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SUMMARY - Website is related to fictional real estate company based in US. Website is single-page based, responsive and filled with fictional properties that user can explore and buy / rent. FOCUS - Focus was set on front-end purely. Making this website responsive was goal as well, adapted flat design and focused on optimization. STACK * HTML5, CSS3 + SASS * JavaScript * JSON * Webpack + Loaders * BEM Methodology * GitHub

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Experienced in: Web Dev On Front-End : HTML5, CSS3 + SASS, JavaScript + JQ, Bootstrap/4, JSON, Webpack Web Dev On Back-End: NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB + Mongoose. Front-End Frameworks: VueJS (with Vuex & NuxtJS) Design Stack: Figma, Photoshop, Invision, Adobe XD. Video Editing: Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere

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