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$350 USD / tunti
$350 USD / tunti
Kello on tällä hetkellä 8:04 ip. täällä
Liittynyt tammikuuta 17, 2017
26 Suosittelee

Branden G.


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$350 USD / tunti
$350 USD / tunti
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Automation, Data, and General Tech Expert

My name is Branden, and I've been programming since the age of ~13. Soon after I started, I grew fond of automation - I realized that I had so much fun watching something automatically happen on my screen. But even more than that, I got the most fun when it was something I made. Whether it be a simple pixel bot clicking around a game, or a complex scraper outputting a stream of data for me to view, it's always given me the same feeling of joy, and I strive to get that feeling every day. I've worked with many, many clients on a wide range of projects, and done hundreds of personal projects for myself. Every automation project is a unique challenge that I find thrilling. I love speed-coding, and in fact I often complete an entire scraper and sample set before even bidding on a project, confident that it is 10 minutes for me but 1 week for other Freelancers. Let's discuss your needs - web scraping, data mining, scrapers, bots, pixel tools, messaging tools. I can do it all.
Freelancer Web Scraping Specialists United States

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The pictured dataset is a list of episode numbers and links for a show on Hulu. The task was a simple one - create a tool that takes a list of shows as an input, and outputs a CSV for each show with a link to each episode of the show.

This is an example of a simple data scraping task - something that takes 5-10 minutes tops. I will write the scraper, and if requested will provide the source so you can continue running it in the future. (projects requesting sources rather than purely a service will cost extra - projects purely requesting a service will be cheaper for repeat runs)
Basic Data Scraping
I can offer various social network automation services. This type of automation is actually where I started my career, so I am very experienced in this specific field.

The example pictured is a MySQL table containing records of messages sent in a campaign for a specific social network site. This messaging campaign was very complex - involving specific scheduling, maintaining proper records on all users so as to not send multiple messages to a single user at any point in time, scraping users and details on each user, automatically managing multiple accounts to do the messaging, etc.

No matter what your requirements are - we can work something out, whether it be a big site such as Twitter, or a smaller group-based site.
Social Network Automation
I'm no stranger to large-scale scraping projects. In the example pictured, I was tasked with scraping Monster, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter when provided with an input of job titles and locations. In the end, this scraper ended up scraping 20gb+ of data each session from the 3 sources. (size depends on number of titles and locations, of course)

If there is a very large-scale site you're wanting scraped, or multiple, I can handle it. There will be a lot to discuss - for example any anti-bot measures the site(s) have put in place, etc. in which case we would need to work out a proxy solution, and so on. Let's talk.
Large Data - Job Scraping
Sometimes the need arises to start collecting data, and to keep historic references of the data. Whether this is purely for record-keeping sake, or to observe performance in a market, user action history, etc., this can be a very useful tool.

I have experience creating such tools, involving both frontend and backend working together seamlessly. Using a Python script run at an interval, I can have data stored with proper timestamps, and display said data however you'd like - for example, in a graph showing a certain scraped value over the past month.

I'm no designer - the pages would be extremely simple, but the structure and backend are well within my skillset.
Data Gathering, Calculation, Storage, and History
There are times when automation through server requests is not enough. Sometimes there are anti-bot measures that can be beaten, but at other times it's far more complex than is worth. In these instances, I'm fully capable of programming a Python script to control a headless browser to automate the web page and get around these anti-bot protections. Shown here is a sample of data scraped with such a tool.

If you don't quite understand the difference between request automation and browser automation, don't worry - we can discuss your project together and work out which method will be more effective.
Anti-Bot Automation
Pictured is a small section of results scraped from a basic eCommerce site. In this specific case, quantity was not displayed on the page (either displayed 'In Stock' or 'Out of Stock'), so the employer requested the value to be set as 0 for out of stock, x for in stock. The image column consists of only a single image per product, saved locally. However, multiple images can be saved per product and can be listed in a column as an array with ease. Descriptions can be saved with or without HTML included.

The scraper for this was written in Python, and source was provided to the employer to run through Crontab. The scraper automatically gathers every category link, goes through each category's pagination to grab product links, and then scrapes the necessary details from each product link.

eCommerce scraping is a very familiar field to me - if you have a site you need scraped, I can do it.
eCommerce Scraping


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Suodata arvosteluja: 5,0
€30,00 EUR
A brilliant man! Quickly recognized the task at hand already in the bid and delivered as promised.. Thumbs up!
Python Software Architecture
Maan  lippu Viktor R. @BLToffice
2 kuukautta sitten
$150,00 USD
Great communication and understanding.
Maan  lippu A J. @TWNR
4 kuukautta sitten
$8 950,00 USD
Excellent work, delivered on time! Responds quickly to feedback and adapts engineering to any issues! Highly recommended!
PHP JavaScript Python Web Scraping Data Mining
+1 enemmän
Maan  lippu Jake G. @jgreenfield2424
8 kuukautta sitten
$2 200,00 USD
Branden did fantastic work on this project, would highly recommend given his creative solutions and incredible attention to detail!
PHP JavaScript Python Web Scraping Data Mining
+1 enemmän
Maan  lippu Jake G. @jgreenfield2424
8 kuukautta sitten
$200,00 USD
This is my 2nd project with Branden. We had some difficulties in communicating via the chat app, but as in the prior project he is able to get a clear understanding of the goal of the project, and deliver a product that works as envisioned. I expect I will contact him again for the next project.
PHP JavaScript Website Design MySQL HTML
Maan  lippu Victor L. @s4m
8 kuukautta sitten

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