Factory for .NET provides easy to use client implementation for Telnet, rlogin, rsh and rexec protocols. It covers all major protocols. Telnet Factory for .NET includes client implementations for Telnet, rlogin, rsh and rexec protocols. RFC compliant -Telnet Factory for .NET is fully compliant with both RFC 854 (Telnet Protocol Specification) and RFC 855 (Telnet Option Specification). Scripting API -Comprehensive yet easy to use API offers automation of Telnet processes. Multi-threaded Asynchronous I/O -Telnet Factory for .NET uses multi-threaded asynchronous I/O offering greatly improved performance over synchronous I/O. Open Option development API -Extensible option API allows developers to easily add new options to the Telnet option negotiation process. 100% managed C# -Telnet Factory for .NET is written from the ground up using C# with no dependencies on 3rd party libraries. Thread safe -Thread safety is built in by design with critical code blocks synchronized for use by multiple threads. Delegate Event Model -Telnet Factory for .NET uses the .NET delegate event model allowing developers to easily capture events fired from Telnet Factory for .NET components. Royalty-Free Distribution -Distribute the Telnet Factory for .NET component with applications royalty free without incurring any additional runtime fees. Skills used C#, NUnit Point Of Sale Client XIRS Ventures, Texas, US Description It is inventory software that designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), such as computer stores, cell phones stores, bookstore, boutique, shoe store, antique store, book store, retail stores, online shopping malls or home business etc. It is easy to create invoice, do inventory management like invoice management, stock balance management, goods item management, goods category management, staff sales records management and staff permission management, backup and restore stock by Inventory Power's user friendly interface and functionalities. And Inventory Power supports full customizable company info, logo, tax code and value, invoice number etc. Inventory Package Software was developed specifically for the management and tracking of goods in regulated environments. Our high-performance, relational database program tracks and maintains accurate, real-time inventory information, yet it is easy to implement and use. This Inventory Software manages your inventory. Records include stock number, on hand quantity, minimum stocking quantity, reorder quantity, description, selling prices, vendors costs, sales category, purchase data, quantity used, location, core charge, cores in stock and alternate stock numbers. Many inventory reports are available. There are alphabetizing methods that can be used. You can print physical inventory sheets, parts under minimum stocking quantity, value of inventory (by sales category) and replacement cost. The program can create Purchase orders from data on file or from manual entries. It will manage the received orders adding parts to stock, marking them back ordered or canceled. Skills Used ASP.Net , C# , MS Sql Server 2000 X365 Orchestration Client X365, UK ( [login to view URL] ) Description X365 is an industry-leading Web Service Orchestration server to connect individual web services together into executable business processes. X365 is specifically designed to support the Business service architecture of Microsoft, which is becoming an standard that allow developers to create complex, long running business processes out of web services. X365 can be used for both internal application integration and external trading partner integration, and offers a comprehensive design and execution environment for developers. Skills Used C# , ASP.Net web services Survey Data Acquisition and Reporting (SDAR) Client United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Description SDAR is an Intelligent data capture and a Data Mining/Analysis System to derive the Determinants of Innovation and also help in identifying the Critical technologies that promote innovation among Small and Medium scale Industries. It uses very large web forms to capture data. The questionnaire and the client inputs vary according to the user category. So the questionnaires itself has to be generated dynamically. The set of questions or the questionnaire itself can be updated through the admin module. Skills Used ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000 Non Profit Search Guide (NSG) Client United Earthlink, US ( [login to view URL] ) Description GSP is an Intelligent Search Engine that helps Grant Seekers, Donors, and NPO’s to locate each other based on diverse criteria. The original application was built on Visual Basic 6, and the aim of this project was to convert it to ASP.Net and to provide support for a much larger database than the original application. This process was done by parsing the raw text file to XML (for structuring) and then to MS SQL server database. The parser was written in C# and was developed to work through the internet. The presentation interface is simple and easy to use. However, advanced technologies like XML based data posting and automated data conversions drive the business logic. The site provided the following search criteria: The search engine scans the name, description, and NTEE codes of each organization (NPO). The search is not case sensitive. By default, the search result page lists organizations that contain all of the terms in your query. A search result page lists a maximum of 1,000 organizations. Use the wildcard character (*) to find organizations whose reports include all forms of a search term. Use Boolean terms to expand or refine a search. Use “or” to expand a search; use “and” with terms enclosed in parentheses to narrow it. Use a phrase enclosed in quotation marks to narrow a search to find only those organizations that contain the exact phrase in the respective search field. Use Advanced Search to narrow a search for specific results. Advanced Search allows limiting a search to a single city, a single state, a single zip code or zip code radius, a category of work or service, or organizations in a specific income range. Use several Advanced Search fields at one time to refine a search even further. Client mailing and order processing are done using XML web services. Skills Used ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server 2000 Investment Project Planning and Appraisal (IPPA) Client United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Description IPPA is a custom presentation package for United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). It incorporates Record search and Custom presentation according to the requirement of the user without the use of a database. IPPA converts PowerPoint presentations to XML data. The project was aimed on project managers who handle very large number of presentations. For this purpose, PowerPoint slides are converted to images and presentation notes are converted to XML. Advanced features include traversing directories for presentations and structuring them in order so that the project managers can move through their slides with ease and convenience. It also includes an Equation editor to edit mathematical equations. Presentation outputs can be generated as HTML pages for distribution purposes. Skills Used VBA, XML CD POOL V2 Client PH-Media, UK ( [login to view URL] ) Description CD POOL is an e-commerce site. It consists of three modules i.e. User, Administrator and Payment Processing System. A User is primarily responsible for initiating a purchase from the website. The Users may browse the catalogue of products presented on the website. The products they wish to purchase may be added to a shopping cart and a purchase effected by providing a shipping address and completing the payment. An Administrator is responsible for Store Maintenance and Order Processing. The payment processing system is responsible for verifying the credentials of a transaction. The System presents the payment credentials provided by the user to the payment processing system that verifies the same. Depending on the credential, the payment processing system may authorize or decline a transaction. When a transaction is authorized the payment is assumed to be successful and the order is accepted for processing. Credit card validations and order updating are performed using XML web services. Skills Used Design Patterns, UML, .NET Framework, C#, SQL Server 2000. Grant Seeker Pro Client United Earthlink, US ( [login to view URL] ) Description Grant seeker pro is a windows application that can be used to search for federal government grants. The application searches within 14 million records to find out the result. It had got a very good user interface, Search Filters, Catalogues, favorites keeping, Inquiry letter generation and Grant Application wizard. It used XML as its middle tier. Later XSL is used to translate this XLM to HTML format. Skills Used Visual Basic 6, XML, XSL, MS Access. SODI (System on Determinants of Innovation) Client UNIDO, Vienna Description We were entrusted with the task of developing an Intelligent data capture and a Data Mining/Analysis System to derive the Determinants of Innovation and also help in identifying the Critical technologies that promote innovation among Small and Medium scale Industries based on certain questionnaires prepared by UNIDO. We designed a system that will use XML an Universal standard in Data representation for providing smart data capture capabilities to system. The Questionnaires and input Forms were modeled as XML documents. A GUI editor was provided to generate this XML making it even easier for the users. An Intelligent parser extracts the data from Web forms or Uploaded documents (Offline Forms). The data thus captured is automatically verified against the XML form definition. Any errors or inconsistency in Data is reported back to the sender. The captured data is then passed onto an Intelligent Data Capture System that maps the data onto an RDBMS as defined in the Data Map. The Website was developed using cold fusion 5.0 and the XML editor in C#. Skills Used Design Patterns, UML, .NET Framework, C#, Cold Fusion 5.0, XML, Sybase Technology Needs Assessment Tool(TNAT) Client UNIDO, Vienna Description Technology needs assessments (TNAs) are frameworks designed to help identify the technology needs and priorities of developing countries in order to ensure successful technology transfer. This system makes available the self-assessment tools to organizations at the national and sector levels through the web with appropriate data storage, benchmarking, profiling and reporting capabilities. The system facilitates users to register, fill up a questionnaire and view the results of the analysis based on the inputs provided by the user. An Administrative Module is provided to Query/Update member information as well as perform searches on the Data collected. The Tool was showcased by UNIDO in World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg, South Africa in Sept 2002. Skills Used Cold Fusion, Sybase [login to view URL] Client PH-Media, UK Description [login to view URL] is complete replacement of the [login to view URL] in the .NET Framework. Since the built in mailing components in .net are depended on CDO and unreliable when it come to bulk mailing I developed an independent Mailing framework for a client who had the need for a similar component in one of his projects. This component was implemented as an independent .NET control and has several enhancements over the standard mailing components including the ability utilize a thread pool while simultaneously sending multiple mails. The control can handle both base64 and Quoted Printable encoding for attachments and is capable of sending both HTML and Text mails. Moreover it supports inline referencing to images in an HTML file using cid as well as provides for requesting a Delivery Status response as well as a read request while sending mails. Skills Used Design Patterns, UML, .NET Framework, C# Easy Client Guild Exports Description Easy is total management solution for export houses developed in C# and SQL Server 2000. Easy provides for processing and invoicing of orders. Easy can help the exporter plan his procurement needs based on the orders in hand and the transportation options available. The System offers a wide spectrum of reports to facilitate analyzing trends and tracking the finances. The whole application was conceived with user friendliness and ease of access as the primary design goals. Skills Used Design Patterns, UML, .NET Framework, C# STARS (Service Tracking and Roster System ) Client Elvex Systems, Spain Description STARS is a web based system for recording and tracking the status of service calls received by a computer hardware maintenance firm. The system provides easy access to the service history and the specifications of the hardware available with each client. The system is accessible on the intranet of the service firm as well on the internet so as to facilitate easy and secure access to essential data for technicians working from the client premises. The System was developed on ASP.NET on IIS using VB.NET Skills Used Design Patterns, UML, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, VB.NET, XML, SQL-Server 2000 WEHMAMIS (Web Enabled Hotel Management and Management Information System) Client Commercial Package Description WEHMAMIS is a Hotel Management Solution that provides an integrated system for the management and monitoring of all activities in the day-to-day running of the Hotel. The system provides a web-enabled interface that permits Management reports to be viewed over the Internet from a supervising station. WEHMAMIS has an n-tier enterprise application architecture. The Presentation Layer has been developed in VB.NET. The XML interface that links the Hotel with a web server in a secure fashion has been developed largely in C#. I was instrumental in conceiving and defining scope of the proposed system. I developed the basic design and as the project manager coordinated the design of the various subsystems. I lead the implementation team in developing the product in four months despite the challenges posed by the new application framework (.NET Framework) and Language (C#) used. Skills Used Design Patterns, UML, .NET Framework, C#, VB.NET, Java 2.0, Tomcat JSP Engine, XML, SQL-Server 2000 Exposure in System Administration Client [login to view URL] , [login to view URL] , [login to view URL] System Administration work involves the following: • Setting up and configuring windows 2003 / windows 2000 servers • Managing domains • Configuring DNS and MX records • Handling IP’s • Terminal Service administration • SQL server installation, configuration and optimization • ISA installation, configuration and optimization • Backups • Troubleshooting Skills Used IIS, ISA , SQL SERVER , WINDOWS 2003 , TS
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